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July 16, 2019

Nashville, TN – Stories Of When Local Plumbers Were Heroes

Posted in: Industry News

There Cartoon of a wrench in a red cape depicting plumber heroesare many emergency situations homeowners face, such as sudden flooding onset by a broken pipe or other fixture, that leave homeowners looking to their local plumbers as heroes. They really do save the day when they quickly fix the problem and save lots of money that would otherwise be spent on repairing extensive water damage to your home.

The following stories are of plumbers that came out on the other side wearing a suit and cape:




Diamond In The Rough

This particular plumber was working on a two-day project clearing a homeowner’s pipes, when a shiny piece of jewelry fell from the sewer line. The jewelry turned out to be a custom designed wedding ring that a member of the family dropped down the drain more than 10 years before that day. He sure was a hero to that family member.

Puppy Power Of Teamwork

The new pet of a family, an Australian shepherd 7-week-old puppy, had fallen through very small hole in the family’s backyard during an afternoon playtime. She was stuck through into the next day, and the family called some first responders to try and save her for she wouldn’t have survived much longer. A team of plumbers also came to assist the family with their beloved pet. They finally managed to free the puppy into a net using some food and pulled her out.

Plumbing For Peace

A special plumbing professional in England has chosen to donate his time to help those in need to be able to have both food and heat. Aside from managing his personal plumbing business, he works to provide free repairs to boilers of people that can’t afford to have them repaired by local companies. His heart was as big as his commitment to his profession, which makes many consider this man a hero.

Though these plumbers have made a sort of Hall of Fame, your local Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. can promise the same dedication and commitment to servicing your home or commercial establishment. Give us a call today at (615)-227-2811.


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