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Nashville, TN – Is Your Plumbing Making You Feel Ill? Doctor Drips Services

Is-Your-Plumbing-Making-You-Feel-IllThose at Doctor Drips hope that you and your families are remaining safe during this time while we all join together across the country to make a difference where we can.


There is some extra time found on a lot of people’s hands that is being spent both with family enjoying each other or people bettering situations in their lives, but whichever is the case for you, it is probably safe to say that going through quarantine feeling sick would be really undesirable. While you may be safe inside your home with the Coronavirus shut out of your doors, there are still some things inside that can cause you to feel ill that you may or may not know about.


One such predicament dealt with all across Middle Tennessee in today’s article is sewer gas exposure. There are several reasons sewer gas exposure can occur in the home and seep that gross stuff into our living areas. 


Here is a quick look at how sewer gas can negatively impact our health, not just bother our noses with that unpleasant odor it can sometimes give off.


Sewer gas exposure can cause hay fever-type symptoms like the following:


  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Lightheadedness and dizziness
  • Poor concentration and memory


The list above, needless to say, is undesirable to experience as you are trying to get some long-needed renovation done or relax with some yoga, especially for something that most likely is fixed easily enough with the right remedy. Some questions you can think about to help determine if there is a significant sewer gas leak in the home are as follows:


Are there any leaks in the plumbing system?


Improperly placed pipes or vents (or plumbing vents installed too close to a window or air intake) and sometimes nearby septic systems can leak gas into your home from cracks in your home’s foundation.


Are there any cracked pipes in the sewer system?


Pipes that are degraded, cracked, or broken can prove to be big contributors of sewer gas.


Are there any blocked air vents?


Toxic gases get diffused away from your home by air vents that are installed in their right locations. Dirt, debris, and other items can block these vents so that they may not be able to properly vent your home.


Are there any clogged drains?


Very similar to the air vents, toxic waste is diffused away from the home by drains. A clogged drain can cause a sewage backup that will only continue to decompose and leak the gas into your home instead of the septic tank or sewer system.


Do I have any dry plumbing?


Sewer systems are built so that the water that passes through them creates seals that prevent sewer gases from coming back up through the pipes. If some plumbing fixtures have not been used for lengthy periods of time, there is a chance that the drain may have dried up.


Are there any loose toilets?


Rickety toilets or toilets that have become separated from the ground, having broken the seal are possible variables for sewer gas leakages. If a toilet is not tightly fitted to a sewer line, it can cause a gap in the pipe that will allow gases to pass up and through.


After asking these questions, if you find that you have a substantial amount of Yes’s, and you live in the Nashville area, we encourage you to call your local plumbing experts at Doctor Drips at 615-970-0047. Our team of specialists will evaluate your situation, determine your plumbing system’s condition, and work with you to determine the best course of action to get things restored to working order!


This post was originally published on 4/2/2020 and updated on 12/17/2020 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.


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“Best Residential & Commercial Plumbers in Nashville, TN”

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Davidson County: Nashville, Franklin, Mt. Juliet, Brentwood, Hendersonville, TN




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