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Professional Bathroom Plumbing Remodeling Installation – JW&S Nashville, TN

Have you been considering a renovation in a special room in your home? Many homeowners have been finding themselves inclined to do some remodeling in their home after having spent much more time than normal around the house. As a means to change things up and bring some refreshing changes to everyday life, you might brighten up a laundry room or install a new shower or bath. Give your local plumbing experts at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing a call to help with any plans you may have or the installation or relocation of plumbing fixtures. 

For homeowners, renovations are exciting, big projects to take on, which is why Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing provides professional plumbing installation for home remodels. We want to help make your renovation experience as stress-free as possible with the following services:

If you’re starting a new construction project that requires plumbing installation in the Nashville area, reach out to us for a plumbing inspection! Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing is an expert in Nashville residential plumbing services, so we can take care of your local new construction plumbing installations.

We know that, especially during projects like these, plumbing emergencies can arise at any hour of the day, so if you have a plumbing problem that requires immediate attention during your new construction project, we’re more than happy to help. We offer 24/7 plumbing emergency services! Give us a call today at (615) 227-2811.

Is There Something in My Water? Pink Mold Bacteria Growth – JW&S Nashville, TN

You are not alone if you have experienced a pink-colored film of growth around the faucets, nozzles, and other parts of your plumbing fixtures in your home. Perhaps you have cleaned it once it became enough of a nuisance, or perhaps it raised a concern. If you have pondered if there is a substance in your water contributing to the pink colored growth in your water, you can rest assured it is most likely from another source and is not harmful. Cheers to that!

The pink growth you may see on your shower head, toilet bowls, or bathroom tiles is often the result of a bacteria in the air that creates a pink or grayish film on surfaces that are moist most of the time. The name of this bacteria is Serratia marcescens and is naturally found in animals, food, and your soil. The primary food source for this bacteria is water, as they need next to nothing to be able to survive.

After the bacteria is traveling around in the air after having become airborne, it immediately adheres to areas where it can grow, such as moisture-laden areas. It is not uncommon to see growth patterns from this bacteria, such as a tendency to only grow enough to be visible during certain periods of time in the year, by areas that are affected by the elements like windows.

No matter the source that is introducing the bacteria, which can be all but impossible to detect, getting rid of the harmless residue is quite a simple process. Homeowners that have chlorinated water will not often be exposed to the growing of Serratia in their homes. Lastly, using a chlorine-based cleaner will do the trick. Be careful not to scratch the fixtures you are cleaning since that will provide a growing environment even more ideal to the bacteria. Keeping the surfaces of your bathroom dry will help greatly in warding off the pink growth.

Being diligent with keeping your bathroom dry will nip this problem in the bud, as well as keeping your home and family healthier!

Does your bathroom have any leaking fixtures that keep that moisture around for the Serratia to thrive on? Give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. today at (615) 227-2811 and schedule a free evaluation of your bathroom plumbing for any problems and identify potential repairs

PVC DIY Ideas for Remodeling Pipe Surplus – JW&S Plumbing Nashville Tennessee

So, you are sitting down to rest after a recent kitchen remodeling job your family has needed for a couple of years now. It is satisfying taking a look at your work and knowing you had a (or another!) successful DIY job under your belt. One thing that might cross your mind, however, is that surplus of PVC pipe you may have after overcalculating how much you needed for installing that new sink and what in the world you might do with it. Never fear, Jack Ward & Sons is here! Listed below are plenty of fun and useful ideas that you can make using PVC piping.

  1. If you have a son, you can consider adding an industrial look to his room by making a laptop/tablet stand out of PVC piping. 



2. Want to take some more family fun outdoors? It is easy enough (and looks pretty official!) to create a soccer or hockey goal out of PVC piping and some inexpensive netting.

3. Are the kids’ bikes scuffing up the walls of the garage, or getting bent out of shape from being knocked over repeatedly? Help the woman of the house out with some investment in equipment organization and make a PVC bike rack!


DIY Bike Rack - PVC


4. Have a birthday coming up, but don’t have the funds to rent that large bounce house? PVC Ball pits can be just as fun, cost much less, and stick around after they blow out the candles. 


diy ball pit - Google Search | Agencement salle de jeux, Amenagement salle  de jeux, Piscine a balle

5. Always wanted a garden, but don’t have the time to invest in the care it needs? PVC piping can be used to create a Hydroponics system making growing plants next to effortless! 


Hydroponic pvc pipe vertical gardening


We hope these ideas have both helped solve your storage problem as well as spark some inspiration for the next great project you can do with your family. Have another DIY plumbing project coming up and need some difficult questions answered? Give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call today at (615) 227-2811.

Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures To Spruce Up Your Home – Jack Ward Plumbing Nashville

The inside of your home is no doubt a special place. It is made to keep your family safe and comfortable. It is filled with appliances that make your life easier and help you get through a day with the things you want and need. Why should the outside of your home be any different? There are many possibilities for having plumbing fixtures outside of your home that will both increase your quality of life and make it quite interesting! We will list some of the options available below that you could work with your local plumbing professional, like Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co., to make a part of your happy home. 

Outdoor Showers

These fixtures can really make a day in the pool or fun in the sun that much better! Being able to rinse the chlorine from the poil or sand from the sandbox off before going back inside can be done in luxury!

Modular Saunas

Attaching a modular sauna to the outside of your home can be done easily enough, providing your family with a retreat of sorts right from your back door.

Patio Misters

Relaxing in the lawn chair or working on a tan while out on the patio CAN be comfortable! Installing a run of patio misters around this space will make a breeze out of a hot summer day.

Pond Features

Whether you are watching the sunrise or enjoying a coffee by the garden, hearing a bubbling pond nearby is almost guaranteed to help calm the nerves. Ponds of all shapes and sizes can be installed in your front or backyard with ease.

Give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call today at (615) 227-2811 to schedule an evaluation of your home and estimate installing an outdoor plumbing fixture for you to enjoy!

History of Plumbing Fixture From the 1800s – JW&S Plumbing Pros in Nashville, TN

We have done a post on the history of plumbing in, well, the past, and want to revisit some of the old-timey ways of plumbing again today. It wasn’t until the 1800’s that indoor plumbing had begun to be used! Making for a much more convenient home life, the plumbing fixtures of that time were much different than the ones used today all across the country. We will describe an antique bath fixture that one might have been using to unwind after a long day on the farm back in those days.

With modern-day tub plumbing, there is a stopper, an overflow, and a P-trap. These plumbing functions make it possible to stop the water from draining, drain out any overflow, and keep sewer gas from entering into the bathroom from the drain, respectively. All of these features are one that anyone would prefer to have as part of the way their bathroom works, however, not all of them were implemented during the time indoor plumbing was just coming out.

Some luxury could be achieved with 1800’s bath fixtures, as they did include both hot and cold spigots! Unlike current day trip levels, they once used a “bayonet catch” that would rotate to close off the draining water by turning a knob up at the top of the fixture. These tubs did not have overflows, so one had to be mindful when filling up the tub!

Unlike P-traps of the tubs we use today, the now antique fixtures used what is called a “drum trap”. They functioned similarly to what we are familiar with, allowing the water to drain down and fill a chamber with water before draining out so as to create a slug of water to keep the sewer gases at bay. One of the problems with drum traps is that, being made out of a soft metal like lead and with the distinct drum shape they held, if one were to snake through their drain to remove any unwanted debris, their snake could very well break through the other side of the drum and create a leak.

We hope you enjoyed this peek into the history of plumbing! Give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. today at (615) 227-2811 for any of your modern-day plumbing needs!


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BIO: Bartley Burnette is the grandson of Jack Ward. He has worked at Jack Ward & Sons for his entire career. Bartley’s uncle, Tommy Ward, purchased the family business from Jack securing the second generation of local plumbers. Tommy ran the company for some time and trained Mr. Burnette in the plumbing trade.