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Reasons for Water Filtration System Installation Service in Nashville, TN


Whole house water filtration is an excellent solution to hard water, chemicals, and poor taste and odor. Give us a call today to see how we can help!

It’s easy to overlook our water sources and just accept that they provide clean water to our homes and families, but do you know that the average tap water system has contaminants like chlorine swimming around in it? Chemicals can be extremely harmful to your hygiene, appliances, and even your food! It’s really important to take a look and decide if a whole house water filtration system is the right choice for you.

To help you take a look and see if a water filtration system is the right choice for you, we have put together a list of reasons that may help you in your decision.

1. Water Line Sediment

Rust and sediment in your water system is caused by the deterioration of old pipes that are worn out. This collection of rust and sediment in your pipes can be extremely harmful to the longevity of your appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, and even faucets. These harmful buildups eat away at your appliances and water lines until you are forced to have them replaced.

2. Skin and Body Health

Unfiltered water can be harmful to your skin and body as well. Did you know that any toxins and chemicals in the water absorb 90% better through your skin than when you drink it? People who have installed a water filtration system for their house immediately notice a difference in both hair and skin conditions. Any abrasive chemicals that may be floating around in your water supply are eliminated and are no longer able to cause harm to your body.

3. Smell & Taste

Chlorine is also one of the main chemicals that creates an odd smell and taste in your tap water. Once you have a water filtration system in your home your water will be free of the odd smell and taste that your plumbing system can sometimes be holding. You can always count on your water filter to supply you with clean, fresh water to drink and use for cooking!

4. Longer Lasting Clothing

Another fantastic, little known fact about water filtration is that it can actually cause your clothes to last longer and stay bright. Chemicals in your home plumbing can cause your clothes to deteriorate and hold onto scum that makes your clothes look faded over time. These chemicals on your clothes are also harmful to your skin when attached to your clothes.

Adding a water filtration system to your house might sound like something that is a long and difficult process, however, it’s actually fairly simple with Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing. All it takes is one phone call and we can help you find the right water filter for your home plumbing system. One of our experienced technicians will even come out and give you a free estimate to make sure that you feel comfortable with the water filter we put in for your unique plumbing.

If this sounds like something that you might want, give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call today at (615) 227-2811 for professional installation service.

Nashville, TN – Signs You Should Hire A Local Plumbing Maintenance Service

Signs for hiring a local plumbing maintenance serviceYour plumbing, like a lot of other things in the home, need to be maintained on a regular basis before the problem progresses into an even larger problem that now costs much more money and requires much more work to fix. The following inconveniences you might find around your house are all things that will be much easier to fix when taken care of early on before they become a plumbing emergency.

A backed up sink that slowly drains can not only prove to be frustrating, but may just be a sign of a more serious problem further down the sewer drain line. If you attempt to unclog the drain with a snake tool, but it does not work or happens on a very frequent basis, than you may want to pursue the professional help that can utilize the right tools and ability to effectively get the job done.

A commonly overlooked problem that is often easy enough to walk away from is a leaky faucet. Turning the handle in such a way to make the leak either stop temporarily or slow down to nearly nothing is our go to when trying to get out of the bathroom or kitchen and get back to our usual routine. Unfortunately, every time the faucet is turned off in this way it becomes more and more compromised and the amount of water can accumulate on your water bill, costing you a hefty amount of money for all of the extra unused resource.

Water pressure that has dropped significantly, or has been steadily declining is something we can usually live with until it interrupts our repetitive approach to tasks, like having to stand at the refrigerator twice as long for water or having had enough with how little water we are left to take a shower with. One step you can take right away is to check the pressure reducing valve. Contact your local professional if it is reading that everything is OK, because it may be a sign of a leak or pipeline that has burst somewhere along the way.

In conclusion, the small problems are best addressed before they become big ones. Some problems may appear to be fixed with small adjustments, though they could very well be worsening behind the scenes the whole time. Give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing a call at (615)-227-2811 to help repair any plumbing problems you might be experiencing!

Nashville, TN Local Bathroom Plumbing Remodel Service Custom Showerhead Install

Local Nashville Bathroom Remodel Service Custom Showerhead InstallA homeowner from Nashville, TN called in with a question about their bathroom remodel. The question was about how much more plumbing it would take to be able to install more than one shower head in their bathroom. Their concern was about price and additional hired hours for installation, as they imagined running an entirely new system for each shower fixture. Fortunately, our team of professionals have the know-how to give some relieving insight about how the job wouldn’t be as difficult as they were concerned about. This was when they scheduled an evaluation of their soon to be remodeled bathroom and we were obliged to help!

A Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. technician arrived at the residence of the homeowner. A schematic of the job to be done and the systems they desired to be installed were presented and the job was discussed in detail. The ability to install more than one shower head in a bathroom is simple enough, despite how daunting it may seem. This is made possible with the help of a Showerhead Diverter Valve. Once the placement was rearranged, as the spot for the shower had to be relocated a few feet away due to some inaccessibility for plumbing entry, the installation of the shower fixture began.

First, the regular shower head from the existing shower had to be removed. Using a wrench, it was unscrewed easily enough. Taking the valve, screw it onto the exposed water pipe. It was important to get the fit as tight as possible to avoid dripping or a loss in water pressure during use of the shower. Once secured, the original shower head was installed over the diverter valve, once again being made sure there was a right fit. If there is any space left in the installation of the shower head, there will be leaks.

Next, the shower head was tested by running water through it. If you find it is working properly, use the lever or button on the diverter valve to change the flow of the first shower head to the adjacent one. Be sure to check the piping for leaks while you are testing to prevent undetected leaking water that will accumulate damage in the future. It is always best to perform one additional test the day after a plumbing fixture installation to check for leaks after a period for any loosening that may have caused a leak since the install.

That marked the end of implementing the Showerhead Diverter Valve. The job site was cleaned up as good as new and the homeowner was given some plumbing tips that would help with the rest of the bathroom remodel. With a small amount of time, money, and effort, a simple investment can increase the quality of life for your family.

Are you planning a bathroom remodel and would like some professional insight on plumbing planning and installation? Give Jack Ward & Sons a call at (615) 227-2811 today and schedule a FREE evaluation.

Nashville, TN – 5 Tricks From Local Service to Up Your DIY Plumbing Game

5 Tricks to increase your DIY plumbing successIf you are a regular DIY plumber around the home, chances are that you may have put teflon on threads before. If this is true, then we would also venture to say that you have most likely encountered these problems at least once! These 5 tricks below will help you tame your teflon woes with some new plumbing savvy.

Foolproof Application

A really neat way to help apply the teflon much more easily is to first wrap your teflon around an object with a thin diameter, like a pencil. After that, proceed to wrap it around the threads of the pipe. Holding the pencil out far enough to keep the teflon taut will make this loads easier for you!

Hole too small?

You need a hole for inserting a pipe, but after using the holesaw to make one, you noticed it is much too small. This trick will help you upsize it, no problem. Take the “center bit” of your holesaw and, since it no longer has anything to drill into, fit it into your bigger one. This will cause it to stick out just far enough to get the hole going and save lots of the workload.

45 Degree Angles? You got it!

Find that joining two pipes at a 45 degree angle is a frustrating task? No longer, for this trick can be a gamechanger. Measure the distance from the center to center of both of the pipes that are to be connected. Then, multiply the measurement by 1.4. Lastly, subtract the measurement for both of your pipes, and you will be left with the final measurement for your angle!

Copper pipe also out of shape?

Need to put a fitting on a copper pipe? Is it not going in for the life of you? It’s most likely out of shape. Taking your adjustable wrench, set it to the pipe’s size, and rotate the wrench around the pipe to round it out back to normal. The fitting should now go on, piece of cake.

Removing a faulty fitting.

Gluing a fitting on incorrectly isn’t the end of the road. For simply removing glued fittings, cut the pipe flush with the fitting. Then make two cuts on the portion that is the hub, and use a chisel or flat head screwdriver to pry it off. Give yourself a hand for saving a trip to the hardware store.

If you are looking for the best way to implement some of the tips above, give Jack Ward & Sons Co. a call at (615) 227-2811 for help with professional installations and to achieve DIY success.

Nashville, TN – Commercial Plumbing Company Service For Large Construction

Commercial plumbing company installing at a commercial constructionWhen the construction of a new high rise building was announced for the Nashville area, one of the first and foundational services that needs to be established for the construction is the plumbing of the building. The amount of coordination for such a large job is immense, so it is important to find the right professionals for the job. The local plumbing experts at Jack Ward & Sons Co. were glad to be a part of the construction of the condominium that would provide the future living spaces of many Nashvillians.

The company that had established this building had worked through the planning and coordinating of the project. That’s when they called our team of specialists to complete the installation. A 3D CAD model of the plumbing system for the building was provided for the work to adhere to and the next step was to begin! The routines and schedules were put in place to help the entire team of service members on the job work together in a choreographed way to deliver results.

It is highly important when working on a fast paced job like this one that the installation be done as quickly as possible while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of a strong plumbing installation. Every day a new part of the project production begins, as the deadlines set forth for the construction team can be tight. A waste vent system or kitchen lines for multiple floors of sinks will need to be installed to complete accuracy before the next floor is installed or there could be problems that will hold up “the flow” of all of the construction, so we be sure to work in teams and get it done right.

The plumbing system for a complex of living spaces like this one does not stand alone, however. Other contracted systems the building requires, like a heating system, would connect to the plumbing system we put in place to drain away all of the condensate that is accumulated. Our team works with other teams on the same project to put together the systems that make it possible to live in the building that is being erected. These systems include waste water, sewage water, water supply, and pump systems.

Do you have a commercial project that needs attention for a complete installation of the necessary plumbing systems, or a repair of previously installed systems? Give Jack Ward & Sons a call today at (615) 227-2811 to discuss the size and details of the commercial plumbing project.


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BIO: Bartley Burnette is the grandson of Jack Ward. He has worked at Jack Ward & Sons for his entire career. Bartley’s uncle, Tommy Ward, purchased the family business from Jack securing the second generation of local plumbers. Tommy ran the company for some time and trained Mr. Burnette in the plumbing trade.