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Nashville, TN – Installing an Under Sink Water Filtration System

Under sink water filtration system displayWe recently explained the benefits of purchasing an at-home water filtration system to replace the loads of money and inconvenience that people experience while relying on arduous water bottles. Whether you refill your cooler with large jugs or supply a consistent stock of small bottles, installing a water filtration system will provide you and your family with a steady and ample supply of filtered water for much less cost and effort.

If you decide you want to give it a whirl, maybe after having read our post on the pros and cons of at-home water filtration systems, then it is important to choose the best type of filter for your family. Each filter has a different method of installation. This article today will outline how to install an under the sink system. First things first, shut of the water lines to the work site you are at so as to avoid an overflow of water that can cause damage to the room around you!

You will need a quarter inch tee with a quarter inch line for tapping into how your system will get water from the cold water line. Once you locate the cold water line, you will need to find the male adapter that should be accompanied by a nut just above it. Now you break those apart and, in order to ensure a watertight connection, apply about three or four wraps of teflon tape on all of the threads. Use a wrench to tighten the connections back up with that tee piece in place on the cold water line.

At this stage in the process, the plastic pipe needs to be connected to the copper pipe. The inline shutoff valve that came with your filter is an essential piece for this step. Insert the plastic piping into the valve and a nut and ferrule over the outputting line. The rod-like insert meant to support the inside of the plastic pipe should then be placed in the pipe to make it nice and tight. Now simply connect the last of the pipe into your filtering system.

The last connection will into the water dispenser piece which will require it to be removed from the sink. Making a good-sized bead of putty, adhere it to the bottom of the water dispenser so as to prevent any leaking once the faucet it reinstalled into the sink. Take the tee fitting and, after placing another nut, ferrule, and support rod combination to the end of the plastic pipe, insert it into the bottom of the dispenser. Chances are the existing soap dispenser will be removed to make room for your dispenser, however, not matter the hole it is to be installed in, be sure to have that putty securely in place during the install. After inserting the last of the plastic tubing into the filtration unit, you can turn the cold water line back on to test the success of your plumbing installation.

Once the system valve is turned to the on position, and you turn the handle of the dispenser, you should be able to fill a glass of your freshly filtered water directly from your sink! Don’t be worried if the water seems murky or cloudy for the first few glasses or more. The cloudiness you see are the bubbles from the newly installed lines, air that has been trapped in the water, and is not bad for your health. It will go away over time and you will be left with delicious, filtered water without the mounds of plastic waste most families unfortunately are used to.

If you aren’t up to the task of installing an under water sink filtration system, or would simply like it to be done by professionals, give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call today at (615) 227-2811 to schedule an evaluation of your plumbing setup and to get that system installed for the betterment of you and your family.

Nashville, TN – Signs You Need A Water Line Replacement or Repair

Broken pipe outside imagery for water line replacement or repairAre you experiencing a bunch of leaks around your home or property? Have you spotted some water lines that have some serious corrosion? More likely than not, having these troubles or seeing this damage is a good sign that you are in need of a water line or replacement. You won’t always see a visible leak when a line repair is needed, the problems might present themselves in extra green patches in your yard or a higher water bill than usual. These results can be caused by a damaged sewer line or faulty drain line.

These signs below can help you determine whether or not you will soon give your local plumbing professionals a call for help with such repairs:

  • The water level in your toilet is higher some days and lower on others
  • You’ve noticed a foul smell and can’t figure out where it’s coming from
  • There are pools of water collecting on your lawn
  • You hear a gurgling sound come from your pipes when the bathtub drains or toilet flushes
  • Rodents and insects have a sudden interest in making your yard their home

In the case of dealing with older pipes or corroded water lines, a line repair may not provide the long-term solution you need. The time and money spent on fixing a segment of corrosion on a main line might slightly improve the condition of your water flow or other symptoms, but it will not solve the entire problem. Our experienced plumbers can provide full line replacements so that you can get your system back in working order, having renewed your pipes back to working order.

Homeowners with lines that are in tip top shape might still find it important to call their local plumbing professional for help approaching a bathroom or kitchen renovation, for example. New water lined and drain lines can be installed to make any new space functional. Check out some of our recent work in the Nashville area to get a feel for what our plumbers can do when it comes to replacing a damaged drain or sewer line.

Do you have reason to suspect that there is a leak in one of your water lines? Maybe you’re in the middle of a bathroom renovation and need a plumber to help you out with the drain line. You want the water to and from your home to come and go safely without problems. Problems mean that water can drip inside your home causing damage. It can mean a great amount of money being wasted on leaking appliances. Whatever the variety of reasons that our lines need repair or replacement, a simple call is all it takes for you to get the help you need.

Our Nashville plumbing company has been providing water line replacement and repair services since 1947. We know exactly what we’re looking for and are able to address your plumbing concerns quickly and at an affordable price. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you have about our commercial and residential plumbing services at (615) 227-2811.

Nashville, TN – At-Home Haircut Got Your Sink Clogged Up?

Man unclogging a sink clogged up from hairAny plumbing system can experience clogs, there isn’t one that is impervious to them. There are many things that contribute to clogged pipes- grease, oil, toys, and small objects, just to name a few. Most of us across the nation and across the world are currently saying at home, and looking for creative ways to live out our normal lives without going out, like say haircuts, for example. If large clumps of hair have become lodged in your drains, there is a good chance it could be the final straw that closes up that makes your sink clogged up.

While there are a number of ways we can unclog our pipes, I think just about all of us could agree that the most ideal way to go about plumbing clogs is to avoid the clog in the first place. Now, say it’s too late, and you simply need a way to get that drain opened up so your sink works again. Below are a set of steps you can follow that should help clear your clogs right up.

Starting with one of the most common unclogging tools, the plunger, you will want to fill your sink partially with water. Placing the plunger over the opening of the drain, begin plunging! After you have vigorously worked the plunger, pulling and pushing the pressure into the pipe, quickly pull it away from the drain opening. Take note that if the sink you are plunging has two openings, be sure to stop up one side while you are plunging.

If your attempts to plunge the clog free do not work, a good next step to take would be to try to auger it. A cable auger would work best here. First, you’ll want to gain adequate access to the plumbing below the sink. Then, using a pipe wrench, you remove the sink trap. Usually, the threaded couplings you find on PVC traps made of plastic are large enough to be unscrewed by hand. After it is detached, get a bucket and help the water to drain out from the trap into the bucket. Lastly, you can now make sure your trap is unclogged.

Another, more invasive yet effective, way of unclogging your plumbing is to cut directly through the clog. Locate the part of the pipe that sticks out directly from the wall, the lower part of the pipe connected to the trap. Once the opening is unobstructed, feed the auger inside until you are met with resistance. Pulling the cable back out, tighten the lock screw, and begin to drive the cable far into the pipe while cranking the handle to drive the auger through the clog. Repeat this process until the pipe is clear and simply replace the piping and trap. Flush the pipes with hot water and follow up with some plunging for good measure.

Perhaps you’ve taken the scissors to a large mane you have been meaning to trim into something manageable or maybe even a trending style. For pipes that are already chock full of soap scum and other substances that have been threatening to cut off the flow of water for some time, a ball of hair could be all it takes to “seal” the deal. Using our tips should be enough to do the trick for your plumbing problems, but if it isn’t, there might be something more detrimental wrong with the status of your plumbing!

Give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call at (615) 227-2811 and schedule a plumbing evaluation to determine whether you are dealing with a tough clog or something as serious as a broken pipe! We wish you happiness as you continue life during quarantine and remain in the best of health.

Nashville, TN – DIY Plumbing Repairs That Have Gone Wrong

Just about everyone knows the general idea of plumbing in the home is to move water around the home and wastewater out of it. We may not know the names of the particular pipes and/or pieces, let alone how to install them, but it is well understood that if the plumbing is faulty or damaged, things will start to leak!


The following examples are from homeowners that have this know-how and have set out to do something about their plumbing problems. They will not be undone by a leaking sink or broken pipe, let alone a basement without a bathroom!


When you find in the middle of the job that you don’t have the right parts…simply make your own? This “piping” is made from a compilation of tape, plastic sheeting, and other materials. Granted, the appliance may not leak anymore, but this doesn’t quite make the cut for a “repair”.


That's Not PEX


This family most likely had children, for the innovative idea here was that play dough could solve their plumbing problems. Preventing leaks with a ball of this squishy substance seemed sound enough to use as a solution, right? Next time, it might be more efficient to look into some more conventional leak repair methods.


Space saving at its finest. The logic behind saving space and resources by combining this sink and toilet system on the same line sure made sense to this homeowner. One small room, one giant leap for mankind!


Compression fittings, what? When you have hundreds of feet of duct tape, who could afford NOT to use this nearly magical material that fixes just about everything else around the home. Surely they thought that their newly installed plumbing would simply be more secure when taped together and in place by several feet of this miracle tool.


After all of the planning, installing, and supply-getting for your most recent plumbing job, you may be just about ready to throw in the towel. There may not be much discipline left for when a wrench gets thrown into your cogs, let’s say, when you discover your supply lines are far too long for example. It couldn’t possible be that bad…could it?


Perhaps the second most foolproof tool in any DIY arsenal, the sock! It wicks away any moisture that might escape from the leak repair, and can be used over and over again, genius.


Needless to say, our team of specialists at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. does NOT recommend any of these plumbing repair methods. While they may be creative, and could possibly be used as emergency measures to hold someone over until there is a substantial solution, they are not repairs at all and do not guarantee any protection against worsening leaks.

Give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call today at (615) 227-2811 to schedule an evaluation and determine what solutions you need.

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Nashville, TN – Hot Water Heater Installation & Repair

Have you been one of the many unfortunate homeowners to experience a water heater failure? Perhaps you’ve been through the incident and had to go through paying for the damages associated with all of the water being released into your home at an alarming rate. If you have not experienced this unlucky event (and don’t desire to!), there is good news for those of you living in the Nashville area. Our team of specialists at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing specialize in the installation and repair of water heaters.

Repairing and replacing water heaters can be tricky – especially if you don’t know what to look for. With factors like utilities, location, and price to consider, hiring an expert plumber is critical. That’s where we come in. We repair and install every kind of water heater you can find on the market today. This includes tankless water heaters, gas heaters, and electric water heaters as well as any brand you may prefer. Our water heater experts are always ready to help you find the solution that is the best fit for your home or property.

There is nothing worse than turning on the shower and being blasted with cold water that doesn’t let up! Water heater problems can be a major inconvenience. Identifying possible problems with your water heater is a very important step to determine whether you need a new one entirely or if there is a simple enough repair to be made. There are some signs that can help you to identify problems in order to call about a fix for your heater, including:

  • You are frequently without enough hot water
  • The water has a bad odor or is discolored
  • The water heater is making concerning and/or unusual sounds
  • The water flow is significantly reduced
  • Your water heater is leaking into the room around it!

Sometimes issues with the water heater cannot be resolved, and installing a new water heater is required. If this is the case, our Nashville plumbers can provide the expert water heater replacement services you need. Our team is trained to work with all different types of water heaters so that, when it comes time to install your water heater, they’ll know just what to do. If this is the case, the following options might help the situation:

  • Electric Water Heater Repairs and Installations
  • Water Heater Replacements
  • Tankless Water Heater Repairs and Installations
  • Commercial Boiler Repairs and Installations

We will work with you to get your water heater back to normal. After all, who wants to run out of hot water? Hot water is essential for cleaning ourselves and our homes as well as cooking meals and a variety of other tasks. Avoid any troubles a failed water heater can bring by getting it repaired sooner than later if you think there may be a problem. Give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call today at 615-227-2811 to discuss the condition of your water heater or schedule an installation or replacement!


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BIO: Bartley Burnette is the grandson of Jack Ward. He has worked at Jack Ward & Sons for his entire career. Bartley’s uncle, Tommy Ward, purchased the family business from Jack securing the second generation of local plumbers. Tommy ran the company for some time and trained Mr. Burnette in the plumbing trade.