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Aquarium Plumbing Professional Installation Service and Tips Nashville, TN JW&S

Small child watching a home plumbing aquarium after professional installation

Installing an aquarium may appear to some to be an enormous feat. It is true that an aquarium, and the plumbing thereof, requires a lot of care for both the machinery and animal life inside to remain healthy. The care for an aquarium system can be done at home with the right know-how, especially once a professional installation of your system has been done. We will give you a simple rundown of the plumbing parts you are most likely to encounter while looking into the care and maintenance of your saltwater aquarium system at home. 

The Barb Fitting:

These fittings are meant for connecting tubing to their appropriate places. Be sure to push the tubing onto the fitting as secure as possible and secure with a plastic clamp. 

Threaded & Slip Fittings:

These fittings work just as their names imply; by screwing in a fitting, or slipping in a piece of piping, respectively. Threaded fittings should be used with teflon tape, and can be redone at a later time, while slip fittings will require gluing for a permanent connection.

Ball & Gate Valves:

These valve are necessary for adjusting the flow of a particular plumbing segment. While the handles are styled differently, they both work to reduce or increase the water flow through it. 

Check Valve:

A very important piece of plumbing for your aquarium (and living room floor!) is the check valve. This valve remains open for water to flow through until there is a power outage, when it shuts off the path where the water would otherwise siphon down to and flood out. 

These are some of the main plumbing parts you might encounter while maintaining your beautiful home aquarium. If you prefer to have a professional continue to maintenance your aquarium, or inspect any possible problems with it to make sure everything is in top shape, give us a call today at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. at (615) 227-2811.

Grease Trap Maintenance Tips & Repair Service – Jack Ward Plumbing Nashville TN

If you are a business owner running a restaurant, cafe, or other establishment that prepares food, you may very well be familiar with your kitchen requirements. The kitchen regulations work for you to help serve your customers with the utmost efficiency and cleanliness. Of these regulations, the grease trap is meant to help manage grey water waste and keep your kitchen components running smoothly. However, if your grease trap is not maintained, it can malfunction, causing a very, well, sticky situation. 

How a grease trap works lies in how it is built. The compartments inside of a grease trap allow grey water filled with grease and food solids to flow through, while the debris is trapped in the compartments and collected inside the trap. When not properly maintained, such as cleaning out the buildup of food solids, fats, and oils, the water flow becomes restricted and creates a backup in the system. It is important to contact a professional grease trap servicer, like your reliable team here at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co., and schedule maintenance cleanings.

Some grease trap servicers do not do a thorough job, cutting corners on the job that can lead to more issues down the road that will only add to your maintenance cost, even calling for a grease trap replacement! Listed below are some of the top things we look for during a thorough and effective grease trap maintenance cleaning:

  • The cover is inspected for any signs of rust or other physical damage.
  • The gaskets are checked for tearing or any other signs of compromise.
  • The bolts are checked for accuracy of size and if they have maintained their grip.
  • The baffles (walls of the trap that slow the water down for collecting the cooled grease) are cleaned for optimal performance. 
  • The flow is checked for continuity as well as if there are any leaks present. 

After all of these points are inspected and repaired or cleaned, the grease trap is back to working order. For grease traps that are filling up with grease and food solids more quickly, a maintenance cleaning might be necessary to be scheduled more often. Our team can help determine what frequency would be right for your establishment. Give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call today at (615) 227-2811.

Storm Preparations to Protect Against Flooding | Plumbing Services in Middle TN

Barrages of heavy rains, like those that have been hitting Middle Tennessee since last Monday, can hit communities hard enough to cause millions of dollars in damages! While our team is prepared to help restore our community in the event of such a disaster, they have been more focused on the increase of homeowners calling about flooding basements due to the storm.

There are precautions you can take to prepare your home for flooding from seasonal spring weather, let alone infiltration from storms like Hurricane Delta. Some of the most common problems that cause basement flooding during heavy rains are sump pumps that have malfunctioned or stopped working while not in use or do not have a battery backup system to depend on if there is a power outage. Another common problem lies in the water and ejection lines themselves. Calcium can build up over time, causing the inside of the pipes to become greatly restricted.

Storm traps need cleaning to be able to function properly during a storm, so don’t hesitate to ask your local plumber to have them checked out before the rainy season hits. Root growth can also negatively affect your pipes, blocking them a lot the same as calcium does, as well as eventually breaking them from the pressure created by their growth around or through them.

Flooding damage can cause you thousands of dollars in repairs once it is too late. The dangers of flooding in your basement can be great enough to cause serious injury or even death. Taking the measures to prepare your plumbing ahead of time is a serious investment to consider for the safety of your family and the wellbeing of your home.

If your area is prone to heavy rains during the spring season, or in the line of migrating tropical weather patterns, give us a call at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. today at (615) 227-2811.

Flood Control System Repair & Replacement Services | JWS Nashville, Tennessee

An influx of flood warnings and watches were seen last weekend with the heavy rains brought in from Hurricane Delta. Many homes in the Middle Tennessee area were affected, leaving one homeowner in particular calling in for help with a solution for some flooding she had experienced in her home. Our team of dedicated experts was happy to help and scheduled a visit to her home to assess the problem in a jiffy.

Once they arrived, she introduced them to her home and to where the flooding had entered in. The water had backed up and entered in through the floor drains. Once everything had receded and the mess was cleaned, it was measured that the water level had reached up to 42 inches! The homeowner explained that they were frustrated that a previous flood control system they had installed on their property had not done its job.

Our team got to work inspecting the system, otherwise known as a backwater valve flood control system and discovered that the PVC check valve had become broken. It was removed for closer inspection, of which revealed that immense pressure had blown the valve and valve cover. The system was removed and replaced with a more secure system made from cast iron otherwise known as a double guard system.

Once the old system was excavated and removed completely, the new system was installed. This superior system would prevent any sewage from building up and finding its way into their home.

If your home is experiencing flooding issues during bouts of heavy rain, give your local plumbing experts at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call today at (615) 227-2811 and schedule an evaluation of your home’s plumbing to prevent future problems.

What is a Plumbing Vent and What Does It Do? | JWS Nashville, Tennessee

Have you ever heard of a plumbing vent? If you have, do you know what they do and why they are important? Today we will tell you a little about what this piece of your plumbing system does and why. There is more to a plumbing vent and how it benefits your entire system then just allowing for sewage gases to escape from your home instead of entering into your bathrooms and living areas. The major function of a plumbing vent is to allow the drains in your home to flow freely by bringing air into the drains and equalizing the pressure inside those pipes. Think of the difference of flow when you sip liquid through a straw and plug the end with your thumb instead of keeping the straw opening clear.

Located throughout your plumbing system, devices called P-Traps can be found at the base of major plumbing utilities like sinks, toilets, and showers. The P-Traps are primarily used for trapping the sewage gases from entering into the home. These pipes are designed to branch off of the main plumbing vent so that, when water from other utilities in the home are flushed out, the water in the P-Traps are not pulled out and eliminated along with it by way of suction. Instead, the air from outside the home is drawn into the vent behind the eliminating water in place of the air inside the home that can be gotten through the P-Traps.

Just like drains in your plumbing utilities can become clogged, so can your plumbing vent. If this happens, your drains can begin to drain much more slowly. This is commonly dismissed as a drain blockage issue, when in fact if the problem lies in the plumbing vent, your attempts to unclog your drain will not help your situation. Your toilets and other drains may begin to gurgle, or sewage smells may begin to fill up your bathroom or other living areas connected to a bathroom.

If your home is experiencing any of these symptoms, give us a call at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. today at (615) 227-2811 and schedule a free evaluation.


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BIO: Bartley Burnette is the grandson of Jack Ward. He has worked at Jack Ward & Sons for his entire career. Bartley’s uncle, Tommy Ward, purchased the family business from Jack securing the second generation of local plumbers. Tommy ran the company for some time and trained Mr. Burnette in the plumbing trade.

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BIO: Bartley Burnette is the grandson of Jack Ward. He has worked at Jack Ward & Sons for his entire career. Bartley’s uncle, Tommy Ward, purchased the family business from Jack securing the second generation of local plumbers. Tommy ran the company for some time and trained Mr. Burnette in the plumbing trade.