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Nashville, Tennessee Homeowner Repairs Not Replaces Their Appliances

Plumbing calls often reveal a homeowner looking for a solution to their plumbing woes or even plumbing emergency. Something may have broken somewhere along the line, or is malfunctioning in such a way that it is causing distress for the home. There could be a troublesome leak or water pooling in a living area. Now while these calls make up quit a bit of the calls motivated by the need for a local professional plumber, yet another benefit to homeowners for calling in is to make smaller, though still uncommon, repairs.

When a large appliance or plumbing system in your home has experienced a problem that can be fixed in a smaller scale, you can rest assured that the fix will ultimately save you the cost of having to replace the entire appliance itself! One such call was from a homeowner in Nashville, Tennessee. They called in with a question regarding the ice maker on their refrigerator. It was explained that the ice maker had stopped working a couple of months ago and their attempts to get the hardware working were in vain. They had begun to question if the breakdown was taking place at the plumbing hookup to the fridge and decided a professional’s evaluation would be necessary from that point forward.

Soon after, some members of the Jack Ward & Sons team made a trip to the home in Tennessee to take a look a their appliance in question. They were welcomed to the home and began to take a look right away. As they were servicing the appliance, the homeowner made small talk and revealed that their intention was to have the ice maker repaired and save the money it would cost to replace the refrigerator (especially in fear that more parts would begin to further malfunction). The appliance was becoming more dated, but they felt they could get a few more years out of it. In no time at all, the hookup was repaired, and the ice maker restored to working order!

If your family has been making adaptations for a plumbing appliance that has been on the fritz, call Jack Ward and Sons Plumbing for a repair that could restore functionality to the unit as a whole and possibly keep it working for your family for some time longer.

Nashville, TN – Professional Water Leak Repair To Reduce Major Waste

We have all learned in school and on television that wasting water is a problem for the public. Not only does it cause a problem for everyone as a society, it sure is difficult to concentrate or find peace with hearing a constant steady series of drips in the background noise of our homes. That is to say that, though we are bound to turn off the shower a few minutes faster, reuse water bottles to water our indoor plants, or yank the handle of our faucets to stop the dripping, chances are we haven’t thought about the much bigger picture of our actual water usage.

For starters, there is a nearly 70 gallon per individual water usage in a regular home, per day! You can approximate another 7 gallons of wasted water a day on top of that amount, which also accumulates on your water bill. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about 10,000 gallons of water ware wasted in the average home every year across the United States, but can be higher depending on the severity of the leak. These numbers carry even more weight when we consider that the amount of water we pump from the Earth is greater than the rate at which it is replenishing.

The long form of the math done to estimate just what the demand for water is in countries that are in need would details much more alarm. By U.S. Homeowners either doing the work to repair their leaks or contracting out to have the work done, a lot of this precious resource could be saved for those that are currently having to go without, and don’t forget the resources such as agriculture that water is necessary to have to maintain!

Some of the most effective ways to check for leaks in your home that are otherwise hidden are to look for a higher than usual water bill, problems with your water pressure (lower than usual), wet or standing water in your lawn or sightings of rodents congregating in your area.

Do you need help detecting and repairing leaks in your home? If you suspect water is being wasted, give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Company a call at (615) 227-2811 for professional assistance, today!

Nashville, TN – Winterizing Your Plumbing As Cold Weather Approaches

October is right around the corner and with it will come the crisp, cold air of Fall. We know that right after that will be winter and, whether or not your part of the state has been regularly having a white Christmas or not, there is a good chance that there will be a bout of cold weather that could possibly lead to frozen pipes if you are not careful. Now is a good time to start thinking about winterizing your plumbing to prevent damage to your pipes. 

The first step is to invest in some insulation if you do not currently have any. Pipe wrap insulation, made both of fiberglass or cotton, can be used to keep your pipes from being exposed to the freezing temperatures that not only halt the flow of water in your home, but can break the pipes themselves. Another method is to utilize a heating cable that requires power to provide a consistent warmth to your pipes to keep them functioning just fine even during plummeting temperatures!

A last resort effort you can use if you have not been able to prepare your pipes with the proper insulation or other methods is to turn your faucet enough to create a small steady flow of water. Even a small trickle can help prevent ice from accumulating in your plumbing! The more faucets running the better.

Some other tricks that would work well (and only require for you to remember to do them!) for keeping your pipes warm. Exposing the plumbing of the sinks in your home by opening the underside cabinets will allow for the warmer room temperature of your home to reach the plumbing more easily. If you and your family are leaving for the day, consider keeping the heat on in the house to keep the temperatures of the plumbing higher to combat the cold outside. Ice will have a harder time forming in these conditions. 

Last, but not least, is your sprinkler system. Often overlooked by homeowners during the winterization process, your sprinkler system is oftentimes the most vulnerable to the cold outdoor weather. Fortunately, there is a simple fix for preparing your sprinkler system you may not have known about. You will need to get yourself a flat head screwdriver and make sure the water supply to the system is completely turned off. (There is a mechanism called the backflow preventer you will need to find and turn the valve located there.) There is a set of two screws on the side of the backflow preventer called the bleeder valve. Turning both of those screws so that the lines on the screws are lined up with (or parallel) to the pipe will cause any of the stagnant water from inside the backflow preventer to spray out, thus relieving your sprinkler system from any potential water that can freeze and damage your sprinkler system. Do not forget to disconnect and empty any outdoor hoses, and we wish you the best of luck as this winter approaches! 

Want some professional assistance while you winterize your plumbing this year? Give Jack Ward & Sons a call at (615)-227-2811 today!

Nashville, TN – Planning For Your Plumbing With Local Professionals

Calling a plumbing professional is one of the first solutions we come to when we are trying to go through our daily routines and one of the plumbing fixtures such as a dishwasher or washing machine goes kaput and we come to a screeching halt. Scheduling for them to come visit your home and diagnose your problems is a best bet to get the problem taken care of quickly and efficiently. But, what are you to do if you are having plumbing troubles for a room with plumbing that doesn’t exist yet?

We are talking about when you are planning a bathroom or other plumbing-centric room to your home. Whether you are considering an addition to your home, want to move around an outdated bathroom, or simply install an expensive unit to increase the value of your home, you would do best to have some sort of plumbing insight into the project. At this point it may not have occurred to you to call your local plumbing professional for advice, however, we at Jack Ward and Sons plumbing company are here to answer any and all questions related to the plumbing of your home and related fixtures.

Plan that perfect bathroom renovation with an accurate projection of where to place your plumbing and avoid having to redo any costly projects due to miscalculating where you should have placed that beautiful basin sink. Pull off more advanced adaptations, such as raised showers in a difficult placement in your finished basement with a knowledge of the best way to go about the installation with the help of highly trained service workers.

Don’t wait until you’re stuck in a pickle to call your local plumbing professionals. Emergencies aren’t their only expertise! Give us a call at (615) 227-2811 at Jack Ward and Sons plumbing company for any plumbing questions you have and to help make keep our pipes, and family, happy.

Nashville, TN – Tips To Extend The Plumbing Life Of Your Home

Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Plumbing in Nashville, Tennessee

Prevention is a powerful tool and can apply directly to the lifespan of the plumbing in your home. Repairs and replacements can be made ultimately, however, there are several different measures you can take as a homeowner to take care of your plumbing in a way that can limit those extra expenditures as well as prevent some serious damage. 

  1. Your plumbing is designed to handle most waste materials that are common for a household bathroom. There are many things that are flushed down the toilet or rinsed down the tub or sink that can cause damage to either the plumbing or septic system as a whole. These following materials should be disposed of in the garbage can and avoid plumbing fixtures altogether:
  • Drain cleaner products
  • Feminine products and wrappers
  • Grease and solid fats
  • Cleaning and baby wipes
  • Cotton balls/Q-tips
  • Medicines/Pills

2. Have the contact information of a reputable and highly recommended local plumbing company on hand in case of an emergency. Having someone on the problem as quickly as possible will not only save prevent further damaging of your plumbing system but of other surrounding property and valuables as well. 

3. It is very good practice to have a local plumbing expert come out to your home at every change of season to make sure everything is up to par. With the seasons come a change of temperature and other variables that may affect the plumbing differently than the previous few months. 

4. Keeping things clean and organized during a plumbing inspection or house call keeps the whole process running smoothly, not just your pipes. Another advantage to keeping the area clean and organizes ready for repairs is that if there are any external factors for your plumber to see that might affect the plumbing as well, they can make the appropriate fixes at that time and prevent any prolonged problems. 

At Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing, we wholeheartedly agree with exercising prevention as a form of increasing the health and longevity of your plumbing. Give us a call at (615) 227-2811 today  


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BIO: Bartley Burnette is the grandson of Jack Ward. He has worked at Jack Ward & Sons for his entire career. Bartley’s uncle, Tommy Ward, purchased the family business from Jack securing the second generation of local plumbers. Tommy ran the company for some time and trained Mr. Burnette in the plumbing trade.