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December 15, 2020

Nashville TN – Stop Basement Issues From Blocking Home Sales With A Simple Fix

Posted in: Industry News

Trying to sell your home? Don’t let crawlspace or basement issues catch you off guard!

This post was originally published on 1/17/2019 and updated on 12/15/2020 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

So when it comes to selling your home, you want to be prepared. You may have made a list of all the repairs, cleaning, and other general maintenance tasks that need to be done before you can put it up on the market. 

Perhaps you have already completed them and scheduled a home inspection without knowing how important a crawl space inspection also is! No matter what step in the pre-inspection process, following advice regarding homes that have been built upon a crawl space can save you some time and money, as well as a headache!

Contacting a crawl space repair company to evaluate your crawl space can help determine if any repairs or installations need to be made. Otherwise, your home inspector is likely to throw up a red flag after taking a look. Selling your home can become more complicated, even putting progress on hold, until the problems are taken care of. That’s without mentioning the possibility of having to have another inspection.

One consideration to make that can provide loads of benefit is the cost of the crawl space encapsulation service. Upfront the cost might seem steep, especially when combined with the other costs of repairs, etc. that need to be made to get the house ready for the market. While this is understandable, looking ahead to the price increase this service could legitimize might give you some relief. An encapsulation makes for a well taken care of foundation that has been set up for moisture protection for a lifetime is a nice commodity to have in a home!

The high likelihood of a home inspector finding trouble in your crawl space is due to the number of issues moisture creates. The longer they are left unaddressed, the worse they become. Once conditioned or encapsulated, a crawl space can last a lifetime in great shape. Things can go very wrong, however, in a crawl space that has never been tended to. 

This can make for a bad situation for the very foundation of your home.

Discovering any of these problems before your interested buyer does (and quickly becomes uninterested!) is ideal. It can also help prevent future problems with their satisfaction of the home purchase and your relationship with them throughout the closing process. 

Buying a home and finding problems that will affect the future structural integrity of that home is an “unsettling” reality. On the other hand, having a ship-shape foundation and crawl space that has been encapsulated, protecting it from moisture intrusion, speaks volumes about the care of the home and integrity of the seller. 

If you have decided at this point that a no-hassle, FREE evaluation of your home’s crawl space is in order, then know you can count on Barrier Waterproofing Systems! Our team will help take care of all of your repair, insulation, encapsulation, and pest, mold, and debris removal services your crawl space may need.

Call Barrier Waterproofing Systems today at (615) 257-1060 to schedule a free evaluation, and let us help you remedy the problems that can prevent you from selling your home!

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