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September 22, 2020

Mesa, AZ – Water Damaged Furniture Seek Professional Water Damage Restoration

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Is water leakage destroying your furniture? Here’s what you need to do!

Furniture can be severely impacted by the buildup of moisture. The water can penetrate through your wooden and fabric items and make them soggy and weak. If you have flooding or leakage issues in your home, then your furniture is very likely to be prone to the following types of water damage: Damaged Furniture

Staining: When water penetrates through the surface of an object, it makes it damp and leaves small white spots on its surface. It can also decolorize it severely.

Deterioration: Once the water seeps through the surface, it can weaken the joints and fittings of your furniture. This can lead to the falling apart of your expensive items and shorten their lifespan.

Shrinking and cracking: Wood furniture often absorbs the water and expands. Once the water dries up, the wooden object shrinks and forms cracks.  

Mold infestation: Mold formation is another common result of water damage on your furniture. Wood and upholstery furniture is highly prone to mold infestation. The longer the moisture lingers inside your furniture, the quicker the mold will grow. Mold is highly hazardous, and can destroy your furniture beyond repair. It also spreads quickly and can infect your entire home.

Steps to take after water damage

When you witness a water leakage or flooding in your home, you need to take the following steps to minimize the damage caused to your furniture:

  • Look for the source of water leakage. If the water is coming from the sewage or as a result of flooding, you’ll have to immediately move the dry furniture out. The items that get in contact with the water may not be restorable.
  • Discard the furniture which is already submerged or has soaked in the water. Even if the water is clean, that furniture is highly prone to mold infestation, which can destroy your other items.
  • The furniture which hasn’t been impacted yet needs to be taken out immediately. To make it easier, remove all the drawers and panels from your furniture if possible.
  • Wash out your furniture with a hose to remove residue and mud.
  • Don’t dry your wooden furniture in the sun. It can lead to shrinking and cracking, Move the wooden objects in a sheltered area where they can air dry.
  • Watch out for mold growth on your wooden furniture. If you see the development of dark spots, scrub them out immediately.

Seek professional water damage restoration!

Water damage restoration begins with taking steps to minimize damage to your furniture. If the damage is severe and saving your furniture is your top priority, you need to consult a professional water damage restoration company. They can provide expert assistance in preventing and minimizing damage to your furniture and home. 

For water damage restoration services, call us at 844-500-4775 or visit our website today!

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