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October 04, 2020

Mesa, AZ – Flooded Living Space Call for Professional Drying Out Services

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Professional Drying Out Services

Are you facing flooding issues in your home? Here’s everything that you need to know and do!

Flooding is a serious issue, and the water damage can destroy your home and the items inside it if you are not proactive in dealing with it. As soon as you identify water damage, you must immediately call professional water drying out services to extract the water from your home.

If the water damage is manageable, then you can take a few steps to dry out the water yourself. You need to prioritize eliminating water within 48 hours to prevent mold formation and maximum damage to your goods.

Natural Air CirculationDrying Out Services

If the water level isn’t too high, open your windows, doors, and vents to allow the air to circulate. It will help lower the humidity as the damp air will travel outside, and dry air would circulate inside.

Mechanical Air Circulation

If your indoor space doesn’t allow for natural air circulation, you can rent a high-powered fan to circulate the air mechanically. The rental cost will depend on the size and power of the mechanical fan.

Run a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can eliminate humidity and water vapors from an enclosed area, such as your basement. Close all the windows and doors to prevent any moisture coming in from the outside. Make sure you have a big enough humidifier to dry out your space by eliminating water.

Water Pumping

Get a sump pump to pump out water from your home. It’s a submersible pump that drains out the water through a pipe or a hose. A sump pump is highly effective in draining out the standing water with a depth of several inches. You can easily rent the sump pump for a day at a reasonable cost.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Some vacuums can be used in wet conditions. They can dry out the water from carpets, rugs, and other household items. However, not all household vacuums are designed for this use. Make sure you only use the vacuum whose innards are water-protected.

Remove submerged Items

To make the drying out process more manageable, take out all the submerged items like carpets and furniture from inside your home. Let them dry under the sun to prevent the risk of mold infestation. Take out as many things as possible to make the indoor drying process quicker.

Freeze important wet items

If your books, photos, or any other important paper documents are wet, immediately place them in plastic bags and put them in the frost-free freezer. This will prevent any further deterioration. It will also stop the mold from spreading on them. Freezing your papers is an effective way to buy time until you sort everything else out. Once you have time, take out your documents and air dry each page.

Moisture absorbents

Moisture absorbents like clay, silica gel, and calcium oxide work like a sponge and absorb water vapors from the atmosphere. You can place them with wet items in containers so they can suck out the moisture. Some of these absorbents change color once they’ve reached their saturation limit. When you observe their color change, consider replacing them.

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