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July 24, 2020

Mesa, AZ – Let’s Discuss Some of the Different Categories of Fire Damage

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Fire Damage

Are you aware of the different categories of fire damage? Let’ find out.

A fire accident is one of the most dangerous things we can experience on our properties. Whether the fire took place because of a tossed cigarette or the kitchen grease, it can be life-threatening. You may not know this, but there are different types of fire damage. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss in detail the categories of fire damage.

Let’s break it down.Fire

Categories of Fire Damage

Class A Fire Damage

Class A fire damage includes all those fire accidents that take place due to flammable solids. Some of the most common examples of flammable solids include cloth, wood, rubber, and various types of plastics.

Class B Fire Damage

Unlike the previous category, Class B fire damage takes place due to flammable liquids and even liquefiable solids. This includes, in particular, various kinds of gasoline, such as paint, wax, oil, petrol, and plastics.

Some fires are caused by heated cooking oils. Those fires do not fall into this category.

Class C Fire Damage

Some fires occur fueled by flammable gases. Some of the common examples of such flammable gases include propane, butane, hydrogen, and natural gas. Fires caused by flammable gases fall into the category of Class C fire damage.

Class D Fire Damage

Besides flammable solids, liquids, and gases, there are some flammable metals as well. Some of the most common examples of these metals are potassium, magnesium, and sodium. Fire accidents caused by the combustion of these metals are referred to as Class D fire damage.

Class E Fire Damage

Class E fire damage is an entirely different form of damage, which is caused by factors that are found in both Class A as well as Class B fire damage.

The only difference is that this category also includes electrical elements that cause fire damage. Therefore, the damage caused and the ways to control the fire tend to vary from Class A and B fire damage.

Class F Fire Damage

The last category on our list is Class F fire damage. Fire accidents caused by heated cooking oil and fats fall within this particular category. Unlike other categories of fire, these fires are relatively hotter. Not only are they hot, but they are far more detrimental and deadly than Class B fires.

These were the six different categories of fire damage. Although fires may differ in terms of their sources and the heat they produce, you should never underestimate what they are capable of. Regardless of its potency, a fire has the ability to claim lives and destroy whatever crosses its path.

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