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June 16, 2020

Mesa, AZ – The Most Popular Air Purifying Plants You Should Have in Your Home

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Do you want to improve the quality of indoor air? Invest in indoor plants.

The air that we breathe has a deep impact on our health. We do not realize this, but indoor air can be far more dangerous and contaminated than the air outside our living spaces. There are several ways to improve the quality of indoor air, and one of those ways includes opting for purifying plants. By placing the right plants inside your living space, you get to detoxify the indoor air. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the plants that you can use to improve the quality of indoor air.Aloe Vera

So, let’s break it down.

English Ivy

One of the most popular plants used for the purpose of indoor air purification is the English Ivy. This vine grows easily and is instrumental to the removal of pesticides from your living space. The English Ivy serves as the perfect dehumidifier for areas such as the bathroom. Furthermore, it also battles the mold growth within the living space. To keep the English Ivy healthy, water it regularly and expose it to the sunlight for a few hours, every day.

Spider Plant

If you are new to indoor plants, the spider plant should be your go to plant. The Spider plant is a resilient plant that fights toxins like xylene and carbon monoxide. Furthermore, the Spider Plant is perfectly safe, especially if you have pets inside the house as they are completely non-toxic. The tiny spiderettes can be repotted and can grow an entire family of plants that can take care of themselves.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is the perfect indoor plant for your bedroom. It offers you a night of peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. The snake plant is also known as the mother in law’s tongue. This plant is yellow-tipped and tends to release oxygen during the night. It is the perfect plant, especially when it comes to removing xylene, toluene, benzene, and formaldehyde.

Aloe Vera

The famous Aloe Vera isn’t just good for skincare. It also has a positive impact on the air that you breathe. This plant looks perfect on windowsills in the kitchen and loves sunlight. Not only does Aloe Vera soothe those nasty kitchen burns, but it also gets rid of the airborne harmful chemicals found in detergents, varnishes and several other finishes in the kitchen. Aloe vera plants are low maintenance, but they need plenty of sunlight to grow and stay healthy.

These were just four of the many popular plants to improve the quality of indoor air.

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