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November 20, 2019

Mesa, AZ – Common Sources of Water Damage in Your Home, Business or Building

Posted in: Industry News

What actually causes water damage in our homes and offices?

Fire, water, and mold damage are three of the most common conditions to affect houses. Offices, homes, and all kinds of buildings can be affected by these three issues. Out of these three, you can expect to face water damage the most.

Regardless of its source, water damage can cause a lot of damage and harm to buildings and structures. You should always be on guard for signs of water damage in your home or office. The possible causes of water damage are so many that you can’t account for all of them. Water damage prevention is as much about timely responses as much as it is about prevention.

Here are some of the common sources of water damage which should be regularly checked.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues with the building’s internal piping are one of the main causes of water damage. Plumbing pipes normally don’t appear in sight and are hidden. Unless you specifically go and check on them, you will not notice anything wrong. Pipes can present issues like rust, leak, expansion or bursts which all cause water damage.

Water continues to drip from pipes and makes its way into areas of a building where it shouldn’t be. This causes water damage as it drips from ceilings or soaks walls. Regular maintenance can ensure all your piping is in proper working condition.

Toilet Issues

Toilet Issues

Toilets are a frequent cause of water damage. To some extent it makes sense since water is heavily involved in toilet usage. That is why regular toilet maintenance should always be a priority.

Water damage in toilets can happen from any place. Drains are frequent spots where mold and mildew can grow and spread. Leaking faucets also contribute to water damage. Most worryingly, the sewage line connected with your toilets can also develop problems. Clogs, blocks, and leaks in the sewage line are very serious issues. You will be facing dangerous health issues with exposure to sewage water on top of water damage. This problem is frequent in offices due to the regular use of limited toilet spaces. Daily cleaning and maintenance of office toilets are essential for preventing water damage.


Heating, ventilating and air conditioning units frequently cause water damage. These units are essential to temperature and moisture control. They also rarely see any rest and operate 24/7. Due to this continuous stress, they need regular maintenance.

Failure to maintain HVACs in your house or office can quickly cause a lot of water damage. Water can leak from HVAC units and cause problems. HVACs are also ideal breeding grounds for mold. The warm, damp, dark, and humid conditions are just the right environment for mold to prosper. This mold infestation can spread throughout your HVAC system.


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