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November 18, 2019

Mesa, AZ – Post Storm Water Damage Prevention Measures | Water Drainage Service

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Has a storm warning been issued for your area?

Storms are becoming more frequent every year. Not only is the number of storms increasing but their intensity on an annual basis is also increasing. This has to do with climate change which is impacting weather patterns and events. That is why you should prepare for both before a storm and after it.

Water damage is a very serious issue during storms. The high wind speeds combined with the torrential rain can do a real number on your house. Storms are the most destructive cause of water damage apart from flooding. Water damage prevention measures are needed at all times to reduce it as much as possible.

In regards to post-storm measures for water damage prevention, here is what you should do.

Unblock Storm Gutters and Drains

Unblock Storm Gutters and Drains

Ideally, you should have this step carried out before the storms arrive. Storm gutters channel rainwater and prevent it from falling down the walls of your house. Outer walls can get inundated and soaked if storm gutters don’t work.

However, you might need to unblock gutters after a storm even if you just had them cleaned. Stormy winds can carry a lot of debris like leaves and branches. This debris can block up your gutter again. Clearing this debris is a hassle and a cost but not something you can afford to ignore.

The blocked gutter stores water which puts pressure on the gutter. It may sag or begin to leak due to the pressure of the water. It will damage the house wall on which it is situated. You will also be caught flatfooted if a downpour starts again.

Drain Your Basement

The basement is one of the first places to collect stormwater. There are a number of ways how water can enter the basement in a storm. What bears notice is you should move quickly to drain any standing water.

There is no telling how long the storm might continue. Water cannot be allowed to stand in the basement. Standing water damages any items in storage in the basement and encourages mold. Mold and mildew can set in very rapidly from standing basement water. You can use pumps or buckets to clear the basement of any water.

Tackle Leaks in the House

You will also need to inspect your house for any leaks or dripping ceilings. Move furniture and other items away from a dripping ceiling. Put a bucket to collect any dripping water. Keep hydrophobic covers and sheets handy for heavy furniture.

Also, check up on your temperature and humidity control. Adjust it to account for the storm so proper levels are maintained at all times.


You should never dawdle when a storm has cleared up. Chances are the downpours will continue over the next few days. Take action to control any water damage and prepare for the next time.

Contact Service Team of Professionals for any post-storm water damage. Whether it is water damage prevention or repair, we can handle it all.

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