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Mesa, AZ – Choosing a Water Damage Restoration Company | Home Restoration News

Are you faced with water damage in your home, but haven’t found the right restoration company? The following tips will help you.

Water damage doesn’t only result in flooding and mold, but it also affects your everyday life. However, you can minimize the extent of damage if you can take timely action and start the repairs. To do so, you need a professional water damage restoration company, which isn’t easy to find. In this article, we will educate you on finding a professional water damage restoration company.Leaky garden faucet

Let’s break it down. 

  1. The Restoration Company Should Take Action Immediately 

If left unattended, water damage tends to worsen. Therefore, it is important to call a restoration professional in Mesa, AZ, the moment you notice the signs. The restoration company should be able to show up immediately after your call. Furthermore, their helpline should be active 24/7. Also, they should start the repairs immediately after showing up at your place. If they fail to do so, you should seek help elsewhere. 

  1. They Should Be Trained, Licensed and Insured 

If you are looking for water damage restoration companies in your area, make sure to look for the ones that are insured, well trained, and licensed. You must also figure out their area of expertise. Furthermore, never hesitate to enquire about how long they have been in business. They must always present you with their training certificates and documented evidence of the projects they have worked on in the past. In case they fail to present you with certificates from a reputable certification program, do not hire them. 

  1. They Should Have Worthy References  

After water damage takes place, property owners find themselves surrounded by several unreliable restoration companies. To avoid the issue, you must be patient and look for restoration companies that have worked for local clients, some of which can be your friends or neighbors. Also, find out where they are located. Most local restoration companies in Mesa, AZ, are trustworthy and keep their promises. 

  1. They Must Be Fluent in Matters Related to Insurance 

The most difficult part of the water damage restoration process is the insurance claim. With a lack of experience, most property owners have a hard time filing an insurance claim. Your job is to look for a restoration company that is well-versed in the matters regarding insurance and should help you come up with the necessary evidence needed for filing an insurance claim. 

  1. They Should Use the Latest Equipment and Techniques 

The first 48 hours after water damage are extremely crucial. It is within these 48 hours that mold damage can take place. Therefore, water extraction and dehumidification of the area should be expedited. You can’t expect your restoration professionals to remove water using buckets. Only by using the finest machinery for the job can water damage and mold growth be prevented. If your restoration professionals resort to conventional methods of water removal instead of using the latest technology, consider letting them go.

Water damage isn’t something that you can ignore. If left to stay, it can result in mold growth which is bad for your house as well as your health. By keeping the aforementioned tips in mind, find a reasonable water damage restoration company in Mesa, Gilbert and Tempe, AZ, and solve the problem at hand.

To benefit from our excellent restoration services, visit our website today.

Mesa, AZ – Avoid Smoke and Soot Exposure at All Costs | Home Restoration News

Are you aware of the health risks of smoke and soot exposure?  Let’s find out.

A fire accident in real life is far nastier than what it seems in the movies. Besides burning your house down and being life-threatening, the effects of fire continue even after it’s been extinguished. After a fire has been put out, it leaves behind the smoke. Three of the most common components of smoke are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter, also known as soot.Soot Exposure

Other chemicals found in smoke are benzene, dioxins, metals, acid gases and sulfur dioxide. To keep yourself safe, try your best to avoid smoke and soot exposure.

Health Risks of Smoke Inhalation

The long term effects of prolonged smoke exposure are severe, and we shall discuss them as the article progresses. Inhaling smoke even for a short amount of time can have dangerous outcomes. Smoke irritates your eyes, throat, and nose, and it can also result in nausea. Furthermore, exposure to smoke can lead to headaches as well as a heart problem known as angina.

Keeping the health effects of smoke and soot exposure in mind, it is better if you avoid it altogether. If your body reacts adversely to smoke and soot, you must discuss it with your doctor today.

If you have recently experienced a fire accident on your property, it is better to contact a professional fire restoration company in Mesa, AZ. While the restoration is in progress, try relocating to a different place and avoid entering the burnt house until the cleanup is complete.

Symptoms of Smoke Inhalation 

The symptoms of smoke inhalation vary from one person to another. However, two defining factors in this regard are the source of smoke and how long you have been exposed to it.

  • Sore throat and severe coughing.
  • Bloody coughing and chest pain.
  • Shortness of breath, noisy breathing and disturbed breathing.
  • Nausea, headache, and abdominal pain.
  • Eyesight issues and eye irritation.
  • Passing out

Health Risks of Soot Exposure 

Now that we have discussed the health effects of smoke exposure, let’s discuss the downsides of soot exposure. As discussed above, soot is the amorphous particulate matter that occurs due to the incomplete burning of organic matter. Besides being detrimental to human health, cleaning up after soot is quite a hassle.

Soot takes its toll upon the indoor air quality of your living space. It is commonly found in houses where candles are used or the fireplace isn’t properly ventilated. Ingesting soot can lead to respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis, and also coronary heart disease. Soot cleanup is messy and isn’t a DIY job. Therefore, it should be assigned to a professional.

Studies have revealed that particle exposure leads to more than 20,000 untimely deaths in the US each year. A majority of those deaths have something to do with soot-related diseases. Furthermore, soot exposure results in more than 300,000 cases of asthma attacks each year.

By now you must have realized how detrimental smoke and soot exposure is to your health. Never make the unforgivable mistake of cleaning soot and smoke yourself and contact a professional restoration company.

For professional smoke and soot cleanup in Mesa, Gilbert and San Tan Valley, AZ visit our website today.

Mesa, AZ – Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation | Home Restoration News 

Are you aware of the benefits of crawlspace encapsulation? Here are some of them.

Before we move towards the benefits of crawlspace encapsulation, let’s spare a moment to understand what encapsulation is. Encapsulation is the term used for the process of separating your living space from the space underneath. In crawlspace encapsulation, the outside vents are sealed. Furthermore, on the exposed surfaces, a vapor retarder is installed. As a result, the rim joist and the walls are insulated. Crawlspace encapsulation resembles a swimming pool lining, which prevents leakages.Crawlspace Encapsulated

When Is Crawlspace Encapsulation Required? 

Now, let’s discuss the situations in which crawlspace encapsulation is required. It is mostly needed when moisture increases and needs to be taken care of. It is a no-brainer that the crawlspace is usually damp and dark. The dampness in the crawlspace that provides the perfect conditions for mold and mildew growth and pests can ruin your indoor air quality.

Crawlspace moisture also gives birth to organisms that can deteriorate wooden surfaces and also cause wood rot.

So, how does one find out whether or not there is a moisture problem? Just take a look and find out whether or not there is water accumulation around the pipes and the concrete walls within the crawlspace. If you notice water in these areas, you have a moisture problem, and you should have it fixed as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation 

Let’s discuss some of the most common benefits of crawlspace encapsulation.

  • Improves the air quality within the crawlspace as well as in other areas of your home.
  • Eliminates wood-eating pests and insects.
  • Makes living conditions cleaner, safer and more comfortable.
  • Prevents mold damage and structural deterioration.
  • Makes your home more energy-efficient.

Things to Consider Before Having Your Crawlspace Encapsulated

  • First of all, get rid of combustion and drainage problems. Next, eliminate mold and mildew within those areas.
  • If there is water in the area underneath the living space, get if fixed by a professional plumber before having the crawlspace encapsulated.
  • If the gas furnace or heater is emitting carbon monoxide, get it fixed before encapsulation. Encapsulating with such emission can send harmful gases into your living space.
  • Make sure the vents, floors, and walls are sealed properly.
  • Use specialized spray foam to seal the vents.
  • Before crawlspace encapsulation, make sure the crawlspace is perfectly dried. To condition the air, you can resort to a dehumidifier alongside your existing HVAC system.

By now, you must have understood how important an encapsulated crawlspace is for your indoor air quality. Before having the crawlspace encapsulated, make sure not to skimp on any of the tips mentioned above.

For professional crawlspace encapsulation in Mesa, San Tan Valley and Gilbert, AZ feel free to visit our website.

Mesa, AZ – Causes of Fire Accidents in Offices | Commercial Restoration News 

Have you recently experienced a fire accident at your workplace? Here are some of the most common causes of commercial fires.

There are so many things businesses can do to put out a fire. However, it is best to prevent fire accidents from taking place in the first place. Commercial fires are nasty as they are life-threatening, damage company assets, and also cost companies thousands of dollars. With the right knowledge, these fires can be taken care of and even prevented. In this article, we shall discuss some of the most common causes of commercial fires.

Let’s begin.Electrical Issues


One of the most common causes of commercial fires is negligence on the part of the employees. Negligence isn’t the same as human error that we will discuss in the following paragraphs. Negligence occurs when employees and staff make certain mistakes that create the perfect environment for a fire accident to take place. Here are some of the common examples of negligence which result in nasty fire accidents.

  • Placing hot objects near heating equipment.
  • Open flames that aren’t protected or covered.
  • Smoking inside and disposing of butts carelessly without stubbing them out.

Human Error 

Now, let’s talk about human error as a cause of fire accidents. Human errors could include not reporting faulty equipment or not knowing how to use equipment properly. A dysfunctional water sprinkler is one of the most common examples of human error. In some cases, water sprinklers fail to function, especially when there is a fire. To prevent fire, one should anticipate fires in advance and also take the right preventive measures before the real thing goes down. The people responsible should be aware of the things that can start a fire and ways to extinguish it. The office staff should know when and how to use fire extinguishers. Most office fires worsen because most employees are unaware of how to use a fire extinguisher.

Electrical Issues 

Studies reveal that more than 25% of commercial fires take place because of faulty electrical equipment, damaged wiring, or a combination of the two. Electricity is one of the most common driving forces behind a commercial fire. One of the best ways to prevent such fires is to introduce a safety program, which must be followed by everyone on the premises. Furthermore, the employees must never try overloading electrical sockets or extensions. Also, electrical cords should be inspected before they are used and must be replaced if they are not up to par.


One of the major causes of commercial fire is arson. These arsonists bring with them combustible substances like petroleum or lighter fluid to set things on fire. To prevent such acts in the first place, install barb wires, safety alarms and CCTVs.

These were some of the most common causes of fire accidents in commercial settings. Use the aforementioned information to prevent fire accidents in your workplace.

For professional fire restoration in Mesa, Phoenix, and Tempe, AZ visit our website today.


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BIO: Ed is a husband, father, and grandfather. Worked in the rugged embedded computing world for nearly 30 years before venturing into the emergency service world in 2014. We take the fear out of the problem whether it be water, mold, fire, or bio damage.