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Mesa, AZ – Fastest Reconstruction Service for a House Fire | Fire Reconstruction

Have you recently experienced a small fire accident in your home?

Experiencing small harmless fire accidents in your home can suddenly make you more alert and realize the importance of knowing how to respond to such accidents in your house. Fire reconstruction is a long and time-consuming process which requires the expertise of a quality service provider. It goes far beyond simply putting out the fire to enable you to live comfortably in a house like before.

Read this article to find out everything you should know about this process so that you are in a more well-informed position. Knowing these things will help you to tackle the problem in a calm and collected manner in case the stressful situation of a house fire ever arises.

Emergency Contact  

The fastest reconstruction services for a house fire always have an emergency contact available for you to call on. By calling on this number you can urgently get in touch with a company representative. After taking the address details from you, the company sends out a team of professionals that quickly reaches your house.

Although it’s not the job of this company to put out the actual fire in your home they can still help the situation.  This team can provide instant relief to your property by preventing the damage from spreading and this minimizes your losses. This is why you should always make sure that the fire reconstruction company you choose has an emergency contact.  Whenever you experience a house fire calling on this emergency contact should be the next action after calling the fire department.

Thorough Assessment

The first thing the workers from a fire reconstruction company will do when they arrive is that they will carefully examine the damage to your property. They will assess the damage to your property by examining the areas that the fire spread into. They will look at how much soot and smoke is present in different areas of the property to judge the extent of the damage.

A thorough assessment of your property after the fire will enable the fire reconstruction company to formulate an effective plan of action to restore the premises. They will also be able to share a quote of how much the reconstruction will cost you and give you an estimate of how much time the restoration process will take.

Cleaning up,

Cleaning up, Repairing and Then Reconstruction

After this, the company will begin the reconstruction process. They will begin by sealing the damaged areas and starting the cleanup process. This will involve the removal of smoke, soot, and dust from all surfaces inside the house. They will then proceed to repair things like a burst pipe or hole in your roof to stop the water leaks in your home.  The main goal of repairing such problems is to stop further damage from taking place. After cleaning up and repairing, the company will finally start reconstruction to restore the house to its previous condition. The reconstruction in your property will make your house look brand new so you can continue living in it for years to come with the utmost comfort.

We suggest you choose the Service Team of Professionals for fire reconstruction services as they will make your house look brand new and ready for living in no time.

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Mesa, AZ – Best Mold Removal Service for Quick and Fast House Mold Elimination

Are you looking for the best mold removal service to permanently get rid of the problem of mold growth in your home?

Mold growth can often be a reoccurring problem in houses with water damage. Trying to treat the problem on your own does not only put you at risk due to exposure to dangerous chemicals but it can also leave you feeling frustrated when you don’t get desired results.

This is why the best way to eliminate mold from your house quickly is to schedule for a professional mold removal service. Read this article to find out a few important steps that workers from the best mold removal service will take to ensure mold growth does not come back any time soon.

Fix the Water Problem

The main cause of mold growth in a home is moisture. Higher levels of humidity due to water damage create the perfect environment for mold growth to spread in your home. This is the first step of a mold removal service is to fix the water problem that is the root cause of the mold growth in your home.

By repairing the water leaks from burst pipes or leaking roofs, the mold removal service workers will minimize the chances of water damage occurring inside your home in the future. This will help to prevent new mold spores from growing in the premises of your home again.

Remove Materials with Mold

The next step in a mold removal service will be discarding all objects with mold. The workers will quickly remove all wet and porous materials that are contaminated with mold growth to start the mold remediation process in your house. They will safely place these materials in plastic bags and then wipe the outer surface of the plastic bags with a wet cloth and detergent solution. After this, they will proceed to throw away the plastic trash bags.

Clean Non-Porous Materials

The next thing professionals from a mold remediation service will do is to clean any non-porous materials and woody surfaces that have mold on them. This step can involved the application of different powerful chemicals to treat the mold growth effectively. After that, the surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned using wire brushes and then be wiped off with disinfectant wipes.


Vacuum All Surfaces

The next important step in a mold removal service will be vacuuming. Vacuuming all surfaces in the mold contaminated area will remove any dust or debris from the surroundings.  This will ensure that there are no leftover dust particles of mold spores in the space after the mold removal service.

Visibly Examine the Area

The second last step in the mold removal service will be to visibly examine the area. This will be a safety precaution by the workers to double-check that the place they just cleaned is entirely free of all dirt or contaminants.

Let the Area Air Dry

The last and final step of mold removal is to let the area air dry properly. Make sure the moisture on all the wet surfaces the workers just wiped off with detergent solution has evaporated. Workers from a company will often use fans and dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process.

If you’re looking for a company to provide you with the best mold removal service then your first choice should be the Service Team of Professionals.

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Mesa, AZ – Common Sources of Water Damage in Your Home, Business or Building

What actually causes water damage in our homes and offices?

Fire, water, and mold damage are three of the most common conditions to affect houses. Offices, homes, and all kinds of buildings can be affected by these three issues. Out of these three, you can expect to face water damage the most.

Regardless of its source, water damage can cause a lot of damage and harm to buildings and structures. You should always be on guard for signs of water damage in your home or office. The possible causes of water damage are so many that you can’t account for all of them. Water damage prevention is as much about timely responses as much as it is about prevention.

Here are some of the common sources of water damage which should be regularly checked.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues with the building’s internal piping are one of the main causes of water damage. Plumbing pipes normally don’t appear in sight and are hidden. Unless you specifically go and check on them, you will not notice anything wrong. Pipes can present issues like rust, leak, expansion or bursts which all cause water damage.

Water continues to drip from pipes and makes its way into areas of a building where it shouldn’t be. This causes water damage as it drips from ceilings or soaks walls. Regular maintenance can ensure all your piping is in proper working condition.

Toilet Issues

Toilet Issues

Toilets are a frequent cause of water damage. To some extent it makes sense since water is heavily involved in toilet usage. That is why regular toilet maintenance should always be a priority.

Water damage in toilets can happen from any place. Drains are frequent spots where mold and mildew can grow and spread. Leaking faucets also contribute to water damage. Most worryingly, the sewage line connected with your toilets can also develop problems. Clogs, blocks, and leaks in the sewage line are very serious issues. You will be facing dangerous health issues with exposure to sewage water on top of water damage. This problem is frequent in offices due to the regular use of limited toilet spaces. Daily cleaning and maintenance of office toilets are essential for preventing water damage.


Heating, ventilating and air conditioning units frequently cause water damage. These units are essential to temperature and moisture control. They also rarely see any rest and operate 24/7. Due to this continuous stress, they need regular maintenance.

Failure to maintain HVACs in your house or office can quickly cause a lot of water damage. Water can leak from HVAC units and cause problems. HVACs are also ideal breeding grounds for mold. The warm, damp, dark, and humid conditions are just the right environment for mold to prosper. This mold infestation can spread throughout your HVAC system.


Contact Service Team of Professionals for any water damage services. Our experts will ensure timely maintenance for all common water damage sources. We are also equipped to deal with water damage repair and remediation.

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Mesa, AZ – Post Storm Water Damage Prevention Measures | Water Drainage Service

Has a storm warning been issued for your area?

Storms are becoming more frequent every year. Not only is the number of storms increasing but their intensity on an annual basis is also increasing. This has to do with climate change which is impacting weather patterns and events. That is why you should prepare for both before a storm and after it.

Water damage is a very serious issue during storms. The high wind speeds combined with the torrential rain can do a real number on your house. Storms are the most destructive cause of water damage apart from flooding. Water damage prevention measures are needed at all times to reduce it as much as possible.

In regards to post-storm measures for water damage prevention, here is what you should do.

Unblock Storm Gutters and Drains

Unblock Storm Gutters and Drains

Ideally, you should have this step carried out before the storms arrive. Storm gutters channel rainwater and prevent it from falling down the walls of your house. Outer walls can get inundated and soaked if storm gutters don’t work.

However, you might need to unblock gutters after a storm even if you just had them cleaned. Stormy winds can carry a lot of debris like leaves and branches. This debris can block up your gutter again. Clearing this debris is a hassle and a cost but not something you can afford to ignore.

The blocked gutter stores water which puts pressure on the gutter. It may sag or begin to leak due to the pressure of the water. It will damage the house wall on which it is situated. You will also be caught flatfooted if a downpour starts again.

Drain Your Basement

The basement is one of the first places to collect stormwater. There are a number of ways how water can enter the basement in a storm. What bears notice is you should move quickly to drain any standing water.

There is no telling how long the storm might continue. Water cannot be allowed to stand in the basement. Standing water damages any items in storage in the basement and encourages mold. Mold and mildew can set in very rapidly from standing basement water. You can use pumps or buckets to clear the basement of any water.

Tackle Leaks in the House

You will also need to inspect your house for any leaks or dripping ceilings. Move furniture and other items away from a dripping ceiling. Put a bucket to collect any dripping water. Keep hydrophobic covers and sheets handy for heavy furniture.

Also, check up on your temperature and humidity control. Adjust it to account for the storm so proper levels are maintained at all times.


You should never dawdle when a storm has cleared up. Chances are the downpours will continue over the next few days. Take action to control any water damage and prepare for the next time.

Contact Service Team of Professionals for any post-storm water damage. Whether it is water damage prevention or repair, we can handle it all.

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BIO: Ed is a husband, father, and grandfather. Worked in the rugged embedded computing world for nearly 30 years before venturing into the emergency service world in 2014. We take the fear out of the problem whether it be water, mold, fire, or bio damage.