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Mesa, AZ – Clean-Up Tips for Water Damage After a Storm | Water Damage News

Do you want to clean up after water damage after a storm? For tips, continue reading.

One of the worst outcomes of a storm is flooding which leads to water damage. Water damage, if left untreated, can wreak havoc in multiple ways. It damages your furniture, appliances and is potentially dangerous with the electrical works. Furthermore, water damage can also result in mold growth, which is harmful to human health and also challenges the structural integrity of your home.

Here are some post-storm water damage cleanup tips every homeowner must know.

Remove Furniture, Appliances and Valuable Belongings

The quicker you remove valuable items like furniture and appliances away from the water, the higher is your likelihood of you saving them. Disconnect all the electrical connections, especially if the water level has exceeded the height at which electrical connections are placed. Whether it’s an area rug or wall-to-wall carpet, remove all forms of carpeting. If you can manage to remove the carpet and have it cleaned and disinfected, you can save the carpet from damage. However, the chances of you saving the rug pads are scarce, for it is what absorbs all the water.

Remove the Water

If you don’t have any water suction equipment, the conventional methods of water removal will do. Just soak towels and sponges in water, and squeeze them into buckets, before taking the water out. If there isn’t a backup in your neighborhood sewer, feel free to pour the water down the drain. You can also use a wet vacuum to get rid of the water. However, makes sure to plug them away from the water, to avoid electrocution. Water and electricity don’t get along too well. If you are cleaning up a basement, you might as well rent a sump pump.

Dry Out

Now that you have removed all the water, start drying the place out. If the raining has stopped, open the windows to allow air circulation. If you have a wet drywall, remove the wet pieces for they would start to crumble, thus resulting in mold growth. Also, make sure to dry out the wooden items. Wooden items such as furniture are expensive, and they also absorb a lot of water. Therefore, drying them is crucial to protecting your investment.


After the place has been dried up, move towards disinfecting the area. Because of flooding, the bacteria from toilets and sewers might have ended up in your living space. Disinfect everything including the walls, the wooden object, and the upholstered furniture. A previously wet area, if left disinfected can be the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Damaged Items

Dispose of Damaged Items

After a storm, your first impulse would be to dispose of everything into the dumpster. This is not the time to active impulsively. What you should do is sort everything and make a list of the damaged items. Try taking your damaged items to recycling centers. It will give you a better idea of what can be recycled, and what needs to be thrown away. To locate these recycling centers, visit your town’s waste management site.

The aforementioned tips will help you clean water damage after a storm, and mitigate the chances of mold and mildew growth.

If you are struggling with water damage in your living space, feel free to visit our website, and enjoy our finest restoration services.

Mesa, AZ – Ways to Make Your Corporate Office Fire-Proof | Fire Damage News

Do you want to minimize the chances of a fire incident in your corporate office?

Do you remember that scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indiana Jones and his dad survive a fire accident and escape? But, that’s just a scene from a movie, while the real thing is much worse. For a corporate professional, there isn’t a bigger nightmare than seeing their office on fire. A fire accident in a commercial building is more dangerous than a residential fire accident. Not only is it life-threatening, but it would also destroy valuable documents.

Here are some simple tips to fire-proof your corporate office.

Install a Smoke Alarm

If you don’t have a fire alarm in your corporate office, now is the time to get one. A fire alarm is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to fire-proof your workplace. They are easy to install and require little maintenance, which makes them cost-effective as well.  A smoke alarm notifies you about the slightest things which can cause a horrid fire accident, thus keeping you and your office safe.

Fire Sprinklers

All across the globe, all firefighters testify for the effectiveness of a fire sprinkler. No commercial fire safety installation is as effective as a fire sprinkler. Fire sprinklers are small showers that can be placed throughout your office. If a fire breaks out, the water from the sprinklers will take care of it before things get nasty.

Power outlets

Refrain From Overloading Power outlets

One of the best ways to mitigate the chances of a fire accident in your office is to act smartly when installing appliances and electrical appliances. As a responsible professional, never overload a single power outlet by plugging too many things into it. In the marketplace, you can find several adapters that allow you to plug multiple things into a single outlet. However, the outlet has a limit, beyond which lies danger. If the electrical connections in your office are old, they will have a hard time handling a heavy electrical load. Your job is to act accordingly.

Invest in Fire Extinguishers  

The building codes in most commercial areas require commercial buildings to have fire extinguishers. A fire extinguisher serves as a quick way of dealing with a fire accident if it has gotten out of your control. Having a fire extinguisher within your reach is what distinguishes between taking care of a small flame, and calling the fire department for a full-fledged fire hazard.

Keep the Windows Clear

If the fire has gotten out of hand and you have nothing to extinguish it with, you don’t have another option but to run. In such emergencies, your windows can serve as valuable escape routes. Make sure not to clutter your office in a way that things get in the windows’ way. The passages that lead to your windows should be clear at all times. By clearing the windows you can save yourself and your colleagues if a terrible fire accident takes place.

To make your corporate office fire-proof, make sure not to avoid any of the tips mentioned above.

If you have recently experienced a disastrous fire accident in your office, visit our website to seek cleanup services now.

Mesa, AZ – Minimize Chances of Mold Growth in Your Office | Mold Remediation

Are you looking for ways to minimize the chances of mold growth in your office?

Mold growing inside a corporate office is problematic for many reasons. First of all, mold feeds on organic surfaces and destroys the surfaces it grows on. This means mold will quickly deteriorate office furniture, destroy office walls and even damage important documents that are stored in the office when it contaminates the space. These damages can result in significant financial losses for any company.

Moreover, mold also releases toxic fumes in the environment when it grows. These toxic fumes will cause a musty smell inside the corporate that will be difficult for your employees to tolerate for so many hours of the day. More importantly, the toxic fumes from mold growth lead to several health problems like difficulty in breathing, severe headaches, and allergic skin reactions.  This would put your employees in harm’s way and also put your company at the risk of a potential lawsuit.

This is why it’s highly important to minimize the chances of mold growth in your office. Prevention is always better than cure so continue reading this article to find out simple ways to avoid the problem of mold growth.

Regularly Inspect Your Office for Water Damage

The first tip we have for you is to regularly inspect your office’s premises for signs of water damage especially the bathrooms, the kitchen, and the ceiling. Water damage can easily occur in an office due to burst or leaking pipes, faulty electrical appliances like air conditioners or dishwashers and leaking ceilings.

The reason why it’s important to inspect for water damage is it causes the problem of mold growth. Water damage increases the humidity levels inside the enclosed area of an office and this creates the ideal environment for mold to grow and spread.

Get Timely Repairs

The next tip for minimizing the chances of mold growth in your office is to always get timely repairs for anything that is causing water damage. Once you’ve spotted the signs of water damage in your office, the next thing is to identify its cause and repair the problem. Whether it’s a leaking sink in the bathroom or a faulty air conditioner with a blocked drainage pipe, always schedule repairs immediately.  This will ensure that the water damage doesn’t cause harmful consequences like mold which are far more difficult to permanently eliminate from the premises.


Keep Your Office Spotlessly Clean

Another tip we have for you to prevent your office from getting contaminated by mold is to keep your office spotlessly clean. All surfaces should be wiped with disinfectants and the floor should be vacuumed daily. This will help to remove any mold spores that may have entered your office with dust from the outside environment. If mold spores are unable to stay inside your office for sufficient time periods, then they obviously won’t get the chance to grow.

For more information on mold remediation, please visit our website.

Mesa, AZ – Ways to Get Rid of the Mold in Your Bathroom – Mold Remediation News

Are you looking for simple ways to get rid of the mold in your bathroom?

Mold growing in any part of your home is worrisome and unhealthy. In the beginning, it simply leaves unpleasant stains and a musty smell in your home. However, overtime mold starts to contaminate a closed environment by releasing harmful toxic fumes into its air. Getting exposed to such an environment on a daily basis can easily cause serious health problems like respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions.

In order to avoid such detrimental effects of mold growth on your health, you must stay cautious of this problem and inspect certain areas of your home regularly. The bathrooms in your home are always at high risk for developing mold because they have humid and warm conditions with little ventilation. Continue reading this article to learn the simple ways you can get rid of the mold in your bathroom.

Spray White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the safest yet most efficient cleaning solutions for removing mold from your bathroom. For the most effective results, we suggest you pour white vinegar directly into a spray bottle without dilution. After this, all you have to do is spray white vinegar on the contaminated area and leave it there for a couple of hours.

It is non-toxic so it won’t release any harmful chemicals into the air. However, white vinegar may leave an unpleasant smell in your bathroom for an hour or two.  You can open the windows of your bathroom or switch on the fans to get rid of this smell quicker.

Powdered Borax

Use Powdered Borax

Borax is another ingredient which works as a powerful fungicide. You can easily find this white powder in the laundry section of your nearby grocery store. The best part about using borax is that it’s efficient for killing mold but it doesn’t release toxins in the environment like bleach.

To make a borax cleaning solution, you should mix one cup (200g) of powdered borax with 1 gallon of water. Mix this solution carefully and then pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the solution generously all over your bathroom wherever you see signs of mold growth. We suggest you don’t wipe off borax solution from the tiles of your bathroom and let it air dry itself. This will help to prevent mold from growing back in your bathroom.

Clean with a Diluted Solution of Bleach

The last thing you should use for getting rid of the mold in your bathroom is bleach. Bleach is a dangerous chemical therefore you need to be careful and wear gloves when you are dealing with bleach. Moreover, remember to wipe off the bleach you spray in your bathroom if you have small children or pets in the house.

To make an effective solution of bleach for killing mold, you should mix 1 part of bleach with 10 parts of water. Put this solution inside a spray bottle and spray this on the areas with mold growth.

Last Few Words

We hope the cleaning tips given above help you remediate the problem of mold in your bathroom. If you are unable to get rid of the mold permanently, then you should get in touch with a mold remediation company.

Please visit our website for more information on mold remediation.

Mesa, AZ – Common Causes of House Fires | Fire Damage Restoration News

Are you trying to minimize the risk of a house fire in your home?

A house fire is a highly dangerous and traumatic situation for anyone to experience. The worry of your family members making it out safely before they get physically injured is nerve wrecking to say the least. Even after your loved ones are safe and sound, it’s not easy to watch the home you’re so emotionally attached to burn down with all your belongings in it.

Moreover, the fire damage restoration services required to fix your home cost a significant amount of money. A sudden house fire can be a huge blow on your finances.  The restoration process also takes many days so you have to find a temporary place to live in before you can go back to living in your home again. This is why it is your job as a responsible home-owner to recognize all safety risks that can easily lead to the accident of a house fire and avoid prevent them from happening in your home. Continue reading this article to find out the common causes of house fires in a home.

Unmonitored Cooking Equipment on the Stove

The most common cause of house fires in homes is leaving unmonitored cooking equipment on the stove. According to a report, 48% of residential fires are caused by leaving unmonitored cooking equipment on the stove.

In order to prevent house fires from occurring in your home, you should make it a point to never leave the kitchen with the stove switched on.  You can simply switch off the stove if you have to leave the house to do something important. Moreover, if you ever need to leave the kitchen for a few minutes, you should simply ask someone else to keep an eye on the stove while you’re away.

Heating Appliances Placed Near Flammable Objects

The next safety risk that can easily lead to a house fire is heating appliances when placed near flammable objects. Portable heaters placed near combustible items like fabrics contribute to 15% of all house fires according to a recent report. This means you must be extra careful and never place portable heaters in close proximity to other objects that could catch fire. As a rule general of thumb, we suggest you to place portable heaters at least 1 meter away from other objects for the safety of your home.

Circuit Wire

Short Circuits Electrical Wires

Another common cause of house fires is short circuits in electrical wires. Short circuits usually happen in electrical wires when they are overloaded to supply too much power and this causes them to overheat. The sparks released from overheated electrical wires then land on flammable objects and eventually lead to an uncontrollable fire.

This is why you should always be careful in using electrical extensions and not attach to many appliances to a single power outlet. Moreover, it is a good practice to place electrical wires in visible areas and not underneath carpets where you won’t be able to see the sparks from a short circuit.

When it comes to house fires, a little effort goes a long way to safeguard your home. We hope reading this article motivates you to avoid these safety risks in your home to minimize the risks of a house fire.

For more information on fire damage restoration, please visit our website.


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BIO: Ed is a husband, father, and grandfather. Worked in the rugged embedded computing world for nearly 30 years before venturing into the emergency service world in 2014. We take the fear out of the problem whether it be water, mold, fire, or bio damage.