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January 12, 2022

Menlo Park, CA – Our Automotive Mechanics Specialize in BMW Repair Services

Posted in: Industry News

Are You Looking for Automotive Mechanics for Your BMW?

Read on to learn about the best automotive mechanics for BMWs in Menlo Park.

At M&R Automotive, we frequently work on BMWs of different models. We are a small auto repair service center offering reliable services in Menlo Park. The most common BMW models that we repair include the 5 Series, 3 Series, X3, X5, X7, Z4, M models, and BMW i3. Our skilled mechanics specialize in servicing all BMW models, both old and new.

Do you have a BMW that is in dire need of servicing? At M&R Automotive, our services are performed by ASE-certified and licensed auto repair mechanics.

Our auto services include:

  1. Oil Change & Lube Services

We offer oil change and lube services for all BMW models. Our lube services include the greasing of the drivetrain, steering system, and suspension system. Our lube job would ensure that all of the moving parts are functioning properly and do not wear down.

  1. Air Conditioning Services

We can address all the issues with the AC system of your BMWs. We offer complete air conditioning services to fix electrical issues, inspect and replace your cooling fan, inspect the compressor for leakages, and fix or replace the coolant to ensure your AC system is working flawlessly.

  1. Brakes Repair Services

A worn-out brake mechanism is a serious issue that should be fixed immediately. At M&R Automotive, we repair or replace all the parts of your brake mechanism, including the brake pads, to ensure that your car is not making any sounds and that its brake system is working smoothly.

  1. Major Engine Diagnostic Work

Most of the problems in your car cannot be diagnosed immediately and require a thorough inspection. At M&R Automotive, we carry out diagnostic work to identify the underlying issues with your engine and repair or replace any parts that need servicing. You can trust us to find the root cause of any problem in your BMW.

  1. Transmission Services

We also offer transmission services to flush out the old fluid in your car and replace it with new transmission fluid. We also examine the sump pump, clean or replace the filter, clean the pan, and install a new gasket to ensure that the entire drivetrain is working flawlessly.

Call a Local Automotive Mechanic for Your BMW Today!

To avail of an array of auto services for your BMW in Menlo Park, reach out to us today. We offer a 10% discount coupon to all first-time customers.

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