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December 16, 2021

Belmont, CA – Toyota Prius Hybrid Owners: Signs Your Vehicle Batteries Are Dying

Posted in: Industry News

Do you Suspect Battery Issues in your Toyota Prius Hybrid?

Toyota Prius Hybrid

We know the signs to look out for.

Whether you bought your Toyota Prius hybrid to enjoy good fuel economy or because you wanted an eco-friendly car, its efficiency and performance will depend on its battery. If well cared for, Toyota batteries can last for the life of the vehicle, as claimed by the manufacturer. However, we recommend not taking any chances and staying informed about certain signs that your Toyota Prius hybrid might be dying.

Charging Issues

A properly functioning Toyota Prius hybrid battery will discharge at a predictable and steady rate. If it seems to discharge faster than expected or the system is undercharging or overcharging the battery, it will have a shorter life. The charging system may also be adversely affected by mechanical issues like corrosion, bent pins, or damaged wiring.

An effective way to determine whether your car battery or its charging system is failing is to closely monitor it. If it was left to charge overnight but happens to be low when you switch on the ignition in the morning, you know the battery is dying.

Decreasing Fuel Economy

Another area to stay alert for a dying battery is your Toyota Prius hybrid’s fuel economy. If you notice a reduction in the miles per gallon (MPG) over time, something is probably wrong with the battery. Put it another way: if you sense that the vehicle is suddenly consuming more gasoline than normal, chances are the battery is losing its charge quicker or it isn’t getting fully charged. Have your battery checked if you are facing reduced fuel economy.Fuel Economy

ICE Running More Than Usual

The internal combustion engine (ICE) of your car is supposed to run when your vehicle is short of battery. If you notice that it’s running more than expected, the battery is not providing your Toyota Prius hybrid the power it needs.

In other cases, the ICE will stop randomly or cut in and out while you’re driving. All these issues point toward battery issues, so you know it’s time to have it inspected.

Fluctuations in State of Charge

On the driver information display of your hybrid vehicle, you should get the state of charge readings. When the vehicle is running, if there exist significant fluctuations in the state of charge, your battery might be failing, or there’s at least a fault in its charging system. Whatever the problem is, it’s best to get the battery inspected before it eventually fails.


Now that you know about the common signs that the battery of your Toyota Prius hybrid is dying, stay extra vigilant about them and get your battery inspected when you have the slightest of doubts. If you’re located in Belmont, CA, M & R Automotive is among the most reliable Toyota repair shops you can trust. We’ll return your Toyota Prius to its optimum running condition in no time!

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