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November 04, 2020

Memphis, TN – What Are The Causes Of Nicotine Addiction? – CBD, Tobacco

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Nicotine is a tobacco chemical that keeps you smoking. Within seconds of taking a puff, nicotine reaches the brain. In the brain, nicotine increases the release of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters that help to regulate mood and behavior.

Dopamine, one of these neurotransmitters, is released in the brain reward center and causes feelings of pleasure and improved mood. The more you smoke, the more nicotine you need to feel good about yourself. Nicotine quickly becomes part of your daily routine, intertwined with your habits and feelings.

Common situations that give rise to the urge to smoke include:

  • Drink coffee or have a break at work
  • Talking on your phone
  • Drink alcohol
  • Driving a car
  • Spend time with friends

To overcome your nicotine dependence, you need to become aware of your triggers and plan to deal with them.

Experts say that the brain is affected within seconds when nicotine is inhaled. The heart rate increases the levels of the hormones noradrenaline and dopamine, increasing mood and concentration.

If a person does not smoke for a few hours, the levels of these hormones will drop, creating anxiety and possible irritability. This could leave someone in need of another nicotine boost. Certain times of the day, such as during a morning coffee or after a meal, or in places such as bars , pubs or toilets, may give rise to an urge to smoke. Drinking alcohol can also trigger these urges. Experts say that nicotine addicts must identify and deal with their behaviors, triggers, cues, and situations related to smoking.

Risk factors

Anyone who smokes or uses other forms of tobacco is at risk of becoming dependent on it. Factors that influence the use of tobacco include:

Age. Most people start smoking in childhood or teen years of age. The younger you are when you start smoking, the greater your chance of becoming addicted.

Genetics. The likelihood that you will start smoking and keep smoking may be partially inherited. Genetic factors may influence how receptors on the surface of the nerve cells of your brain respond to high doses of nicotine delivered by cigarettes.

Depression or any other mental illness. Many studies have shown an association between depression and smoking. People with depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other forms of mental illness are more likely to be smokers.

Substance Use. People who use alcohol and illegal drugs are more likely to be smokers.

Parents and Peers. Children who grow up with smoking parents are more likely to become smokers. Children with friends who smoke are also more likely to try.


There is no current diagnostic test to determine whether or not someone is addicted to nicotine, and to what extent.

The doctor may help the patient determine their degree of dependence by asking the relevant questions or using a specific questionnaire.

Usually, a diagnosis of nicotine dependence will occur once a person is seeking medical assistance for addictions. Alternatively, they may seek treatment for a related condition, such as COPD, that requires a cessation of smoking so as not to make the condition worse.


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