Vehicle wraps and graphics continue to be one of the best outdoor advertising mediums for your business. A well designed and installed vehicle wrap like the one we completed for a 26′ truck for a construction company in Vaughan creates a great impression and raises the brand awareness for your business. We completed this project in the first week of June where we designed the layout, printed the artwork in our facility and installed it in an indoor facility. When it comes to vehicle wraps, as always, we had a 3M certified installer do the installation to ensure we deliver high quality work. With upto 70,000 impressions being created each day, a vehicle wrap definitely gives you the biggest bang for your marketing dollar. There are several important factors to keep in mind when designing your vehicle wrap.

Brand Consistency is Key!

Your car wrap, van wrap or truck wrap is your mobile advertising. Everywhere your wrapped vehicle goes, you have the opportunity to promote your brand to passersby, transit passengers and other drivers. Having consistency in your brand will ensure brand recognition and create a long lasting impression for those who see your vehicles on the road. If you have a logo, make sure it is part of the design in your vehicle wrap. Same goes for your Company name. You may also want to include a tagline if your company has one, but remember limit the text on your wrap to what people can reasonably read in a short amount of time. Include the most important pieces of information you want to communicate like your website and phone number, but don’t include strings of text. Instead design the graphics with your brand and image in mind.

Research shows that fleet advertising raises brand recognition 15 times greater than other advertising forms, helping you grow both your brand and your revenue.

In addition to vehicle graphics, you may also be using other advertising from banners and posters to social media and web advertising.  Keeping your brand consistent across all the marketing channels helps to reinforce brand recognition. The more often people see your brand consistently, the easier they will remember it when they need your products and services.

There Is a Vehicle Wrap Option for Every Budget

The cost of a vehicle wrap will vary on the complexity of the design and size of the vehicle. In simplest terms the larger the vehicle and more complex the design will have a larger initial investment. However, don’t be discouraged, there are still many options that allow you to wrap your vehicle and take advantage of the mobile advertising it offers. One option if you are on a budget is a partial wrap. With a partial wrap, you still get the benefits of mobile advertising, but because you are not wrapping the entire vehicle the cost will be lower. If you are on a very limited budget, or you don’t want to wrap your vehicle, but want to simply reflect your website or phone number, you can use decals, lettering or even a vehicle magnet.

Designing Your Vehicle Graphics for Maximum Impact

When it comes to vehicle wraps, using high quality vinyl, skilled graphic designers to design the wrap and 3M certified installers to complete a professional installation are all important to have the best wrap. Applying a UV layer will help to protect the wrap from sun damage and fading. Ask your sign company about the material they use, how experienced their designers are and whether their installers are 3M certified. Knowing these little details will ensure you get the best wrap possible.

Steps to Follow When Wrapping a Vehicle

  1. Design and print your wrap on high quality 3M, Avery, or Arlon material. Using high quality material and using a high-quality large format printer will ensure you have the best possible vinyl print for your vehicle wrap.
  2. Inspect the vehicle surface to identify problem areas and address them before you begin. If there is a scratch on the vehicle, it will show through the wrap, so fix any dents and scratches before you wrap your vehicle.
  3. Clean the area you are going to wrap the vehicle in and thoroughly clean the vehicle surface. Any little bit of debris that gets under the wrap will result in unattractive blemishes on your wrap
  4. Carefully measure, cut and lay the wrap
  5. Apply pressure with a good wrap tool to smooth out the wrap
  6. Apply heat so the wrap will adhere to the vehicle
  7. Cut off any extra vinyl and tuck in the corners for a clean finish


Taking Care of Your Wrapped Vehicle

With a little care and attention you can make sure that your wrap remains in great condition. Here are some ways to protect your vehicle wrap:

Park your vehicle in a garage, car port or other covered area. This will help protect the wrap from the elements.

Clean your vehicle/wrap regularly. Remove bird droppings, gasoline, tree sap and other stains as soon as possible to prevent it staining the wrap permanently.  If you cannot wash the entire vehicle, do some spot cleaning until you can get to wash the vehicle.

If you are looking for a professional local sign company that does high quality wraps the GTA, contact the The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur Inc. at 905-670-0797.