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North Mankato, MN

Semi Trailer News


North Mankato, MN

by: Jake Stock

Star Trailer Sales

(507) 625-2234

Semi Trailer Sales Minneapolis MN at National Dealership in North Mankato

where to buy semi trailers for sale usa minneapolis mn mankato

Buy semi trailers for sale in Minneapolis, MN or anywhere in the USA using Star Trailer’s website features and added listings.

Along US Highway 169 in Southern Minnesota about an hour south of Minneapolis/St. Paul, you will find a dedicated and hardworking family business to buy your semi trailers. Star Trailer Sales in North Mankato, MN is a local business that combines professionalism in a titanic industry with strong close bonds of a family. We have been in the game of providing farms, businesses and construction companies with new/used semi trailers for sale in the USA for more than 40 years. In fact, our local business spans three generations. Contact the business and discover why our process is so appealilng to so many throughout the country. What do we have to offer at Star Trailer Sales in MN? Just have a look.

Buy Semi Trailers for Sale Near Me: USA Semi Trailer Dealer

Where to Buy a Semi Trailer

20 reasons to choose Star Trailer Sales:

  1. New and Used Semi Trailers for Sale USA
  2. Top Semi Trailer Manufacturers Parntered with our Semi Trailer Dealership
  3. Top Brands From North America (United States and Canada)
  4. Inventory Search Filter Tool
  5. Make Offers on Semi Trailers and Find Best Semi Trailer Prices
  6. Find New Arrivals
  7.  Shop from Anywhere in the USA
  8. Find Special Pricing, Discounts and Deals
  9. Get Semi Trailer Leasing and Financing
  10. New Custom Orders
  11. View Semi Trailer Specs/Configuration Online
  12. Work with Fleets and Owner-Operators
  13. Buy Livestock Trailers, Construction Trailers and Commercial Semi Trailers
  14. Family Owned and Operated National Dealership in North Mankato, MN
  15. Located Near Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)
  16. 40 Years Experience Across Three Generations
  17. Expert Staff Willing to Help
  18. Consultation on Orders and Production Scheduling
  19. Arranging Pickup and/or Delivery for Customers
  20. Newly Added Inventory on a Regular Basis – Bookmark Our Site!

Semi Trailer Sales Minneapolis, MN

We are located in the Mankato area but we are so close to the Twin Cities and are also near a major river. From the Mississippi River Valley to the Minnesota River Valley, Star Trailer Sales provides commercial trucking parts, service, rental and sales all under one roof. Visit our location or give us a call. Check out our reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp! as well. Locally, we also work with customers in Rochester and St. Cloud in addition to semi trailer sales Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul and surrounding suburbs, too.

Browse Inventory Online

If you’re not looking for semi trailers for sale in Minneapolis or even Minnesota, then browse online. We work with customers regionally in the Midwest and across the country. Ranchers, farmers, commercial truckers, haulers, construction businesses, distributors, transportation companies and logistics professionals have come to trust Star Trailer Sales in North Mankato, MN. Our customers shop for semi trailers for sale, new and used, in Cleveland, Toledo and Cincinatti, Ohio to other parts of the country including Florida, California, Idaho, Wisconsin, South/North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas (and Kansas City), Missouri, Tennessee, etc. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Semi Trailers for Sale in Minneapolis, Kansas City, Cleveland, Toledo, USA

semi trailers for sale minneapolis, kansas city, cleveland, toledo, usa

Find semi trailers for sale in Minneapolis, Kansas City, Cleveland, Toledo, Salt Lake City or other cities and towns in the USA.

MINNESOTA — Finding the right semi trailer for sale online might mean different things to different customers. We are aware of this fact of business, especially as a national dealer of semi trailers for sale. Finding inventory on our site is easy as is making offers on new trailers or consulting with our team for your next new manufactured order. As the coronavirus pandemic comes to an eventual close and the country starts reopening, be prepared for demand. This uptick might mean you need new equipment for your business such as trailers or trailer parts or service. Star Trailer Sales is well suited to meet that national demand. We have more than four decades of experience and close ties to top semi trailer manufacturers and brands across Nortth America. FInd semi trailers for sale in Minneapolis, Kansas City, Cleveland, Toledo or even rural areas or areas outside the Midwest. We can accomodate these orders.

Find Semi Trailers for Sale Near Me

If you are already using the Internet to search for semi trailers for sale in your area, try searching outside your location, which Google tracks to provide local shopping and business results to bolster its ad sales. You might try organic searches only to find the same lsitings, directories, advertisers and other commercial web networks that promote semi trailers. But Star Trailer Sales is a trusted leader in the industry with the reviews, reputation and history to prove it. Our family owned business knows what commercial truckers, farmers, construction crews and other heavy industry professionals need to make their operations run smoothly, efficiently and effectively, down to the most useful trailer configurations by situation, budget, time constraints, etc. With online semi trailer sales, location is not an issue. Find semi trailers for sale in Minneapolis, Kansas City, Houston, Scranton, Chicago, Peioria, etc. or states like Wisconsin, Utah, California, Texas, North/South Dakota, Iowa, etc. Call us to learn more about our inventory and ordering options.

Find Inventory Online

Our website is a professional resource for commercial truckers, logistics firms, owner-operators, freight haulers, constrcution crews, farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, builders and more. Meet our sales team by contacting us. In the meantime, browse our website for available online inventory. This includes new and used semi trailers for sale, trailer parts and accessories, various semi trailer types, new arrivals, special pricing and various semi trailer brands/manufacturers. Use the available search tools to filter your results. Call us if you need any assistance.

Semi Trailers for Sale Near Me: North Mankato, Rochester, St. Cloud, Twin Cities

semi trailers for sale near me

MAC Trailers available at Star Trailer Sales in MN.

Semi trailers for sale near me search? Try Star Trailer Sales to find semi trailers for sale in Minnesota. We supply construction companies, farmers, builders, logistics firms, fleets, CDL independent owner-operators and commercial trucking outfits in North Mankato/Mankato, Rochester, St. Cloud and Minneapolis-St. Paul metro areas (Twin Cities). We sell a variety of semi trailer types, manufacturers/brands and new/used trailers. Browse online inventory to find out more about each trailer, including new arrivals and special pricing. Learn more about financing and leasing options as well.

Mankato Semi Trailers

In North Mankato, you can visit our lot and national sales office at 1120 Center Street, near the Mankato Brewery and Recycling Center in town. We are located conveniently off U.S. Highway 169. If you’re coming from the south, turn left at the signal on Webster Street at the Super America gas station on the corner. If you’re coming from the north, turn right. Follow Webster a few blocks until you reach Center Street then take a right. Our location is down the block on the right. If you are having trouble finding our location, just call us at (507) 625-2234.

Rochester MN Semi Trailers

Rochester is about an hour to the east of our office. Take U.S. Highway 14 west from Rochester toward Mankato, passing through Owatonna and Waseca along the way. When you get to Mankato, you will take the exit for Mankato/North Mankato U.S. Highway 169 South rather than North toward Minneapolis/St. Paul. Once you take the exit follow the above Mankato directions to find our location on Center Street. Our selection of trailers includes livestock trailers, construction trailers, reefer trailers and live bottom, end dump, lowboy, flatbed, van, grain hopper, livestock and drop deck semi trailers for sale. Find new and used inventory and make an offer in your semi trailers for sale near me search.

St. Cloud Semi Trailers

From St. Cloud area, you will take U.S. Highway 169 South all the way to North Mankato at Center Street. Use the above directions from 169 coming from the North under the Mankato section of this article to find our national sales office and semi trailer dealership in Minnesota.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Semi Trailers

The Twin Cities is a large U.S. market full of opportunities for trucking companies, logistics firms, construction companies and even agribusiness. The Twin Cities isn’t just Minneapolis and St. Paul after all. The metro area, containing three rings of suburbs, includes nearly 4 million residents. Our national dealership and sales office is just over an hour south of Minneapolis on U.S. Highway 169, if you’re searching for semi trailers for sale near me. Contact us for more information.

Semi Trailers for Sale in Minnesota at National Dealer in North Mankato, MN

semi trailers for sale in minnesota

Felling Tag Trailer for Sale in MN.

Star Trailer Sales, a national semi trailer sales dealer located in North Mankato near US Hwy 169 in Nicollet County, is a well established business in Minnesota. They sell new and used semi trailers for sale across the United States, but also locally and regionally in the Midwest. The company has a reputation for superb customer service, ordering and manufacture scheduling, sales support, parts & service, semi trailer rental in MN and new and used trailer sales. Specialties are agriculture trailers, construction trailers, commercial trucking and freight.

Semi Trailers for Sale in Minnesota

Our team works with a varitety of customers in Minnesota looking for semi trailers for sale used as well as new semi trailers for sale. Check our online inventory to view more details about our high quality products from top semi trailer manufacturers in North America. We have working realtionships with top names in the industry such as MAC Trailers, Jet Trailers, Felling, M.H. EBY, Cornhusker 800, Arne’s, Stoughton, Wabash National, Benson International and many others. Our used inventory also includes Reitnouer, Great Dane, East, Utility and many others. Here are the semi trailer types we offer to our customers in MN and elsewhere in the U.S.:

View trailer specs, axle configurations, features and product descriptions for each.

Mankato, Rochester and St. Cloud

Our business is situated in Southern Minnesota but not far from the Twin CIties, only about an hour south of the Minneapolis metro area and Southwest Suburbs of the Twin Cities. We are also nestled into a semi industrial area near Hwy 14, which is a straight shot to Rochester. Along the Hwy 169 route, Minneapolis and St. Cloud businesses can find us and work with our semi trailer sales department. Contact us to learn more about ordering your trailer.

Minneapolis, St. Paul and Twin Cities

Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities Metro Area in Minnesota is a sprawling and growing industrial and commercial hub. Trucks criss-cross the highways, county roads and interstate freeways to deliver freight, domestic goods, livestock (cattle, pigs/hogs, sheep, etc.), heavy equipment for construction, wood, gravel, sand, dirt, debris, minerals, grain, building materials and more. Commercial trucking, agriculture and construction are industry mainstays in the state, with a growing infrastructure especially in the cities. Work with one of the most reputable semi trailer dealers in Minnesota. Call us to learn more about our family owned business that spans three generations, with more than 40 years of service and experience in the trucking and related industries. We work with independent owner-operators, fleets, farmers, ranchers, construction companies, building firms and more. Learn about our leasing, financing and rental options as well.


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BIO: Star Trailer Sales has been in the family for more than 40 years, spanning three generations of industry professionals. We work with customers across the United States. We are a national dealer of new and used semi trailers for sale in the USA. We carry a full inventory of drop deck, live bottom, end dump, side dump, construction, lowboy, reefer, livestock, grain/hopper and van semi trailers.

1120 Center Street,
North Mankato, MN 56003, USA

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1120 Center Street,
North Mankato, MN 56003, USA

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BIO: Star Trailer Sales has been in the family for more than 40 years, spanning three generations of industry professionals. We work with customers across the United States. We are a national dealer of new and used semi trailers for sale in the USA. We carry a full inventory of drop deck, live bottom, end dump, side dump, construction, lowboy, reefer, livestock, grain/hopper and van semi trailers.