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North Mankato, MN

Semi Trailer News


North Mankato, MN

by: Jake Stock

Star Trailer Sales

(507) 625-2234

Mankato, MN – Custom Semi Truck Trailer Package for Local Construction Company

Attn: Construction Companies – We Specialize in Semi Trailers

Star Trailer in Mankato, Minnesota is a reputable distributor of high quality semi trailers for construction. The company has a wide variety of selection and has been working in the field of semi trucking and tractor trailer sales for more than forty years across several generations. Jake Stock and his team of experienced trailer professionals can make the process of finding the right trailer for your construction operations very simple. They can get started on new builds of several trailers on a planned manufacture schedule or they can help you select from a range of used semi trailers for sale. Take a look at their website and blog for more information about the types of products they carry in inventory.

Types of Construction Trailers for Sale

At Star Trailer, your construction business can get new or used construction trailers for a variety of purposes. These trailer types include end dump, lowboy, drop deck, flatbed, and hopper for semi trucks. The company provides products to all sorts of construction companies across the Midwest section of the United States. Their expert staff combined with great manufacturing and brand relationships makes them a key resource in construction trailers and equipment. They also provide parts and service.

To learn more about the specific types of trailers for sale at Star, check out their website and look at the inventory of new and used semi trailers. Whether you need something to carry large heavy equipment or other applications such as dirt and gravel hauling, you can find what you are looking for at Star Trailer in North Mankato. The expert sales team can consult with you on your order and review options with you to get the right specifications for your construction company.

Trusted Semi Trailer Industry Brands

Star Trailer has built an extensive history over their forty plus years in business. A big part of their success comes from the relationships they have built with trusted industry brands and manufacturers. They have partnerships with manufacturers and wholesales across North America in the United States and Canada. Combine their experience in the industry and you have a company that can lend their expert advice on the best ways to approach ordering, building and using these semi trailers for construction.

The company provides new and used semi trailers locally (MN) and regionally, for sale and for custom order. The brands they carry include Barrett, Benson, Cornhusker, East, EBY, Felling, MAC, Fontaine, Great Dane, Presitge, Reitnouer, Stoughton, Timpte, Transcraft, Utility, Wabash and Arne’s. Consult with them via phone or email and find one or more trailers of construction business.

Free Initial Consultation | Call for Custom Semi Trailer in Mankato, MN

Call an expert professional in a company that is family owned with more than 40 years of solid experience in the trucking industry. Finding a trusted partner for your transportation division is simple when you find out about Star Trailer Sales in Mankato, MN.

Jake Stock and his team of professionals at Star Trailer Sales work with teams across the country in the United States and have manufacturing partners across this country and Canada. Their combined inventory, product knowledge, parts and service solutions and industry connections make their company one to invest time and effort into building a close relationship with. It’s worth it for your company to consider when making semi trailer purchase decisions.

Let’s face it. Who wants to hear another automated robot on the other end your phone call? What happened to gold old fashioned customer service? Service complements our sales efforts the way peanut butter complements jelly in a tasty sandwich. It is what makes our company stand on its own after three generations and 40 years in the business. A professional will always personally answer your call and attend to your needs and try their best to answer your question or solve your problem as it relates to semi trailers.

As a local business with semi trailers for sale in MN, the business is also a regional distributor with clients across the Midwest in the United States. Consult with them on your particular business need. Find a trailer that can handle the application in question.

Star Trailer provides a large new and used inventory of trailers and can work with companies on new manufacture orders or multiple orders for a fleet operation. Their inventory of semi trailers includes a variety of van trailers, end dump trailers, construction trailers, fletbed trailers, lowboys, deck drop trailers, hopper trailers, livestock trailers for agriculture and several others. They have an extensive list of manufacture partners, so you can make a custom order ahead of time for business operations to proceed as planned. Call Star Trailer in Mankato, MN today at (800) 324-8167 to get started.

Star Trailer Sales is a semi truck tractor trailer sales company in Minnesota. They are located in the city of North Mankato. They have clients in Wisconsin, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Illinois, Ohio and other places in the Midwest. The brands they carry include EBY, MAC, Cornhusker, Arne’s (Canadian), Stoughton, Transcraft and many others. Check their website for details and follow their company blog for more info.

Mankato, MN – PRODUCT REVIEW: Automotive Hauling Trailers | Semi Trailer News

Semi Trailers for Automotive Hauling | Product Review

Semi trailers for automotive hauling, also known as car hauling, can be a wise investment for someone wanting to start a small business or contract for another company. There is a lot of demand for hauling new and used cars to small and large dealers across North America. Car haulers can snag contracts with all sorts of clients from manufacturing facilities to salvage yards. They can deliver to importers and exporters and they can move used inventory from one location to another. However, there are obvious safety issues to be aware of at all times as well as maintaining constant business to survive. Also, there are licensing and training requirements. However, there are many other opportunities in trucking in transportation just using flatbed trailers alone.

Getting Into Car Hauling as a Career 

There are many types of requirements, obstacles and opportunities to consider when thinking of becoming a truck driver of any kind. Car hauling seems appealing to many because there seem to be a lot of different types of opportunities in the niche. However, keep in mind what obstacles there might be. What would the insurance of such a business cost? What about safety and proper training? When expanding, this may become a bigger dilemma. You must also get the CDL license, DOT requirements and other types of regulatory procedures and licensing requirements that must be met depending on the scale of your idea. Car haulers may have a range of responsibilities. See this post for more details on all these factors to consider.

If you are ready to make the leap and have planned on dealing with these issues ahead of time with solid strategies and market research on the opportunity side, you should get started on shopping trailers and finding a trusted partner in the semi trailer sales business. They can help you with securing new orders or finding used inventory to manage your fleet budget on semi trailers. There is a flowchart here to recommend types of semi trailers for automotive hauling businesses as they scale.

Find a Trusted Semi Trailer Sales Partner

Star Trailer in North Mankato has helped a wide variety of companies across the Midwest in the United States find the right semi trailer for their intended application. They currently maintain numerous types of semi trailers for sale in MN but will work with the right client. They can help develop the right plan to get the orders timely and at the scale necessary for your company’s budget. Call them to consult on trailer types and builds or check their website for flatbed trailer or other inventory related to semi truck careers.

Star Trailer maintains relationships with more than a dozen brands, manufacturers and wholesalers in the United States and Canada. They are a trusted semi trailer resource in MN and across the upper and lower Midwest. Call them to start a conversation about your trailer needs.


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BIO: Star Trailer Sales has been in the family for more than 40 years, spanning three generations of industry professionals. We work with customers across the United States. We are a national dealer of new and used semi trailers for sale in the USA. We carry a full inventory of drop deck, live bottom, end dump, side dump, construction, lowboy, reefer, livestock, grain/hopper and van semi trailers.

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BIO: Star Trailer Sales has been in the family for more than 40 years, spanning three generations of industry professionals. We work with customers across the United States. We are a national dealer of new and used semi trailers for sale in the USA. We carry a full inventory of drop deck, live bottom, end dump, side dump, construction, lowboy, reefer, livestock, grain/hopper and van semi trailers.