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October 12, 2020

Manassas, VA – Avoid ADA Sign Mistakes by Calling a Professional Sign Company

Posted in: Industry News

Sign Mistakes

Do you want to ensure that your signs are ADA-compliant? Here are a few common mistakes to avoid!

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990, and its aim was to encourage inclusivity and prevent discrimination against people with disabilities. This act contains requirements and guidelines to make public spaces accessible for people with disabilities. These regulations apply to the different types of signs in public spaces.

The ADA regulations are straightforward, and a professional sign company can help you comply with all the guidelines. However, there are a few common mistakes that sign manufacturers often fail to avoid. Take a look at some of the errors that do not meet the ADA regulations.

Font Choice Braille

The biggest and most common mistake that makes signs lose ADA compliance is the wrong choice of font. An ADA-compliant sign must use sans serif font. All the letters in the sign need to be in the uppercase to keep the sign in compliance with ADA regulations. Make sure all the letters are straight and not italic.

Improper Mounting

Mounting of your sign is another critical factor that contributes to the ADA compliance of your signs. According to the ADA, the tactile characters in your sign shouldn’t be below 48 inches or above 60 inches from the ground. If you don’t mount your signs within this range, then it can’t be considered as ADA-compliant.

Character Size

The wrong size of characters is another common mistake observed in signs. To comply with ADA regulations, your sign must have characters with the size of around 5/8 inches. If your sign contains a dual message, then the characters should be 5/8th of 2 inches in size. You can also reduce the size of characters to half an inch for a dual message.

Incorrect use of Braille

Braille is another common mistake point of signs. Make sure you use domed or rounded dots in your Braille instead of squares dots. The spacing between your rounded dots also needs to comply with the ADA regulations. Additionally, the Braille needs to be placed exactly under the characters on your sign. Otherwise, your sign will not be ADA-compliant.

For your sign to be ADA-compliant, it needs to use Grade 2 Braille. The Braille needs to be at least 3/8 inches away from the edges of your sign and other characters on the sign.

Inadequate Spacing  

Another common mistake that makes signs lose their ADA-compliance is the spacing between characters. The standards set by the ADA require characters to not be spaced apart by more than 1/8 inches. This spacing increases the readability of signs for people with weak eyesight.

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