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October 05, 2020

Manassas, VA – Tips to Maintain Vinyl Banners Advice from Local Sign Company

Posted in: Industry News

Vinyl Banners

Do you own vinyl banners and want to make them last longer? Here are a few maintenance tips!

Vinyl banners are the most popular form of banner advertising. Due to their durablity and mobility, vinyl banners are used for a varity of campaigns. Vinyl banners are also much cheaper than other forms of advertising and signage. Their portability makes them a go-to for many organizations.

Although vinyl banners are highly durable, you still need to take some measures for their maintenance.

Here are 3 tips to make sure that your vinyl banners stay in good condition for a long period.

No compromise on qualityBanner

To ensure that your vinyl banners stay intact fpor a long time and while staying functional, you need to buy high-quality banners. Although all vinyl banners are durable and cost-effective, it’s still important to go for high-quality material. A better quality will ensure that your banners survive accidents and rough conditions.

High-quality vinyl banners will last even longer than regular banners. Consider your banners as a one-time investment and treat it as such to maximize its value for money.

Careful cleaning

Even if you get the highest quality of viny, you will still have to clean your banners occasionally. If your vinyl banner is hung outside, then you must maintain it by cleaning the dirt and other atmospheric factors that affect it.

Cleaning a vinyl banner doesn’t need to be an extensive procedure. You just need to adopt the right method to keep your banners clean as new. When it comes to vinyl, your best bet is manual cleaning. Use clean water, a detergent, or soap to gently wipe your banners clean. Make sure you don’t use excessive force because it can damage the banner and decolorize the print. Once you’ve cleaned it, make sure you wipe it dry with a soft and clean cloth.

Proper Storage

Along with keeping your vinyl banners safe, it’s essential to store them in a proper manner for longevity. You can’t just discard your banners into an old storage facility and forget about them. If you want them to have a long lifespan, you’ll need to take a few measures to ensure that your banner is safely stored.

First of all, always roll your banners instead of folding them. Folding causes creases and makes the banner look worn out. Meanwhile, rolling it will keep it fresh as new. Another thing that you need to consider is whether to face the banner outward or inward while rolling. The answer depends on the type of printing. You inquire about this from the company that printed your banner.

Another thing to keep in mind when storing your vinyl banners is to keep them out of direct sunlight. The light and heat can decolorize the print and can also contribute to fire accidents.

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