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September 14, 2020

Manassas, VA – Designing Customized Storefront Signs to Attract Customers

Posted in: Industry News

Storefront Signs

Wondering how to design storefront signs to attract customers to your doorsteps? Read on to find out!

Retail storefront signs are your first point of contact with prospective customers, which makes them a critical marketing tool. An attractive storefront sign helps your business attract potential customers and allows you to communicate to them in a subtle yet effective way. This is why you need to design a storefront sign that is attractive enough to grab the attention of passersby and compelling enough to encourage them to enter your store.

To that end, here are some incredible storefront signage designing tips that you should pay heed to when designing your custom storefront sign:

Focus on Sign GraphicsStorefront Sign

Don’t just limit your sign to plain, old words. Make sure to create an aesthetically appealing sign by adding a graphic element to it. Choose a graphic image that provides some context of your business to prospective clients. It can be your logo or a symbol of your most popular product. For instance, if you’re a clothing business, you can add a cute graphic of your most-sold item to your storefront sign.

Choose the Right Size

Always consider the short attention span of people and the visibility of your sign. This will help you pick an appropriate size for your sign and ensure that it’s visible even from a distance. Similarly, customize your sign in a way that it’s visible at night as well, particularly if your store remains open at night. Your sign doesn’t have to exceptionally large. Otherwise, it might overshadow your storefront. Just opt for a size that’s visible from across the street.

Utilize the Curb Appeal

You need to utilize the curb appeal of your sign and design a storefront sign with a message that’s catchy, short, and attractive. You can keep things simple by opting for an incredibly minimalist and chic sign with just your store’s name and logo on it. Alternatively, you can get a little creative and use your slogan on your sign along with your logo. This tactic is particularly effective and worth-trying when you’re an established brand.

Choose the Right Fonts and Colors

For your sign to attract maximum attention and become the talk of the town, you need to align its design with your brand’s overall vision and your customers’ needs. So, choose your sign colors and fonts accordingly. You need fonts that are legible from a distance and colors that your customers can associate with your brand.

Test Your Sign’s Effectiveness  

The best trick for increasing the effectiveness of your sign is to monitor the leads that it’s able to generate for your business. You can ask your employees to keep a keen eye on the customer reaction to the sign and assess the behavior of passersby to gauge whether your sign is gaining any traction. If your sign isn’t generating the interest that you expected it to, then perhaps it’s best to change it and invest in a more effective custom storefront sign.

If you want durable, elegant, and attractive custom storefront signs, visit our website today!

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