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April 27, 2022

Madison, AL – Crawl Space Expert Explains Ways To Waterproof A Crawl Space

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This is not Las Vegas. What happens in the crawl space does not stay in the crawl space- and everyone knows pretty quickly.

It seeps into the main living areas of the home where it causes structural damage and health problems for everyone inside if the problem isn’t rectified in a timely manner. Musty odors, mold and fungus, and wood rot are some of the common water-related issues that can affect the crawlspace and affect your living space.

Not only can water damage affect the structure of your home, but it can also impact the health of everyone inside. Mold is especially concerning to members of the household, since mold spores seep into the air of the main living area of the home, causing respiratory issues and allergies.

Waterproofing the crawl space helps prevent water damage and the issues it creates. Homeowners can choose from numerous types of waterproofing in Madison to protect their investment and the people they love the most.


Encapsulation seals off vents, cracks, leaks, foundation, and other water entry points. By sealing off entrance points, your crawl space will not accumulate moisture, pests cannot crawl inside, and the home becomes more energy-efficient. This method of waterproofing in Madison works only on dirt floor crawl spaces.


The LumberKote™ sealant protects crawl spaces from moisture and humidity issues. It’s designed to protect the structural framing and subfloor of the crawl space from moisture-related issues like mold and fungus, wood rot, and sagging floors. Southern Crawl Space is the ONLY authorized LumberKote™ dealer in Alabama.

Vapor Barrier

The perfect complement to the LumberKote™ waterproofing system, MaxBarrier™ vapor barrier for concrete slabs, concrete blocks, basement foundation walls, and poured crawl spaces eliminates up to 97% of moisture by preventing humidity from the outside to enter the area. MaxBarrier&trade inhibits mold and fungus and exceeds ASTM guidelines.

Sump Pump

Sump pump installation after flooding is extremely common, although some homeowners opt to prevent water damage with these waterproofing options ahead of time. If you notice any water pooling or have experienced flooding in the crawl space in the past, a sump pump installation in Madison could protect your home from further damage.

Southern Crawl Space offers moisture control services, including basement and crawlspace waterproofing, drainage system installation, and vapor barrier installation. SCS guarantees to fix your moisture issues permanently. Our trained team of technicians utilizes only the best solutions for your basement or crawlspace. We are proud to offer LumberKote™ and MaxxBarrier™ waterproofing sealers by WatsonSeal. We are Alabama’s ONLY Watson Seal Authorized Dealer.

If you have a service request, give us a call. We will happily provide a free inspection and service estimate.

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