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June 24, 2020

Santa Cruz, CA – Life & Business Coaching w/ Horses for Emotional Balance

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Horses Teach Us How To Maintain Emotional Balance

The Challenge

Difficult emotions can take us out of balance during a particularly stressful time, like the one we are all experiencing now because of Covid 19. You can feel like you’re on a roller coaster that takes your emotions all over the place. Horses can help you learn how to establish and maintain a state of presence that is defined by calm, clarity and a sense of well-being.

An Unusual Teacher

Horses are prey animals. They count on community and acute presence to survive. They flee from danger because they sense it coming vibrationally and act before the threat physically appears. Once the threat is no longer there, they return to a peaceful state of calm.

Horses live vibrationally, using their keen senses to tap into the information they need to survive in their environment and also to communicate regarding the space they occupy and whose in charge at any given time. The acute sensing they need to survive happens on a vibrational level. They don’t wait to see the danger coming or hear it. Sensing the danger allows them the time they need to address the threat. Most often they flee, since that is the nature of prey animals.

How Do Horses Help You Find Emotional Balance?

The horses’ vibrational response is instinctual. This response comes from their core and is not about ‘thought.’ As humans, we have the same ability to tap into our instinctual response and respond in a way that keeps us safe. But over the eons, we have come to rely heavily on our mental capacities, leaving us without the benefit of this instinctual response. Horses show us how to reconnect with that instinctual aspect of ourselves. Navigating life from our core instincts is a trustworthy strategy since that way of living connects us with more information more quickly and allows us to make good decisions. This is especially helpful if you are in a dangerous situation.

Cultivating the kind of ‘vibrational’ presence that the horses teach us helps us maintain the calm and focus we seek, especially during a stressful time. It puts us ahead of the curve, just enough to make good decisions about our safety.

What Does Leadership Have to Do with It?

Working with the horse directly gives you a chance to engage with the horse on the ground without equipment. Horses value community, And leadership is an essential survival component for them. If they sense that you are present and authentically connected to yourself and everything around you on the the vibrational level, with clear intention, they will look to you as a leader and be interested in ‘following’ you.

So this is really about learning the self-leadership skills that a horse would follow. These skills serve us as humans. It feels good to be around a person who is present and calm with clear intention, no matter what is swirling around them. We influence each other in the ‘field’ we share.Tapping into vibrational communication helps us maximize our influence and maintain our own emotional balance. This has a big impact on all our relationships. It’s a win-win!

If you would like to experience this kind of emotional balance, private sessions with the horses are available in Santa Cruz. The sessions are socially distanced and safe. Call or text Janice at 707-326-5681 or email janice@intentionalleaders.com





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