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June 24, 2022

Santa Monica, CA – Top Round Sandwich Shop in LA Has Roast Beef Sandwiches

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Are You Looking for The Best Roast Beef Sandwich Shop in Santa Monica, California?

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Top Round makes the best, most delicious beef sandwiches in all of Los Angeles, CA!

If you love to eat sandwiches, chances are you are a fan of bread! However, what type of bread goes well with, let’s say, a roast beef sandwich? After all, the sandwich-making world is full of different bread options that you can purchase from your local bakery or make at home. For instance, rye bread, whole wheat bread, white bread, brown bread, and many more allow you to make the perfect roast beef sandwich.

That said, whatever type of bread you like to eat, we’ve compiled a list of the best bread you can use to make the perfect roast beef sandwich. Hopefully, when paired with thinly sliced strips of roast beef and delicious sauces and toppings, the right choice of bread will take your sandwich to another level!

Focaccia Bread

When it comes to making the perfect roast beef sandwich, focaccia bread is an all-time classic. Focaccia bread is typically similar to pizza bread. However, people love to eat it with everything due to its versatility. In fact, it even goes well with other meat types, such as turkey or chicken.

Furthermore, this bread can be eaten on its own. However, when paired with slow-roasted beef and a dollop of mustard and ketchup, you will have yourself a roast beef sandwich that you crave every day.

Whole Wheat Bread

As the name suggests, whole wheat bread, sometimes referred to as wholemeal bread, contains a ton of whole wheat. It is an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy a roast beef sandwich but are conscious about putting on the extra pounds from eating white bread.

As far as the flavor of wholemeal bread goes, it has a “wholesome” aroma and an “earthy” flavor. What’s more, it contains fewer calories and more nutrients than white bread. So, visit your favorite sandwich shop today and ask them to make you your favorite roast beef sandwich in whole wheat bread. You won’t be disappointed!


Want your roast beef sandwich to feel soft on the inside but crispy on the outside? If yes, a baguette should be your go-to bread for everything sandwich-related. The baguette is a french bread with an open crumb structure and a chewy center with a golden, crispy crust. However, the best thing about this bread is that it doesn’t allow your sandwich to get soggy compared to other bread types.

Ciabatta Bread

Crispy on the outside with a soft, chewy center, this bread is well-known for its airy and fluffiness. Therefore, the ciabatta is excellent for making sloppy roast beef sandwiches as the bread has excellent sauce-soaking abilities.

So, if you love to pair your roast beef sandwich with cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, sauces, or other water-filled condiments, then ciabatta bread is the way to go.

Where Can Mouth-Water Roast Beef Sandwiches in Santa Monica, CA?

Whether you love a traditional or a sloppy roast beef sandwich, Top Round offers its customers the best roast beef sandwiches that money can buy!

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