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May 20, 2022

Los Angeles, CA – Carthay Circle: Searching for a New Roast Beef Sandwich Shop?

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Not sure what to have for dinner tonight?

Roast Beef Sandwich

Try the best roast beef sandwich in Carthay Circle!

Most of us have fond memories attached to our favorite foods. It’s all part of our childhood experiences that we carry into adulthood. Sometimes we are disconnected from our favorite food due to it being in far-off locations, but once we reconnect, it’s like going back home! That’s the feeling a roast beef sandwich from Top Round brings out.

The founders of Top Round have introduced the best roast beef sandwich shop in Carthay Circle for locals and travelers. Many people have had a roast beef sandwich before and associate a specific memory. When people try the sandwich at TR, they can’t help but indulge in the nostalgic memories attached to the authentic flavor.

You will enjoy it too if you are in Carthay Circle, looking for something delicious for dinner!

Roast Beef Sandwich Menu

To keep things exciting and fresh for different types of customers, TR has various flavors to offer for a roast beef sandwich:

Beef & Cheese Sandwich: An inhouse cheese “Wiz” combined with juicy roast beef and our signature sauce gives you the Beef & Cheese sandwich. For cheese lovers, it’s an original taste that brings you back to the shop again and again!

Bar-B-Que Sandwich: BBQ flavor is a fan favorite for sandwiches. Families love to enjoy a good sandwich with tender beef and BBQ sauce. Add in a bit of cheese and pickles, and you get the perfect sandwich for dinner. The Bar-B-Que sandwich at TR is made of chopped meat to preserve the juiciness of beef with the sauce.

Beef on Weck Sandwich: A perfect combination of atomic horseradish and caraway inside a sea salt bun is our beef on weck sandwich. You can use the customization options to include add-ons and change the flavor to your liking. If it’s your first time, go ahead and blend the flavors to your liking!

Horse & Hole Sandwich: This sandwich features a horseradish cream with Provel cheese and roasted mushrooms. As one of the most popular options at TR, the Horse & Hole sandwich never disappoints our hungry customers. In terms of flavor and texture, this is the sandwich you can order without any hesitation.

Black & Blue Sandwich: While beef is the star of this sandwich, Bleu cheese, caramelized onions, and black pepper are actually the three ingredients making it unique for customers. Not to mention the goodness of the sesame bun, which is simply mouth-watering.

Beef ‘Cali’ Sandwich: This sandwich satisfies the needs of those who crave Californian flavor during their stay at Carthay Circle. A delightful combination of avocado, lettuce, ranch, tomatoes, and sesame bun won’t give you a chance to realize the sandwich had disappeared in your mouth.

OG Roast Beef Sandwich: The old-school flavor of this roast beef sandwich can only be appreciated by a real OG. If you are in town to walk down memory lane, this sandwich is a must for you!

Order the Best Roast Beef Sandwich in Town!

If this list hasn’t made you hungry, we don’t know what will! Stop waiting around to decide what to eat for dinner and visit Top Round to taste the flavors you won’t forget for a long time.

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