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February 08, 2022

Los Angeles CA – Hey Brookside: We Got Curly, Cheese, Gravy & Dirty French Fries

Posted in: Industry News

Searching for a restaurant that serves the best French fries in town?

Visit Top Round Sandwich Shop in Los Angeles!

Hey Brookside, we’ve got something amazing for you! It is time to check out the Curly, Cheese, Gravy, and Dirty French Fries available in your area. If you just moved into Brookside, Los Angeles, you might be wondering if there is great a place to get fries. Well, we’ve got you covered. You deserve to have a taste of the best French fries around. Our world-class chefs are masters at what they do, ensuring you get the best treatment. We put a lot of effort into every single serving that comes from our kitchen because we know you deserve the best.

If you stay in Brookside, you’ll never have to travel miles to get top-notch French fries again. Just walk into our shop to enjoy some dope delicacies. And bring someone with you. What’s better than having a nice meal with your loved ones? You can bring your friends, colleagues, and family along. We would be happy to give you a nice treat.

We have the most loyal customer base because we deliver consistent quality. For us, it is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Our customers leave a great review after every meal because they always have a lovely time. We want you to also be among the regulars who give fantastic reviews.

French Fries options available at Top Round Sandwich Shop

As much as we want you to have a great meal, we also care ­­about your health. We ensure high levels of sanitation during the cooking, packaging, and serving of our meals. We have the confidence of our customers all over Los Angeles to deliver healthy meals in a healthy environment.

We have a lot of options for you, from our classic French Fries to Curly, Cheese, and Gravy Fries. Our world-class chefs have an array of amazing recipes and special ingredients for making fries. Of course, you can also opt for baked fries for a healthier choice.

Our kitchen staff carefully handpicks the potatoes and ensures they are good and healthy. Next, they wash them thoroughly and slice them. We make the potato slices about a half-inch thick. They are then soaked in cold water for hours or sometimes overnight to achieve that crispy feel your mouth craves. A lot of care goes into making the fries so you can enjoy your meal.

Finally, our fries are baked or fried to order. Either way, you’re guaranteed to enjoy them. So if you live in the area, come on over and try Brookside’s best fries.

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