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Los Angeles, CA – Carthay Circle: Searching for a New Roast Beef Sandwich Shop?

Not sure what to have for dinner tonight? Try the best roast beef sandwich in Carthay Circle! Most of us have fond memories attached to our favorite foods. It’s all part of our childhood experiences that we carry into adulthood. Sometimes we are disconnected from our favorite food due to it being in far-off locations, but once we reconnect, it’s li…

Los Angeles, CA- In LA County? Try Our Roast Beef & Crispy Chicken Sandwich Shop

Are you looking for delicious dinner options in LA County? Top Round serves delicious roast beef & crispy chicken sandwiches! At Top Round, we keep fast food simple by providing authentic, mouthwatering flavors with the goodness of meat that you won’t forget easily. Many visitors can’t stop talking about the best roast beef and crispy chicken sandw…

Los Angeles, CA – Reviewers Love TR Roast Beef Sandwich Shop Near Dockweiler

Want to try a mouthwatering roast beef sandwich in LA? Come to the Top Round sandwich shop, where we serve the best roast beef sandwiches! Planning a family night out can become a nightmare when everyone wants something different. You can avoid the headache by opting for something everyone would like—a roast beef sandwich! Fresh and healthy foo…

Pasadena, CA – Frozen Custards Reviewed: Turtle, Elvis, & Banana Cream Pie

Have you ever tried frozen custard that tastes better than any ice cream? Try the frozen custard by Top Round. We offer a unique blend of flavors that all our customers love! Ice cream is creamy joy and happiness, but it’s not the only cold dessert that leaves us wanting more! Frozen custards have the same effect. If you don’t believe us, ask anyon…

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