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Santa Monica, CA – DYK: TR Roast Beef Sandwich Shop Also Has Chicken Sandwiches?

If beef is not for you, we have some of the best chicken sandwiches in town! Come to the TR Sandwich shop to check out our chicken options! Sometimes a roast beef sandwich is not what you want for dinner, and that’s okay because we’ve got you covered! Top Round’s chicken sandwich options are just as popular as the beef ones. We use all-natural chic…

Beverly Hills CA – Reviewing Our Horse & Hole Roast Beef Sandwiches in LA County

Are you a fan of horseradish cream and every food that features it? You are in luck! We have the best Roast Beef Sandwiches with this ingredient in LA County! The satisfaction of eating roast beef is enhanced when the slices are part of a sandwich. Enclosed in a soft bun with special sauces and cheese, the roast beef gets an upgrade that a foodie a…

Los Angeles, CA – In Central LA? Searching for a Great Catering Company? Try TR

Looking for the Best Catering Company? Do Not Fret Anymore. Try Top Round! If you have been planning an event to celebrate a special occasion, you know exactly how much hard work and effort goes into it. You also know that things can get demanding, especially when people start adding their preferences on the food served. It is never easy finding a…

Los Angeles, CA – Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwiches Are at TR in LA County

Hungry for a Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich in Los Angeles, CA? Grab Your Meal at Top Round. Are Chicken Sandwiches your thing? Does Buffalo Sauce have a place on your plate? How about an entire restaurant? If so, you are in luck! Top Round has a new delicious Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich for you to try. Located in Los Angeles, CA, this sandwi…

Glendale, CA – Beef & Cheese: Delicious Roast Beef Sandwich Option at TR

Want to Have a Roast Beef Sandwich in Glendale, CA? Have One at Top Round. Every person in America has a go-to sandwich. Whether it is just one of many classics, you cannot turn your back on the combination of bread, filling, and condiment. If a roast beef sandwich is what you have had your sights set on for lunch today, then you will be glad to kn…

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