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Los Angeles, CA – Hey Central LA: Check Out Our Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Craving a Juicy and Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich? Head Over to Top Round Sandwich Shop Today! Sandwiches are perfect for any occasion--be it for a late-night snack, or a summer evening picnic party. They are simple, yet delicious and crunchy. But making sandwiches can get quite tricky, even if you have all the right ingredients. In such a case,…

Los Angeles, CA – NEW: Crispy Chicken Sandwiches at TR | Sandwich Shop News

Craving for a Juicy and Crispy Chicken Sandwich? Order from Top Round Sandwich Shop now! There is nothing better than juicy, crispy chicken sandwiches. Be it a party, or for a late-night snack, chicken sandwiches with crunchy coated chicken covered in our signature sauce is a perfect meal. At Top Round, we go above and beyond to ensure you receive…

Los Angeles, CA – Victoria Park: Looking for a Killer Roast Beef Sandwich Shop?

Searching for the Perfect Roast Beef Sandwiches? Call Top Round Sandwich Shop now! Do you want to take your family out tonight for some fresh, healthy, and delicious food? Visit Top Round Sandwich Shop in LA. We specialize in providing high-quality food made with fresh ingredients. Our specialty Roast Beef Sandwich is a comforting, classic answer w…

Los Angeles, CA – Searching for a Great Sandwich Catering Company in LA County?

Are You Looking for the Best Sandwiches in Town? Visit Top Round Sandwich Shop today! Nothing beats a delicious, freshly made sandwich for lunch, dinner, even breakfast, or a quick snack. The problem with making sandwiches at home is that even if you have all of the meats, cheeses, toppings, spreads, and bread on hand, there's a good chance the res…

Los Angeles CA – Wilshire Vista: Searching for a Roast Beef Sandwich Shop in LA?

Want to Try Some Juicy and Delicious Beef Sandwiches? Order from Top Round Sandwich Shop Now! Beef sandwiches are heavenly. They are a complete meal on their own. A sandwich with roasted beef is an absolute delight. The smoked flavor and grilled beef taste make this sandwich even greater to have. If you are searching for the best roast beef sandwic…

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