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Glendale,CA – Los Angeles County Locals Say Our Sandwich Shop Has Best Curly Fri…

The curly fries are a cheese burger’s best friend at the T.R. Sandwich Shop. Soft but crisp, they’re the perfect add-ons to our cheesy, chilly, and buttery burgers. There’s nothing quite like the decadent of a fresh batch of potatoes to your sandwiches and burgers – add in a fresh and fizzy beverage, and you have yourself a fulfilling meal. Regular…

Beverly Hills, CA – Sandwich Shop Review: Burgers – Pastrami, Chili Cheese

If you’ve never tried a Pastrami burger, you’re in luck! At the T.A Shop, we serve one of the finest Pastrami Burgers in L.A. The Pastrami burger was invented in Utah – it’s the juicy mix of Swiss-cheese and creamy sauce that’s layered with fresh, thinly-sliced warm slices of pastrami. It’s easy to stumble into a restaurant and get a quick bite of a b…

Santa Monica, CA – Try Bar-B-Cue Sandwiches at the Best Roast Beef Shop in Town

If you’re looking for a well-balanced mix of creamy, savory, and doughy, try the Bar-B-Cue Sandwiches at the TR Sandwich Shop today! Roasted beef sandwiches are a staple food in most American households. With roasted beef, seeded bread, juicy sauces, and crunchy veggies, what’s not to love? When made properly, everyone loves them – and we think we’ve…

Santa Monica, CA – NEW Menu Items: Chili Cheese and Top Round Melt Burgers

Two new burgers have hit our Santa Monica branch: The Chili Cheese Burger and Top Round 'Melt' burger – here's why you should immediately drive to us and taste them right now! Chili Cheese Burger We take pride in the fact that our food is home-styled and made by people who care! Our Chili Cheese Burger is one more item that has come out of that lov…

Los Angeles, CA – Visit Top Round Sandwich Shop to Try Our Ice Cream Custards

Nothing can beat cold, creamy, and smooth deliciousness no matter the season or the occasion – and the Top Round Sandwich Shop has a wide variety of them that you absolutely need to try out. Our Ice Cream and Custard Menu – The More the Merrier! Ice-creams are all of our go-to mid-summer snacks, and custards are perfect delicacies to put a damper o…

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