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Los Angeles, CA – Visit Top Round Sandwich Shop to Try Our Barbecue Sandwiches

Are you searching for a sandwich that's both savory and creamy and just melts in your mouth? Well, then you need to visit Top Round Sandwich Shop to try our barbecue sandwiches! Roasted beef sandwiches are a must-have item in almost every American household. With seeded bread, tangy sauces, crunchy veggies, and roasted beef, what's not to love! When m…

Los Angeles, CA – Searching for Chili Cheese Burgers? Visit This Sandwich Shop

Are you craving some delicious burgers? Try out the scrumptious chili cheese burgers at Top Round! There's nothing better than the chili cheese burgers at Top Round! Made with the right blend of ingredients, all of which combine perfectly together to make each bite flavorsome. You are definitely going to come back craving more and post jaw-dropping pi…

Beverly Hills, CA – Try Crispy Chicken Sandwiches at T.R. Sandwich Shop in LA

Searching for the perfect chicken sandwich that's both juicy and crispy? Head on over to Top Round Sandwich Shop in L.A. and try out our crispy chicken sandwiches today! The crispy coating on a chicken fillet wrapped in soft and tender buns is what every foodie wants in their chicken sandwich. At Top Round, we take the extra step to ensure you get the…

Beverly Hills, CA – Customers Say We Have the Best Roast Beef Sandwiches in Town

Want to try some delicious beef sandwiches? Our customers say we have the best roast beef sandwiches in town! So, try them out today! Roast beef sandwiches are something we all have fond memories of! They might make you go back to the 4th of July when you were just a kid and would run around in your backyard with your siblings as your mum prepared som…

Glendale, CA – Visit Top Round Sandwich Shop in LA for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Are you a grilled cheese fan? Well, you need to try out the grilled cheesed sandwich at Top Round Sandwich Shop to finally find the perfect one! Located in California, Top Round Sandwich Shop has received a lot of praise for its authentic flavors and melt-in-your-mouth sandwiches. Grilled cheese is definitely one of them. It’s just perfect! If you ha…

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