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August 05, 2020

Los Angeles, CA – Area Headshot Photographer Takes Business Outdoors

Posted in: Industry News

Outdoor Headshot Sample

Head shot sample with an outdoor background

Los Angeles, CA area based Caught in the Moment Photography studio has shifted their photographers’ emphasis to meet the increasing demand for corporate headshots to include more outside spaces and more outdoor background options. The increase in business professionals taking the opportunity during this uncertain business climate to update their marketing and promotional materials has been palpable; real estate agents, lawyers, and accountants, and many other service professionals have taken this opportunity to update their headshots.

Caught in the Moment Photography has been meeting the demands of business professionals for over twenty years and are raising to meet this opportunity to meet their clients’ demand.  During the course of fulfilling their clients’ needs, the photographers had always offered outdoor settings as alternatives for background  choices, but what used to be a background choice for the professional headshot has now become the default background.  Using the outdoors to have theseprofessional headshots taken, the professional photographers are ensuring that they take every precaution in adhering regarding being an appropriate physical distance from the subject and of course always wearing the appropriate face covering.  With these types of precautions taken it lets the clients know that the professional photographers take very seriously into account everyone’s health, not only the individuals present during the portrait but everyone’s family as well.

Community and the sense of involvement and belonging has always been very important to the professional photographers of Caught in the Moment Photography so it is really no surprise that during our current state of affairs they would not only make sure that they established guidelines and recommendations are strictly followed, but that they would go well above and beyond not only to be respectful of their clients’ health and well being but also so that they are not part of the problem.  This type of attention to detail is an extension of the type of detail that the photographers pay attention to not only while they are behind the camera, but as is evident here extending to various and all aspects of operating a successful photography studio.

One of the professional headshot photographers of the Los Angeles, CA area based photography studio wrote this brief head shot related article to briefly describe how the photography’s head shot and corporate portrait business has been adapting to the current circumstances by using the outdoors more and providing outdoor backgrounds as options for the head shots.

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