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Longbeach, CA

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Longbeach, CA

by: Salvador Farfán

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Long Beach Wedding Photographer Covers Events in All Southern California

Although our photography studio is based in Long Beach and the Queen Mary and the Hotel Maya are our geographical home bases, our photographers are well traveled all over the Los Angeles Area at various wedding venues, and not just at the Wayfarers Chapel.
Most recently, our wedding photographers worked a wedding a multi-purpose studio in Culver City. The bride and groom had certainly done their homework on selecting the right venue for them, it was eclectic, versatile, and fun, just like the couple themselves.
The wedding venue was perfect not only in terms of the personality of the couple but also because on the wedding day the many amenities of the studio studio space proved to be also great to have at a wedding with a large number of guests. Perhaps the best attribute is typically one of the most overlooked one, until it is needed, the air conditioning! This lovely couple was blessed with one of the hottest days of the year for their wedding, so having that air conditioning was really essential. Thankfully because a studio is built with the demands of heavy equipment in mind the space; in this case the venue space was appropriately cooled.
We truly enjoyed doing the wedding photography at this venue because of the many different surface textures that were available to us, everything from exposed brick to corrugated metal to a traditional california courtyard. We look forward to continue to do wedding photography regardless of where the bride and groom choose to have their wedding.

Hotel Maya in Long Beach Adds Structure to Already Beautiful Wedding Special Eve…

The Hotel Maya, the chic boutique hotel in Long Beach which already offers beautiful backdrops for photography with stunning views of the downtown area, keeps raising the ante with their offerings to the special event and wedding market in the Southern California Area.
The Hotel Maya is already one of the few places in Los Angeles County and in Orange County where you can have either a wedding or a special event waterside. The venue boasts a second floor ballroom with commanding views of the Long Beach skyline. Because the Hotel Maya is located on what is becoming to be known as the South Harbor of Long Beach; the photographs, whether they are for wedding photography or for photography for a special event, will also have views of the ocean in the foreground.
In order to maximize the great asset that the location of the Hotel Maya is, there is permanent structure being erected on the grounds of the property to make yet another option available to either brides and grooms or to event planners wanting to have special, unique and stunningly beautiful backdrop for the photography.
Caught in the Moment Photography is proud to continue its relationship as a preferred wedding photography vendor with the Hotel Maya, and from a selfish perspective we look forward to the completion of the structure so we can showcase, to either our wedding photography clients or our special event photography clients, in yet one more way the all the beauty of Long Beach and of the Hotel Maya.

Varied Los Angeles Concert Venues for our Photographers During Summer

Caught in the Moment Photography continues to showcase its versatility in being photographers for concerts and live performances in and around the Los Angeles Area regardless of where the stage is located.  This summer our photographers were again tasked with covering live stage productions in venues ranging from the Greek Theatre, the Santa Monica Pier and even some private homes for special fundraising events.

One of the more out of the ordinary venues was the concert photography coverage at the Santa Monica Pier for their Twilight Concert Series.  The concert venue is quite unique in the Los Angeles Area in that the stage is literally on the Santa Monica Pier, with exactly the breathtaking views that you would expect.

Although yes the stage is on the pier, perhaps because of its close proximity to Los Angeles and the high end production companies, the stage and the entire live performance production setup is world class.  From a photography perspective, all the performers are very well lit and quite obviously the ocean and beach backdrops make for some spectacular and certainly out of the ordinary concert photographs.

The fact that we have been doing concert photography at this specific venue for over ten years lets us know that our clients are more than happy to keep having us back to photograph their live performances and that they know that the production imagery that they will get from our photographers will yield exactly the type of images that they are looking for.

Caught in the Moment Photography has great pride in creating great concert and live event production photographs regardless of where the stage is physically located!

Where to Hire a Theater Performance and Stage Photographer in Los Angeles

A question we frequently get asked is whether Caught in the Moment Photography does live theater and stage production photography along with our conference and convention photography.  Although the majority of the conferences and conventions we photograph in the Southern California area are in the Long Beach convention center and at the Anaheim convention center areas, our live theater and stage production clients are based primarily in the greater Los Angeles area.

The types of clients that we have for live theater and stage production photography include venues that want to document the acts that come through their stage, live theater production companies, and media sponsors for the productions.

Some of the venues where we have photographed in the greater Los Angeles Area include the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, the Carpenter Performing Arts Center on the campus of California State Long Beach, the Greek Theatre at Griffith Park and the Geffen Playhouse and Royce Hall on the Campus of UCLA to name a few.

Our primary live theater production company client is the Ovation winner Musical Theatre West with whom we have worked from productions as varied as the classic Sunset Boulevard to the modern classic ©Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and a variety of musicals in between.

Regarding the media sponsors with whom we have worked, we have covered the presentation of various artists and events at such varied venues such as the Armand Hammer Art Museum, Grand Performances at California Plaza, the Museum for Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles, and the Santa Monica Pier to name a few.

The short answer to whether Caught in the Moment Photography covers live stage productions is that yes, we use our expertise in covering conferences and conventions to photograph live stage performances.

Wayfarers Chapel near Los Angeles More Than a Beautiful Wedding Setting

The Wayfarers Chapel on the Palos Verdes Peninsula near Los Angeles is a beautiful place to get married because of its many stunning backdrops for wedding photography; but the Beautiful Glass Chapel by the Sea as its sometimes affectionately referred to is also a great community partner.

It seems like most Saturdays there is a wedding taking place every two hours at Wayfarers Chapel, and the reality is that it is probably not too far from the truth.  The beauty of the grounds and the splendid Southern California weather make just about any weekend a perfect weekend to get married at Wayfarers.  What may not be as well known is that the Wayfarers Chapel is also a regular place of worship where many community members go to to find spirituality.  In addition to their Sunday services, Wayfarers also opens its doors during the Christian holidays for the community to go celebrate amongst the beauty of the Chapel grounds.

In addition to the religious events and celebrations at the Chapel, Wayfarers also opens its doors to other community events such as art shows, lectures and concert series.  And of course the beauty and serenity of Wayfarers Chapel make any and all of these events that much more memorable.

From a photographer’s perspective, we the photographers at Caught in the Moment Photography are delighted to be counted as part of the Wayfarers Chapel Family.  Not only have we been doing the photography for weddings at Wayfarers for over a decade, but we are one of only a few wedding photographers who are on the referral list for prospective brides and grooms looking to hold their wedding at Wayfarers Chapel.


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BIO: Caught in the Moment Photography is a creative photography company in Long Beach, CA. “Caught in the Moment’s mission is to provide unparalleled customer service paired with exceptional creativity to deliver imagery that exceeds client expectations and delivers outstanding value. Caught in the Moment is deeply committed to involvement with the local community.”

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BIO: Caught in the Moment Photography is a creative photography company in Long Beach, CA. “Caught in the Moment’s mission is to provide unparalleled customer service paired with exceptional creativity to deliver imagery that exceeds client expectations and delivers outstanding value. Caught in the Moment is deeply committed to involvement with the local community.”