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by: Salvador Farfán

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Anaheim Orange County Convention and Visitor Center Uses Our Photography to Show…

Caught in the Moment Photography has been receiving referrals for conference and convention photography coverage from the Anaheim Orange County Visitor and Convention Bureau for a number of years.  It is still an honor when it, the entity responsible for securing conferences and conventions for the city of Anaheim and beyond, selects us to fulfill their photography needs.

Recently, the AOCVCB wanted to update some imagery to its website.  So in a sense the photography they were requesting fell more in the realm of product photography than convention or conference photography.  More specifically, they wanted to highlight one of the many services that they offer to all the attendees and visitors to the Anaheim Convention Center.  The Bureau is responsible for staffing a kiosk which is right in the middle of the lobby of the convention center, the kiosk which is more like a large exhibit booth like the kind one would expect to find on a convention exhibit floor, is designed as a restaurant concierge so that any of the conference and convention attendees can use to choose a restaurant and even make reservations.

As is our custom we delivered what the client requested and then went above and beyond and delivered images they were not expecting and loved.  We believe that it is that attention to detail, to really get to know the designers’ vision that enables us to produce the best quality images.

We are happy that the group that sends us so many referrals knows that we are a versatile photography studio and not just convention and conference photographers.

Wedding Photography Opportunities at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach from a Wedding…

This is an article focusing on the Hotel Maya as seen from a wedding photographer’s perspective.  It is the third of three articles expounding on another where we featured three wedding venues in Long Beach; The Reef by the Water, the Queen Mary, and the Hotel Maya.

The Hotel Maya is a boutique hotel perfectly situated on the South Waterfront of Long Beach offering stunning views of downtown as well of the Queen Mary, an iconic attraction of the city.

The boutique style of the property is a perfect complement to the wedding offerings of the Queen Mary and the Reef.  Where the Reef offers only venue space and restaurant style catering, the Hotel Maya offers guest rooms and catering offerings similar to Fuego, their chic restaurant on the property.  Where the Queen Mary offers several banquet rooms and state rooms finely decorated in an Art Deco style, the Hotel Maya offers a casual resort style with a wide variety of spaces available for event activation.

Of the three venues only the Hotel Maya offers waterside weddings either in a garden, esplanade, or a beach setting, of course with the dramatic views of Long Beach as the backdrop.

Because of the variety in decor and the designers’ attention to detail, the Hotel Maya will allow a seasoned professional to create stunning wedding photography.  I say a seasoned professional because having so many choices makes it that much more important to select a wedding photographer that is not only familiar with the property but is also able to communicate with the bride and groom so that all have the same vision in terms of the photography.

Followup on Wedding Photography at the Reef, the Queen Mary and the Hotel Maya –…

Recently we featured three wedding venues in Long Beach; The Reef by the Water, the Queen Mary, and the Hotel Maya, we briefly described them from a wedding photography perspective.  Because of the uniqueness of each, we have decided to expound on that article by writing a three part article with each part focusing on each venue.

The Reef by the Water is a beautiful restaurant with a variety of rooms available for ANY occasion.  As its name implies, the restaurant is across a tiny  street from the Long Beach Harbor and flanked by the iconic Queen Mary on one side and the chic Hotel Maya on the other.  The Reef has a great relationship with both of those venues which can host their guests overnight since the Reef does not have sleeping rooms.

Caught in the Moment Photography has had the privilege to photograph many different events at The Reef.  And in saying that there are a variety of rooms available for any occasion, we mean ANY occasion.  There are rooms that will accommodate an intimate gathering of a handful of people, to rooms that will host five hundred people.  Of all of the rooms available there may be only one that does not have a commanding view of the beautiful Long Beach skyline, and even that room has a patio available that does have the view.

In addition to the many stunning spots from which to capture the view, we have “secret” places that produce intimate portraits all while putting the subjects in the pictures front and center and letting the background become just that and not detract from them.

The parking lot is expansive and, as of the writing of this article, when there are multiple events taking place at the same time, The Reef offers hosted valet parking.

Wedding Photography Season Begins at Queen Mary the Reef and Hotel Maya in Long …

Spring marks the beginning of wedding season for Caught in the Moment Photography, so we thought we’d focus on what the city of Long Beach recently named as the South Waterfront.  The Reef by the Water, the Queen Mary, and the Hotel Maya form the core of this area, and we have been honored and privileged to have photographed many weddings at all three.
The obvious commonality of these venues is the stunning views of downtown Long Beach that each affords.  What is somewhat more subtle is that each venue provides outstanding customer service.  Although each hosts a number of weddings each weekend each and every couple always feels as though THEY are the most important people on the premises.
To be more fair to the Reef, the Queen Mary, and the Hotel Maya we will detail all the attributes of each in another article, but at least we would like to provide a very broad and general summary of what each of these venues provide.
Of all three, the Reef probably has the most rooms available for parties with a water view.  These rooms vary in size to accommodate very intimate parties, read fewer than ten; to the Harbor View Room that when combined with the adjacent Garden Room can accommodate around five hundred guests.
The Queen Mary offers an unparalleled setting as a veritable icon with a rich history and the furnishings and decorative style expected of a luxury cruise liner from the early part of the 20th century.  Most of the salons available have a water view, but in some of them the view is though portholes.  For an intimate wedding with a view, nothing beats the wheelhouse, yes with the captain officiating next to the helm!
The Hotel Maya has recently gone through a transformation that not only gave it a boutique resort feel, but also maximized the potential of each of its rooms available for parties.  The Maya too anchors most of its rooms on the view, and has even activated some of its outside spaces into event spaces.
Again, apologies for the brevity but we promise to write more in depth on each of these beautiful venues.

Client Continues Relationship for Conference Photography that Started in Anaheim…

Caught in the Moment Photography is once again be working with the American Student Dental Association for their Annual Session, a yearly conference we first worked in Anaheim, California at the Disneyland Hotel and Resort.  This year we have travelled to Atlanta, Georgia to provide the conference photography for them.
The feedback that we receive from them is that they want us because they feel we work so well together with their team; so much so  that they consider us an integral part of that team. Of course a compliment that is very nice to hear year after year is that they want to keep hiring us and have us join their team regardless of the geographical location.
They know that we understand exactly what their needs are, and thus don’t have to worry about what the photography will be like, they know they’ll get precisely the imagery of the conference that they want.
We very much appreciate that trust that the client puts on us.  We are also very appreciative when the meeting planner goes out of her way to send letters of appreciation and thanks to organizations like the Anaheim Orange County Visitor and Convention Bureau and the Disneyland Hotel to thank them for having referred us to them, but perhaps the most telling and appreciated gesture is when they tell us to put a hold on our calendar for their upcoming dates as soon as they find out when they are even though they are years in the future.


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BIO: Caught in the Moment Photography is a creative photography company in Long Beach, CA. “Caught in the Moment’s mission is to provide unparalleled customer service paired with exceptional creativity to deliver imagery that exceeds client expectations and delivers outstanding value. Caught in the Moment is deeply committed to involvement with the local community.”

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BIO: Caught in the Moment Photography is a creative photography company in Long Beach, CA. “Caught in the Moment’s mission is to provide unparalleled customer service paired with exceptional creativity to deliver imagery that exceeds client expectations and delivers outstanding value. Caught in the Moment is deeply committed to involvement with the local community.”