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by: Salvador Farfán

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Providien Medical Uses Photography and Imagery in Branding Effort

Typically when we visit the Anaheim Convention Center, we are there to photograph a conference or a convention; but recently one of our clients, Providien Medical, hired us and provided us with exhibitor’s badges to photograph the product they were showcasing on the exhibit floor.
Providien Medical realizes the importance of the consistency of quality and style of imagery to properly get its message across.  They hired Caught in the Moment Photography to help them achieve a distinguished look as they wrap up a multi-company merger, essentially bringing in different suppliers of components in medical instruments under one corporate roof.
The photography session on the show floor was coordinated to take place before the exhibit floor was open to the conventioneers, actually as soon as it was open to exhibitors so that there were minimal distractions and bystanders while photographing their booths.
Because this photography session was part of the larger branding effort, not only were we were already familiar with the marketing and sales personnel, but also with the product itself.   Having that established relationship and trust in each other was invaluable when every minute counted.  We certainly did not want to turn their exhibit space into a photography set and become a distraction when their prospective customers began arriving.
The effort to create the imagery of the convention show floor went so smoothly that we ended up having some extra time and in wanting to take full advantage of the resources available, that trust we had with the marketing personnel enabled them to bring out some product and say “here, lets photograph these for some collateral.” Without missing a beat, we created a mini studio out of sight of the already arriving convention attendees and were able to create the images they were looking for.

Food Truck Visits Our Photography Studio Gets Overwhelmed with Demand

Typically when Caught in the Moment is hired to photograph food, we take full advantage of the flexibility that having a fully mobile photography studio affords.  We bring professional light setups and and choices of backgrounds to ensure that the product, in this case the food, is used to create exactly the imagery desired.  Having that flexibility is more than appreciated by the executive chef with whom we are working because we are able to create a fully functional professional photography studio within walking distance of the kitchen.
One of our recent clients was fully familiar with that flexibility; it was  a gourmet food truck, which meant that they would be bringing their product to our studio.
An invaluable service that we offer to all our clients takes place well before the first photograph is taken.  We had run through some of the props to be used, but on the actual day, that preparation included making sure that a parking space was saved large enough and close enough to our studio so that the chef would still be mere steps away from the photography set.  We purposely saved one of the high visibility spaces near our studio, which happens to be on a highly trafficked commercial corridor in Long Beach.  We thought that having their food truck getting some additional exposure, pun intended, would be a nice bonus for them.  What we could not have expected though was how well that worked! During the lunchtime period all photography came to a halt as the truck was surrounded by our neighboring businesses’ employees.

food truck in front of photography studio

Gobbles and Oinks Food Truck visits Caught in the Moment Photography on 2nd Street

Environmental Portrait of Jay Burress, the New President and CEO of the Anaheim …


Jay Burress in front of the Grand California Plaza

Jay Burress in front of the Grand California Plaza

Jay Burress is the newly minted Anaheim Orange County Visitor and Convention Bureau President.  It truly is an honor for Caught in the Moment Photography to be selected by the venues that recommend us to their clients for their photography needs.  Within three days in his new position and in the middle of a large convention taking all of the available meeting and exhibit space, we were on the grounds to take Jay’s official portrait to be used by the AOCVCB.
The convention bureau had just inaugurated the beautiful Grand California Plaza, a space that had been activated from a driveway and drop-off area into a exactly what its name implies, a grand plaza with the Anaheim Convention Center as its stunning backdrop.  It was in this space that the marketing and public relations staff wanted to have Jay’s environmental portrait taken.
As it is our custom, we photographed exactly what the client had in mind and then offered a couple of alternate perspectives so that they could then decide how their subject was placed in the context to convey exactly what they wanted the imagery to convey.  Their vision was to photograph the President in a space that not only said visually “convention center” but also obviously “Anaheim.” Fortunately, like some of the other convention centers that form part of our core local convention base, namely the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center and the San Diego Convention Center, the Anaheim Convention Center has impressive letters across its facade with those exact words.  It was there, on the new plaza that they had envisioned the portrait to be taken.
One of the alternatives we offered was literally an upside down, backwards perspective of what they had in mind.  Instead of letting the letters on the convention center literally spell out where the image was taken, we went to a place easily accessible to every convention attendee but just slightly out of the way.  From the top floor balcony of the convention center not only do you get an impressive view of the Grand California Plaza they so much wanted to showcase, but you get postcard imagery of much of what Anaheim has to offer beyond what the convention center.
At the end of the day, they picked both of the images.  The one that they had come up with their story board and our suggested one, one that with the plaza, Angel Stadium, palm trees,  and mountains in the background visually conveyed Anaheim Orange County Visitors and Conventions.

Golf Tournament Photography Coverage of Regional Challenge Featuring NCAA Studen…

Part of the Ohio State University Team

Part of the Ohio State University Team spelling out O-H-I-O

Each year Palos Verdes Golf Club shares its beautiful course with student athletes from the NCAA  for the Northrop Grumman Regional Challenge and in turn these athletes give the club’s members a thrill by playing with them in a tournament as they familiarize themselves with the course.
For the last couple of years Caught in the Moment has been honored to do the photography for this golf tournament and making it a memorable event for all.  As we do with most of the golf tournaments we cover, we provide each player a print of his or her team; (normally foursomes, but for this tournament they’re actually fivesomes), but in this tournament we tweak it a little.  We recognize that different members of the team have different appreciation for the images we capture; so for the club’s members we provide a print of the entire team, and for the collegiate athletes we provide images of just themselves and their friends.  Taking it one step further, we consider that presentation matters differently to different audiences, so we also post the teams’ images on facebook for them to tag themselves and share them.
This take on the member-guest golf tournament takes place over the weekend to allow the club’s members to participate and the student athletes then play the course Monday through Wednesday in the PGA and NCAA sanctioned tournament.  Our work in creating imagery for the organizers and the golf club takes place over two days; one day over the weekend doing the photography for the groups, and then again on Wednesday during the awards ceremony taking the official portrait of the winning teams.  This year on that Wednesday, it was a real pleasure to see the club’s members carrying the prints we had given them over the weekend so they could get them autographed by the student athletes.  A not so subtle reminder that what we provide is much more than a service, but memories that are treasured.

Photography Event Shoot Honoring Violinist Itzhak Perlman at the Center Club – C…

Because of the reputation that Caught in the Moment has in working with high profile names and talent it is a common occurrence that we are hired to photograph meet and greet events with VIPs.  Recently we had the honor and pleasure of working an event honoring the virtuoso violinist Itzhak Perlman at the prestigious Center Club in Costa Mesa, CA.  The Philharmonic Society of Orange County in conjunction with Rotary District 5320 organized the event for their high-end donors to meet the maestro after one of his concerts.

The Rotary District is one of our repeat clients and they hired us to memorialize the event.  One of the things that we hear over and over is the confidence that our clients have in us.  Whether it’s a convention or an event of this sort, the organizer knows that little to no instruction is needed with our photographers. We ask a few questions at the time of booking the event and then at the event become part of the scenery, not commanding attention but making sure that the images that we capture are precisely what is needed.

For this particular event, we captured the magnitude and atmosphere of the event as well as the proceedings of the evening.   There was an awards presentation, of which they will have powerful imagery.  We captured the interaction with VIPs present, which will help them in planning and selling subsequent events  and even provided some beautiful portraits of their guests who were dressed for the occasion.


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BIO: Caught in the Moment Photography is a creative photography company in Long Beach, CA. “Caught in the Moment’s mission is to provide unparalleled customer service paired with exceptional creativity to deliver imagery that exceeds client expectations and delivers outstanding value. Caught in the Moment is deeply committed to involvement with the local community.”