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September 14, 2020

Long Beach, CA – Home Care Services: Shopping for After Surgery, COVID Recovery?

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Attention: After Surgery Patients | Call for Home Care Services

What could be more daunting than the possibility of having to recover from surgery or a major illness at home, ALONE?

In-Home Care Offers a Helping Hand

Cambrian Homecare is your trusted partner for caring and capable support during recovery from surgery or a major illness, such as COVID-19. Stay safe at home with the appropriate care!

With so many inherent risks, the inconvenience and lack of familiarity that comes with convalescent hospitals and similar facilities, recuperating at home is likely your best option IF you have the support you need. Healing can be a lengthy process. Having qualified and nurturing helping hands will ease your mind and allow you to concentrate on getting better.

Unburden Yourself from Daily Tasks

A deep sense of relief is what you will feel when Cambrian Homecare assists you with parts of your daily routine and grooming that may have seemed impossible or incredibly time-consuming if left on your own. We are experts in what we have coined as Hospital AfterCare(TM), providing solutions to those in need for over 20 years. Options from intermittent short visits to longer hours are part of our industry-leading flexibility to best assist you during your recovery. Here are some of the things we can help you accomplish:

  • Personal Care
  • Meal Preparation
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Pharmacy Pick-Ups and Errands
  • Transportation to and from the Hospital and Doctor Appointments
  • Walking, Transfers, Range-of-Motion Exercises & More!


Maintain Independence at Home During Your Recovery

Avoid feeling overwhelmed and alone, when it feels like you just can’t find the energy to do even the simplest tasks. You may wonder if something more serious may be wrong with your health because perhaps you feel a significant decrease in your energy level, trouble thinking clearly or changes in your bathroom habits that seem unrelated to the illness or condition that you are recovering from. Post Hospital Syndrome is defined by Harvard Medical School as “a period of vulnerability lasting up to 7 weeks after a patient is discharged from the hospital.” This is a real condition that can put you at higher risk of readmission to emergency rooms or hospitals, most common in seniors. Feeling weak and tired, difficulty eating and/or sleeping regularly following discharge from a hospital or healthcare facility are common symptoms. Having a professional caregiver is a great tool to aid in readapting and recovery. Your Cambrian Homecare provider will help ensure discharge orders are followed correctly and work with you to ease back into life at home. A little help can go a long way on your road to recovery!


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