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September 21, 2020

Littleton, CO – Looking for a Sign Company to Avoid ADA Sign Mistakes

Posted in: Industry News

ADA Sign

Want to learn about the most common ADA sign mistakes? Here is how they can be avoided.

Over time, ADA signs have become increasingly popular in corporate spaces. You can leverage their benefits by ensuring they are designed according to the ADA standards. Businesses that fail to create correct ADA signs aren’t aware of the exact ADA sign guidelines or perhaps choose to ignore them in haste.

This is where professional sign companies come in. They execute the ADA guidelines in signage projects on a daily basis and know exactly how to troubleshoot the mistakes. Ignoring these guidelines can get you into some legal trouble.

In the following paragraphs, we will highlight some of the common ADA sign mistakes and how they can be avoided.

Let’s get started!Character Size

Wrong Font Choice

One of the most common ADA sign mistakes is the use of the inappropriate font. The characters in an ADA sign should always be in the uppercase. Furthermore, you should never choose italic or other fancy font styles. Consider sticking to the san serif font and keep all the characters straight. You may also face a few other restrictions regarding your ADA signs depending on the size and proportion of the font you choose.

Incorrect Mounting

The correct mounting of your sign is just as important as its design. The height of the tactile characters must be between 48 and 60 inches from the ground. If you fail to abide by these guidelines, your signs will be denied their ADA compliance and you will have to mount them again.

Inaccurate Character Size

Another common ADA sign mistake is the incorrect size of the characters. The correct size is somewhere around 5/8 inches. However, if you have dual messages on your ADA signs, the size can range between 5/8 and 2 inches.

Misuse of the Braille

If your ADA sign has a braille system for visually impaired individuals, you need to ensure that it doesn’t violate the ADA sign standards. A common mistake people make is that they use a square dot instead of a round one. You should pay close attention to the spacing between the dots and ensure that all characters are placed right above the braille.

Why Hire a Local Sign Company

These are the most common ADA sign mistakes people make. To make the most of your signs, you need to avoid these at all costs. The best way to go about this is by reaching out to a professional sign company in Littleton, CO, like ours. We handle such projects frequently and can provide you with immaculate, ADA-compliant products. We will also go the extra mile to point out any mistakes and provide you with valuable suggestions to improve your ADA signs.

For the best business signs in Littleton, CO, visit our website today.

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