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October 17, 2020

Newtown, PA – Mold infestation in the house Seek Professional Mold Remediation

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Mold Remediation

Do you want to prevent mold infestation in your home? Here are a few tips!

Mold infestation is a serious issue. It impacts the foundation of your home, your furniture, and the health of your family. Mold is extremely hazardous and grows rapidly. That is why you must take preventive measures to keep it from thriving in your house.

Here are a few tips to prevent mold growth in your home!

Tips for mold preventionMold

  • If you live in an area with hot and humid weather, make sure you run dehumidifiers and air conditioners inside your home
  • Keep the indoor humidity percentage below 60% at all times
  • Clean your air conditioning drip pans regularly and keep the drain pipes free from blockage
  • If you live in extremely cold conditions, make sure you keep the indoor temperature warm enough so that condensation doesn’t give rise to mold
  • Apply insulation to surfaces like windows, floors, exterior walls, and other cold surfaces
  • Dry out damp and wet areas within a few hours
  • Maintain your drain pipers. Make sure you fix any seepage and leaks immediately after you spot them. Do not allow water to drip in any area in your house
  • Waterproof the foundation and walls of your house to prevent groundwater and rain waters from seeping in
  • Properly maintain the heating and cooling systems in your home. Get them checked by a professional at least once a year.
  • Increase air circulation and ventilation in your home to maintain indoor air quality

Tips for the kitchen

  • Run an exhaust fan while you’re cooking, cleaning, or washing dishes, so that the moisture moves outside
  • Check for moisture on your windows and other surfaces, and make sure to keep them dry
  • Check for any leakage in your kitchen sink and refrigerator regularly
  • Clean your refrigerator drip pans regularly

Tips for the basement

  • Waterproof the foundation and walls to keep the water from seeping in
  • Check for leaks and get them repaired
  • Check for any cracks or holes in pipes, windows, or doors
  • Get your gutters checked to prevent blockage in draining
  • Run a dehumidifier to keep the mold from growing

Tips for the bathroom

  • Run exhaust fans after using the shower or sink
  • Use rugs instead of carpeting, so you can watch and dry them often
  • Look out for any leaks in the sink, shower, and other sources of water
  • Keep a window open while or after showering to allow the moisture to go out
  • Do not leave damp towels on hung around or on the floor

Seek professional help!

Mold is a serious threat to your home and your family members. By taking the preventive measures that we have mentioned above, you can prevent mold growth in your home. If you see mold spots in any room, you must contact mold remediation services immediately.

Are you looking for a professional mold remediation company in Newtown, PA? Visit our website right now!

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