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October 23, 2020

Langhorne, PA – Leakage in the basement Seek Professional Water Damage Restoration

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Leakage in the basement

Are you having trouble with leakage in your basement? Here’s what you need to know!

Nothing destroys a basement like water leakage. The dampness and flooding from the water can lead to several problems that can’t be solved without professional restoration. There are several causes behind water leakage in basements. Keep reading as we explore some of them below!

Heavy rainfall

If your house hasn’t been waterproofed, then the chances of water leaking into your basement after a heavy rain spell are high. After rain, water tends to accumulate around the foundation of your home and flood it. This can severely damage the foundation of the house. Without immediate drainage, this water leaks into your basement and destroy everything. You need to make sure that there is an efficient system in place to drain the water away from the foundation of your house.

Cracks in your doors and windowssump pump

Another common cause of leakage in your basement is the cracks in your windows and doors. Most old houses develop these cracks if the doors and windows aren’t properly maintained. By sealing these cracks, you can reduce the leakage in your basement. Make sure you seal all the holes, cracks, and other signs of leaks in your basement.

Plumbing leaks

Sometimes the leaks in your pipes are the reason why there’s water leakage in your basement. Pipes can develop holes and leaks if you don’t regularly check on them. Make sure the pipes are free of blockages because that’s often what causes the leaks in the first place. If you’re experiencing dampness in the walls of your basement or there’s an outright leak, you need to get your plumbing fixed immediately.

Malfunctioning sump pump

A sump pump is essential equipment for any basement. It helps you drain out the groundwater lurking under your house, which prevents water from the ground from entering your basement. However, if a sump pump isn’t functioning adequately, the water will not drain out, and instead will seep into your home, starting with your basement. Therefore, it’s critical to check your sump pump once in a while and maintain it regularly. If it’s not functioning properly, make sure you get it checked from the manufacturer or a repair shop so they can identify the issue and fix it for you.

Call Professional Water Damage Restoration!

If you are struggling to keep your basement from leaking, then you must seek professional water damage restoration services. A leakage can destroy the items in your basement, weaken the foundation of your house, and cause mold infestation. A professional water storage company can help you avoid all these severe issues and prevent all future leakages.

Are you looking for a professional water damage restoration company in Langhorne, PA? Visit our website right now!

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