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April 08, 2021

Lafayette CA – Benefits of Joining a Wellness Program | Weight Loss Coach Advice

Posted in: Industry News

Weight Loss Coach

Are you wondering whether you should join a wellness program or not? Here are some benefits of workplace wellness programs that might help you make an informed decision!

Did you know that unscheduled leaves from work can potentially cost businesses around $3,600 per worker (working on an hourly basis) annually? These absences are mostly due to chronic health issues, unhealthy habits, stress-related illnesses, and a lack of exercise. This is where Cambiati Wellness’ programs can help you. They can ensure that your employees remain healthy and fit to work, and work well.

Our wellness programs are meticulously designed to offer in-person and online nutrition classes, powerful supplements to boost your wellness, and one-on-one guidance. We team up with trainers to provide various exercise programs in addition to offering our wellness coaches’ expertise.

Wellness Programs Offered by Cambiati Wellness

Cambiati Wellness provides the following offerings to our clients:Lifestyle

  • CambiatiCleanse
  • CambiatiLight
  • MyCambiati
  • Cambiati@Work
  • Exercise Programs
  • Healthy Snacks and Drinks
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Genetic Testing
  • 1:1 Nutrition Consulting
  • Body Composition Tracking

Benefits of Cambiati Wellness’ Programs

Here are some benefits of Cambiati Wellness’ programs:

A Healthy, Toxin-Free Body

With Cambiati Wellness, you can enroll in a comprehensive 28-day detox program created to change your body composition. You can learn to incorporate whole-food nutrition into your diet for a healthier body. The program essentially helps you recognize how to treat your body the right way and cleanse it of harmful toxins.

Weekly Support for Weight Management and Information on Food and Lifestyle Choices

You can also expect to receive weekly support for weight management and whole foods nutrition guidance. Cambiati Wellness also focuses on educating its clients, which is why we provide you with continued information on how your food and lifestyle choices can impact your overall health and body composition. It helps you become aware and make informed decisions.

Effective Exercises That Promote Fitness

We also provide you with numerous exercise programs geared to promote wellness and fitness goals. We make sure that our programs are engaging so that you can remain healthy while having fun, which will keep you motivated.

Embracing Healthy Food Choices

Cambiati Wellness also helps you eliminate processed foods from your diet and replace them with healthy and nutritious food choices. We offer a wide array of healthy mini-meals and beverages ideas that are both delicious and nutritious. This way, it becomes easier for you to bid adieu to your unhealthy cravings and welcome healthy food choices into your life.

Guidance on Numerous Wellness Topics

We also offer basic speaking engagements that typically tackle topics such as sleep, stress, cravings, superfoods, willpower, proteins, fats, weight loss, eating for wellness, and energy. These programs are geared toward educating you to make conscious decisions to move toward a healthy lifestyle.

More Benefits!

At Cambiati Wellness, we provide you with helpful information about your genes that can help you with metabolic processes, weight loss, and nutrient absorption. Our tailored programs help you define the best eating, exercising, and supplement recommendations that your body needs.

A major benefit of opting for our wellness programs is that we have a sought-after Tanita scale, which can track your total body water, weight, fat-free mass, body fat, and more. This scale will help you learn about the various aspects of your body composition and enable you to see beyond the number flashing on its screen.

If you want to benefit from Cambiati Wellness’s workplace wellness programs, visit our website today!

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