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July 28, 2020

Lafayette, CA – Dan Cunningham’s Journey WithCambiati Wellness | Health News 

Posted in: Industry News

This is the story of Dan Cunningham, a man who’s spent most of his adult life staying fit and going on daily refreshing runs. However, about 4 to 5 years ago, Dan injured himself while running and waited for his body to heal before he could resume his daily activity. He thought that since he was running all his life and was pretty fit, he would recover quickly.

But unfortunately, his body wasn’t healing as quickly as he’d hoped. That injury and its complications prevented him from running for about 2 years.

Dan went from a guy who enjoyed running every day to being overweight and unhealthy. His weight gain led him to a high of more than 200 pounds, which made running a lot harder on his body. Moreover, the complications from his injury led him to have leg surgery, which took him further away from a healthy lifestyle.

Dan’s struggles went on for several years, until about 6 months ago, when he decided to change things around. He thought that he had to get back on track and become fit again. That’s when Dan decided to try the Cambiati Wellness program.

Now, 6 months later, Dan has resumed running with newfound vigor and a significantly healthier body and mind! Not only does he feel loads better, physically and emotionally, but he also enjoys running more than ever before as it doesn’t hurt anymore!

Since Dan’s an accountant, he has to work long hours at his job. Thanks to the magic of Cambiati Wellness, he’s able to give his 100% at work without feeling fatigued or unmotivated. Dan feels like himself again, and actually notices he feels even healthier than he ever has before. In fact, he just had a physical two weeks ago and his doctor raved about how excellent a state of health he’s in.

Thanks to Cambiati Wellness, Dan has started to view food more as an energy source now rather than a way to satisfy unhealthy cravings. In the past, he’d always feel hungry as the diets he tried encouraged him to starve himself. However, with the Cambiati Wellness program, Dan has never felt the need to eat minimally or fall off the wagon. The program has taught Dan to eat in the right way, which helps balance hormones, blood sugar and neurotransmitters!

This program isn’t a diet; it’s a lifestyle change. It has helped Dan change his eating habits and helped ushered him toward healthy foods that are good for his body. The Cambiati Wellness classes have also helped Dan find himself through his journey and find people who actually care about his fitness goals, listen to what he wants, and help deliver that to him.

Now, Dan is living his best life, going on runs every day, eating healthy, and is CambiatiClean!

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