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January 17, 2020

 Lafayette, CA – What Are the Benefits of Genetic Testing | Nutrition News 

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Are you aware of the benefits of genetic testing?

Before moving towards the benefits of genetic testing, let’s spare a moment to talk about what it is.  Genetic testing is just like any other medical test at the doctor’s clinic, or a laboratory. However, the purpose of this testing is to identify the genes that pass on from the parents to their children, and how they change over time. Also known as the pathogenic variants, the mistakes in our genes are the perpetrators behind various diseases. Nowadays, genetic testing can be used to personalize health plans.

Genetic testing is merely an analysis of the DNA, as well as the genetic materials within the cells. These materials are responsible for giving us our distinct features, and making our bodies perform multiple functions. Some of the most common DNA testing methods include duplication, deletion, and sequencing. In some cases of early diagnoses, biochemical testing is used.

Up until now, we have talked about genetic testing. Now let’s shift gears and get down to business. Here are some of the most common benefits of genetic testing, that you may not be aware of.

  • There is a variety of diseases and disorders that cannot be diagnosed using conventional methods. In such cases, genetic testing provides the most accurate and authentic diagnoses. Genetic testing also helps medical practitioners avoid lengthy and futile medical procedures and investigations, which are nothing but a waste of time and money.
  • After diagnosis, the next step is to prescribe treatment and medication. With traditional medical practices, determining the right treatment can be difficult. This is where; genetic testing can be a game-changer. Genetic testing helps doctors come up with the best treatment and medication options.Testing
  • In most cases, even the best doctors fail to deduce the problem, their patient is suffering from. This uncertainty can result in a lot of anxiety and frustration among the patients, and their doctors.  Genetic testing identifies the core of the issue, which is a big source of relief to the patient and the doctors.
  • A timely diagnosis of the problem can save a lot of lives. Most patients suffering from cancer, STDs and other severe extreme conditions lose their battle because of delayed diagnosis. Through genetic testing, a disease can be easily diagnosed and treated before it worsens.
  • Last but not least, genetic testing provides a complete picture of your genes. You can use this information, especially when planning a family.

The best thing about genetic testing is accuracy. Most decisions taken by doctors rely heavily upon the results of such tests. Therefore, genetic testing must only be carried out by qualified professionals, instead of novices. The thing that matters is the pre and post-test counseling, which should only be given by experienced professionals.

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