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July 28, 2020

Jacksonville, FL – PRODUCT REVIEW: Custom LED Electric Signs | Sign Company News

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Custom LED Logo Signs | Product Review

Buying an LED Electric Sign for your business can be daunting.  How tall and wide should the sign be?  What kind of lighting do you want in the LED electric sign?  What colors do you want in the face of the LED electric sign?  What about of the building?  Do you have the electricity already running to the sign location?  Does the landlord know of your plans?  Is he/she supportive of the LED electric sign?

Many questions are required to just to get started on an LED electric sign.

LED Electric Sign

What is an LED electric sign?  Many people have seen LED electric signs and may not realize it.  These signs have many different names – electronic signs, reader boards, digital displays, electronic message centers, and messaging signs among other names.  LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which are the new safe, economical and low maintenance lighting option for lighted signs.  LED electrical signs can be displayed in many ways – on a building, embedded in a monument sign, on a pole, and these signs can be single face or double sided.  Lots of options for you to consider.

Colors, Motion, Backgrounds

The multitude of colors available for an LED electric sign can be overwhelming.  Having a partner like Jacksonville Signs and Graphics will help you to sort through the confusion.  The colors you select could be influenced by many factors.  You may just want an LED electrical sign that stands out and grabs attention.  If that is the case, red letters on a black background will meet the need.  You may want to align the letter colors with your logo, other marketing material colors, and even the company colors.  Sometimes we recommend you go with colors that make you stand out among the “visual noise” near your business.

Do you want a message that has motion where the words move across the screen?  Letters and messaging could flash, or transition regularly driven by a timer and remote control.  Another opportunity related to your LED electric sign are the backgrounds of your message. Image management and updating are a big requirement of LED electrical signs.  Being ready for that commitment is the key to owning and maximizing an LED electric sign.

Resources and Permitting Required

LED electronic signs require resources beyond the sign company to make them work.  Jacksonville Signs and Graphics assists you with the permitting process to ensure the sign you select is approved for the location – height, size, electricity requirements, etc.  Electrical power must be run to the location of the sign and will require an electrical contractor.  In addition, studies may need to be done by an engineering firm to ensure the sign is properly located and built with the right materials to withstand local weather and environmental requirements.

Call the Expert

Jacksonville Signs and Graphics is your LED electrical sign choice.  We have assisted many companies with their needs leading to increased sales, foot traffic and customer acquisition.

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