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Huntsville, AL – Materials for Custom Monument Signs That Local Companies Use

Monument Signs

Are you planning to install custom monument signs for better business visibility? Make sure you choose the right material for your signs.

Monument signs are no doubt an amazing solution to promote awareness and ensure a lasting impression, but their effectiveness greatly depends on the materials used. Since they’re commonly used outdoors to help people find communities, residential areas, shopping centers, etc., they must be sturdy enough to withstand different weather conditions.

Moreover, common materials used for monument signs such as stone and brick, concrete, foam, etc., provide you with an opportunity to match the signage with your building. This creates a consistent feel and look, which helps establish your brand personality into the minds of your customers.

Let’s take a look at some commonly used materials for custom monument signs:

ConcreteExpanded Polystyrene

If sturdiness is your priority, nothing beats concrete monument signs. As truly immovable objects, they are made to last. Nothing less than a nuclear blast can dislodge concrete monument signs from delivering your business message. As a heavy-duty material, concrete is highly durable that lasts through all types of climate.

An appealing and well-positioned concrete monument sign is a great way to make a bold statement that you’re proud of your company. They are commonly used by large building complexes, parks, educational institutions, municipalities, and cities as identification markers.

Stone or Brick

Stone is another tough, durable material to support the heavy main cabinet of monument signs. There’s a reason why those ancient stone structures of Greece and Egyptian Pyramids were able to survive for centuries!

Apart from strength and hardiness, stone gives out a polished, elegant, and sophisticated look. The most popular choices within them include colorful limestone and sandstone monuments. Less common but high-end options include marble and granite.

However, stone or brick is a highly expensive option. Since stone or brick monument signs involve masonry work, most options lie on the high-end price spectrum as compared to other materials.

Expanded Polystyrene

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a highly durable and lightweight material that’s used to mimic heavy materials such as stone or brick. The artificial material is not only an affordable alternative to stone and brick but also virtually indestructible. EPS allows you to achieve the same high-end look as that offered by masonry work at a much lower cost. You’ll be amazed by how incredibly foam with veneers can replicate stone, brick and other heavier materials.

Cost is not the only reason you should use EPS. Since EPS is safer for vehicles and is impact resistant, an increasing number of communities are switching to it for their monument signage. As a lightweight signage option, these signs are easy to remove and replace whenever needed.


To conclude, monuments signs are a highly impactful signage option that adopts a classic style to attract your target audience. Sitting at eye level, they are easy to notice and are highly inviting for whoever views them. Sign companies produce monument signs using many materials. Now that you know the options that you have, you can place an order.

For high-impact and robust custom monument signs, reach out to Blue Orbit Sign Studio at your earliest.

Huntsville, AL – Tips for Vehicle Wrap Maintenance | Advice from a Sign Company

Vehicle Wrap

Are you taking due care of your vehicle wraps? Follow these maintenance tips to generate the maximum ROI from your vehicle wraps.

Vehicle wraps are an incredible investment to build brand awareness and improve brand recognition. Serving as mobile billboards, they generate an enormous number of impressions as your business vehicles move around the city.

However, the return on investment (ROI) from vehicle wraps greatly depends on the regular maintenance of these signs. Taking care of vehicle wraps gives them a cleaner look and extends their lifespan to around 5 to 7 years, so you can make the most out of them.

Here are some maintenance tips for vehicle wraps:

Regular WashingCleaning Agent

The preferred method to clean vehicle wraps is to hand wash them using clean water and mild detergent. Pressure washing is never advised because high pressure against vehicle wraps can easily cause them to lift around the edges as well as deteriorate their face film. Not only does the vehicle wrap lose its shine when the face film degrades but it may also begin cracking as a consequence.

Do your best to prevent any spillage on the vehicle wraps. If spillage does occur or you see bird droppings on them, clean them immediately. Procrastinating will only make it difficult to clean and applying too much pressure can permanently damage your vehicle wraps.

Test the Cleaning Agent

Beware of certain cleaning products that can seriously damage your vinyl graphics. Before applying your cleaning solution to the entire car, use only a small amount of cleaning solution on a limited portion of the wrap. This should let you confirm that the solution won’t harm your graphics. Avoid using oil-based cleaning products.

One of the safest options for vehicle wrap maintenance is biodegradable car washes that aren’t acidic to vehicle wraps. Regardless of the product you use, be sure to go through the usage guidelines, including any warning labels.

Use a Top-Down Approach

As you begin cleaning, start from the top of the vehicle and clean downward using an appropriate cleaning solution. Next, rinse the wrap with clean water to wash away any contaminants and dirt that may have piled up. Using basic micro fiber sponges with dish soap should work fine.

In case of gas or fuel spills, quickly wipe them off and handwash the affected area. The vehicle wrap can deteriorate if fuel spillage is not immediately addressed.

Dry the Wraps

Keep the vehicle out on the street for air drying. If you don’t have much time, simply use a microfiber cloth to gently dry the wraps. Be careful not to scratch the vinyl or lift the edges when drying manually.


The frequency with which you should perform the above-explained procedure greatly depends on how long your vehicle stays on the road. Washing the vehicle wraps once a week should be fine, but if your vehicle is constantly exposed to the sun, dirt, or pollutants, you’ll have to clean them more often.

If your vehicle wraps have completely worn out, you can buy new ones and ensure their maintenance. For eyecatching vehicle wraps for your business fleet, contact Blue Orbit Sign Studio today.

Huntsville, AL – Benefits of Relying on Local Sign Company for Custom Lobby Sign

Custom Lobby Signs

Looking for high-quality custom lobby signs? Choose a local signage company.

Business signage is a significant investment that can help you achieve your greater business goals. From building brand awareness to improving communicating your brand message and establishing your brand personality into the minds of potential customers, investing in the right type of signage can do wonders for your business.

One great way to make a strong first impression on your visiting clients is to use custom lobby signs. These are signs installed in reception areas of businesses that lighten up the area, create an inviting environment for customers, and inform them about who you are. If you do plan to get custom lobby signs, go for a professional local signage company.

Here are some of the benefits of relying on a local sign company for custom lobby signs:

Knows What Works Best in Your AreaFull Customization

As opposed to online advertising, which can be viewed worldwide, lobby signs are most often seen by local people that are more likely to visit your business. A local signage company understands the trends and laws in your area as well the tastes and preferences of the local community. Hence, it’s in a better position to design effective lobby signs that will appeal to the local market as well as ensure compliance with the local laws.

Full Customization

When you work online with a signage company located far away from your business, you’ll be offered to choose between pre-designed signage options or limited customization. A local signage company that you can meet face-to-face offers full customization depending on your business needs. Not only can you better explain your signage ideas and dreams face to face, but it may even send experts to explore your lobby and suggest options that best suit your lobby.

Better Customer Service

A company is more concerned about its reputation in the local community than in regions that are far away. Since local firms generally take pride in serving the neighbors, they will go an extra mile to offer the best possible service to local clients. The same applies to signage companies. A local signage company will not only use the best materials for your custom lobby signs but also put in the best effort to come up with an amazing design that matches your brand.

More Timely Maintenance

Depending on what materials are used where you choose to install the signs, your signs will require regular maintenance for consistent impact and high durability. A local signage company will be more responsive to address the repair and maintenance needs of your signs. Instead of having to wait for days or even weeks to get the maintenance work done, the service should be much faster.

Hence, choosing a local signage company for custom lobby signs or any other type of business signage can really pay off.

For superior lobby signs, contact Blue Orbit Signs today.

Huntsville, AL – Need Custom awning Signs Contact a Professional Sign Company

awning Signs

Are you looking for ways to enhance your storefront? Here’s why you need a custom awning sign!

Nothing says aesthetic storefront like an awning sign does. Awning signs are a sort of a physical extension of your store, made up of materials like fabric, wood, plastic, etc. They are placed just above the doors and windows of a store. Awning signs create a sort of umbrella look for your store because it provides shelter from the sunlight.

Awning signs are a common sight outside restaurants, cafes, and local stores. They are customizable and highly durable.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of custom awning signs!

Energy Efficiency

Awning signs play a multi-functional role in your business. Besides attracting new customers and advertising your brand, they also help you save energy. Awning signs reduce your electricity bills that usually keep weighing businesses down. Without any requirement of a power source, awning signs function as a shelter from the harsh solar radiation for your store.

When the sunlight enters your store without obstruction, it increases the indoor temperature, leading your air conditioners to draw more power to keep the temperature down.  Awning signs can save you as much as 25% on your electricity bills. They prevent your store from getting overheated in the summer.

Effective AdvertisingAesthetic Outlook

Custom awning signs create a vibrant visual identity for your business. These signs are highly noticeable and don’t fail to catch the attention of anyone passing by. Custom awning signs create a lasting impression on your customers. You can add your business logo and brand name with vibrant colors and designs on the custom awning sign right at your storefront.

Installing a custom awning sign outside your store or restaurant is a sure way to send a warm and inviting message to potential customers. Moreover, custom awning signs don’t cost as much as other types of storefront signage. Their cost and energy effectiveness makes awning signs an excellent choice for your business.

Protection from Weather

Awning signs protect your store’s doors and windows from harsh weather. It keeps them from coming in direct contact with UV rays from the sun, heavy rainfall, snow, wind storms, etc. An awning sign also provides shade for your customers while they wait or observe the signage and products of your store from the outside. Moreover, awning signs protect your store’s exterior from deteriorating.

Aesthetic Outlook

Awning signs add the touch of beauty and aesthetics to your business, which makes them an effective tool for attracting new customers. Awning signs give you the freedom to channel your creativity and customize a design from a wide array of textures, colors, and graphics.

Are you looking for a local sign company for custom office signs? Look no further! Visit our website right here.

Huntsville, AL – Need ADA Signs for Business? Call a Local Sign Company

Signs for Business

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requires firms to arrange ‘reasonable accommodations’ for individuals with disabilities. The intent of the law is to ensure easy access to goods and services to the disabled Americans. If you’re unsure about whether your business needs to be ADA-compliant or not, you came to the right place. We’ll let you know whether ADA requirements apply to your business:

Does Your Business Need ADA Signage?

If you recently launched your business, you’ll remain exempt from ADA-compliance for as long as your business has less than 15 employees. As soon as you hit that milestone, you’ll be required by law to have ADA signs in your business facility. Even when you become legally responsible to ensure ADA compliance, you may not be required to follow every rule depending on the nature of your business.

There are some other obvious instances when ADA requirements don’t apply to businesses. For instance, if you serve clients remotely or at their place of residence or business, you won’t need ADA signage because client interaction is not taking place at your office. Likewise, you’re not required to have ADA signs if you don’t have a zoned office space, such as if you work from home.ADA Signs

Hence, if your business has an office space with 15 or more employees and/or is open to the clients or public, you must have ADA signs installed in your facility.

More About ADA Signs

ADA Signage are most commonly used to label restrooms, stairways, telephone, parking spaces, etc., and help blind people through braille signs, and more. ADA signage requirements cover aspects such as font, braille lettering, height, and so on in detail. Installing ADA signs doesn’t just help ensure compliance but also goes a long way to build your business reputation. It shows to your clients that you care for them and makes your services accessible to everyone, including disabled people.

Not Complying with ADA

Your business can face legal action or a hefty fine for not complying with ADA regulation. Yet, legal action or litigations aren’t immediately placed on non-complying firms. Some grace period is given to them so they can rectify the errors in a timely manner.

Besides the penalties issued by law, not complying with ADA signage can also result in backlash from customers who face difficulties due to the absence of or improper ADA signage at your business facility. If a disabled person, such as a blind individual gets injured, you may even be liable to compensate them for the damages.

Call a Local Signage Company

By now, you should have understood whether your business needs to ensure ADA compliance or not. If you do need ADA signs, an experienced signage company such as Blue Orbit Signs can help you design perfectly compliant ADA signage. It is well aware of the ADA requirements.

For different types of ADA signage, contact Blue Orbit Signs today.


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