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August 05, 2020

Huntersville, NC – Household Items You Must Get Rid of After a House Fire

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House Fire

Have you recently experienced a fire accident? Here are a few things you must throw away.

A fire accident can have devastating effects on the infrastructure as well as the people who reside within it. Even if there is no loss of life, the property owners have to choose between throwing their belongings or salvaging them. Such decisions are mainly based on the property owner’s personal discretion, but in some cases, special rules need to be followed. In the article, we will take a look at the household items that should be disposed of after a fire accident.

So, let’s begin.Medicines

Burned Fabrics

After a fire, clothing items can be affected by smoke and soot. Cleaning fabrics after a fire is a good thing, but it isn’t always the best thing to do smoke and soot can cause skin irritation and allergies. Also, if smoke and soot are inhaled, they can make you sick and cause several respiratory issues. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, it is better if you throw away the burnt fabric and replace them with new ones. Furthermore, textile items continue to smell, regardless of how many times you wash them. The chemicals used to put out the fire leave behind an odor that lingers on clothing items for a long time and can make you nauseous.


Medicines should be discarded after a house fire. Even if they are not exposed to the fire, the heat and smoke can always affect their potency. A change in potency can change the way a person reacts to certain medicines. Hence, to be safe, make sure all the medicines are thrown away after a fire accident, and ask your doctor to write a new prescription for you. Apart from medicines, also throw away cosmetics, skin care products and mouthwash.

Food Items

All of us store food in cans or jars. The food maybe untouched by the fire, but the heat from the fire can build up certain bacteria within your food items. The food can also be contaminated because of the water and chemicals used to put out the fire. Even if the food seems alright, it is better to throw it out. However, if the food was in the refrigerator at the time of the fire accident, it is safe to have it.

The aforementioned items need to be disposed of after a house fire. More importantly, after a fire, you need to seek help from a professional fire restoration company in Huntersville, NC. While the restoration is underway, relocate to a safe place.

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